The 12 Best WordPress Conference Talks of 2015

Keeping up to date is key for every successful business. If you are working with WordPress here are some Conference Talks that might help you to achieve that goal

Catching up on conference talks is one of the best ways for theme designers to stay up to speed on developments in WordPress and the wider world of tech. When it comes to quickly getting to grips with a topic, it’s hard to beat a well-structured talk delivered by an expert.

2015 has been a bumper year for talks so far with WordPress-focused conferences around the world delivering a treasure trove of information across a huge variety of subjects. – Read more –


Enfold 3.2 – Super flexible columns, new church and wedding demos and so much more…

You ask for it, we build it ;) 

It finally arrived. One of the most requested features ever, the highly customizable columns are now available for Enfold. You can now remove the space between columns, set them to equal height, control the padding and margin (even negative margins are possible as can be seen in our church demo), background color, border color, border radius, custom classes, etc

Although the changelog is a little shorter than with other major releases don’t let it fool you: this is one of the most powerful changes to date since it enables layouts that were previously not really possible :)

In addition to that we got a few new template builder elements, a deeper integration with the events calendar, some new color schemes and 2 new demos.

Here is the changelog with the most important updates:

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Enfold Feature Requests

After hundreds of feature requests we want to try something new for Enfold

Since the release of Enfold almost a year ago we got a steady stream of feedback from our customers on how to improve the theme. SEO optimizations, new Template Builder elements, customization options, bugfixes and more…

We have gathered this feedback in our forum but its becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of those requests, so we decided to try it with a different voting system. We have put a feedback system in place that allows you to add new suggestions and also lets you vote on existing ones from other users of our community.

Each month you get 5 votes to distribute  and we will review and consider the most popular requests for future updates :)

You can give it a try here:


We are hiring a Front End Developer/Designer

If you are good with HTML, CSS and Photoshop this one might be just for you ;)

Hey Everyone! As you might have noticed our small business is doing quite well and so we figured its time to add someone to the team, who has the ability to improve existing and upcoming themes with his or her keen sense of style :)

We need someone who is comfortable with HTML/CSS and Photoshop, can adapt to design trends (currently “minimal” and “flat” for example) and is able to work without a lot of supervision.

If you are interested and want to learn more: here is a detailed description of what we require:

Update: thanks for all applications. The job is now taken. I am sorry that I can’t respond to everyone who applied but there were so many applications that it would be a copy and paste job anyways, so thanks a lot for your time :)

relaunch Relaunch

After nearly 3 years “” finally gets a redesign.
It was about time!

We have used our last Theme since 2010, and looking back at the last 12 months I have to admit that we had outgrown that design for a long time now. is no longer a one-man show. It is now the home of a small and dedicated team, trying to offer the best WordPress Themes and Customer Support possible.

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Silhouette of helping hand between two climber

New Full Time Position: Customer Support

If you are looking for an interesting job in a small but motivated team, and know your way around WordPress this one might be for you

Hey everyone! Just a quick notice that we are hiring 2 new team members for our support forum. Since our latest Theme “Enfold” is doing so great, its time to grow the team once more :)

In case you got some time to spare and some decent HTML/CSS/Wordpress Skills feel free to apply!

Apply here!


If you know someone who would be interested let them know!

Cheers – Kriesi