Enfold Version 3.1 – New Elements, Demos and long awaited improvements

Again a rather large update that adds a lot of the features you requested 

This one has a lot of love for users who always wanted to use the template builder on posts and products. You can now build beautiful custom posts and unique custom single product pages. Of course we got a lot of new elements, improvements to existing elements, new theme demos and a lot of smaller bugfixes as well.

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Enfold Version 3.0 – Bigger, better, faster

By far the biggest update since the introduction of Enfold one year ago 

Enfold has come a long way during the last year. We have added a lot of updates over time, but this is the biggest one by far. And even though the theme was called “Multi-Purpose” from the beginning I think its save to say that this word gets a new meaning with our latest update :) – Read more –

Enfold Version 2.9 – Images with Hotspots, new Lightbox and some portfolio love

The latest version of the Enfold Theme once again adds a mix of features we liked and stuff that was requested in our Enfold Feature Request center:

  • We have added a new template builder element: Image with Hotspots – which allow you to add any number of hotspots and tooltips to an image
  • We got a new Header style called “Transparent glass
  • We added a new modern Lightbox script instead of outdated PrettyPhoto Lightbox. (Example)
  • We improved the portfolio element so it can now be used as a fullwidth element as well (please note that it might be necessary to update some pages if you want to keep your current look by putting the portfolio into a 1/1 column element)

Those are the biggest changes and the links above will show you an example for each of those changes. All of the new pages have also already been added to the dummy content file, which means if you import the demo content you will also get this new pages imported to your installation ;)

As always we also added a lot of smaller improvements and bugfixes, most notably:

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Enfold Version 2.8 – Contact Forms, Animated Numbers, more masonry

Lots of big and small improvements that you demanded! 

Enfold version 2.8 is the third release after we have introduced our new feature request system. If you haven’t suggested new features or voted on existing ones you are definitely missing out on shaping the future of the theme with us. We have already added more than a dozen requests, some of them more popular than others, but a lot of them would never have found their way into the theme without our vocal community ;)

This time we have put our focus on improving existing elements like the form builder, which is much more flexible now, or the masonry which can now be used as a non-fullwidth element :)

Of course no major release without at least one new template builder element. This time we are adding one that has lived on the frontpage of Kriesi.at for quite some time and is now ready for the public. The animated numbers element.

Go check out the theme demo and if you want to know what exactly was improved, here is a list:

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Enfold Version 2.7 – Magazine Element, Accordion Slider, Customization Wizard and more…

Ever wanted to use Enfold to power your magazine? Its now easier than ever

With version 2.7 we have focused on all things necessary to create a successful online magazine. We have added a new “Magazine” Template Builder Element as well as an Accordion Slider which is able to display recent entries from a category of your choice or some static images.

The enfold admin panel now holds a dedicated blog tab that lets you define how the blog should look like, which meta information should be visible,  how the related entries should be displayed and even adds a bunch of simple but beautiful sharing buttons for social networks.

Another feature that was requested quite often was the ability to customize distinct elements like h1-h6 tags, main menu items etc without the need for custom.css. Our customization Wizard which can be found at Enfold->Advanced Styling in your backend will be able to do that for you :)

Of course thats only the tip of the iceberg. We got a lot of other smaller changes as well which might be interesting for you :)

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Enfold Version 2.6 – Header Configurator, RTL Stlyesheet, Google Maps and more

Even more flexibility arrived with this version! The theme now allows you to configure the header just as you like

Enfold has always allowed to change the colors of your header at will and select from a few styling options, but some of the most common requests we got, like “how to increase/decrease the logo size”, “how to stick/unstick the header”, “how to change the position of the social icons” and “how to achieve header transparency”, always needed custom CSS. Well not anymore.

We decided to build a small configuration tool that allows you to do all that and more. In the process we were even able to remove some old and outdated scripts and styles, decreasing the css and javascript file size, which results in better performance of the theme :)

Here is one of those new options on our demo. Something which was previously not really possible but is now easily accomplished: The transparent header

But there is more:

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