Set a Guinness World Record – Enjoy a Better Web

This is the slogan spreadfirefox.com uses to promote the release of Firefox 3. The evil master plan is to make Firefox 3 the most downloaded software in 24 hours and therefore increasing its popularity.

And since I love Firefox with its myriads of plugins and themes which make developing websites so much easier I thought I could spread the word.

Participating is really easy: just download Firefox3 the day it is released. Release date will be announced soon, if you want to you can pledge to download the browser, spreadfirefox will inform you via mail when to download…


WordPress: how to separate comments and trackbacks

Today I read an interesting article on NETTUTS which claims to unravel the Secrets of WordPress & Comments.php File. This is actually pretty true, the author did a good job at explaining the different functions, comment loops, and form elements.

The one thing I really missed was an explanation on how to separate comments from trackbacks. Discussing on a blog with tons of trackback posts between the ongoing discussion is really annoying.

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Frontend Admin Menu in WordPress

Here is a short tutorial on how to create an additional WordPress menu that only shows up if a user is logged in. I use this technique to create admin front end interface menus for the most used tasks: writing and editing posts and pages, editing the current post , a direct link to the “manage” Section of the WordPress admin Interface etc.

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Just a few words…

Finally I got the new design ready. A dark color scheme this time, because I really like it how dark backgrounds play together with vibrant colors. I wrote some nice wordpress plug-ins to make my life easier and switched from mootools to jQuery.

I’m more than ever fascinated by the web and while i did struggle the last time I wanted to post on a regular basis, I will now try it again and hopefully succeed ;)

Since most of my visitors seem to be from non-German speaking countries, I use this as an excuse to polish my English, since its getting worse every day. So the navigation, the blog and my tutorials section shall be written in English from this day on; rest of the site will remain German… at least for now.


How to modify your WordPress RSS Feed

I for myself really enjoy using WordPress as a Content Management System, since most of the time its really easy to adapt to my needs. I usually use the different categories on my sites to display the various sections of the sites. For example, kriesi.at uses the category “tutorials” to feed the resources page and the “portfolio” category to feed my online portfolio.

This is easily accomplished by using the query_posts() function of WordPress which i won’t discuss in detail since the documentations are pretty comprehensive.

The problem I recently encountered is that the WordPress generated rss feed must be modified as well, otherwise it will display every post in each category. A user subscribing to my blog feed doesn’t want to be bothered with portfolio entrys, so I searched for a way to exclude categories from the main feed. There are basically two solutions I could find:

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