Working with the Advanced Layout Builder

Getting Started

One of the great things about Enfold is the ability use the Advanced Layout Builder’s drag and drop interface to quickly create and edit page layouts. We recommend watching this short demo video to get an idea of the workflow you will be using when creating a new page:


The Advanced Layout Editor button to switch over to the Advanced Layout Builder is only available on Pages and Portfolio items but you can still use regular shortcodes on Posts if you really need to.


There are a few specific limitations when working with ALB elements that should be noted though we are trying to expand flexibility over time so we’ll keep this updated with each new theme release:

  • Color Sections, LayerSliders, and Masonry elements will always be full width and can not be placed next to a sidebar or inside column elements
  • Shortcode support inside Text Elements is limited to those that appear when using the magic wand icon. We are working on adding full support for others when inside the text element however!
  • The default visual editor and the Advanced Layout Builder use two different sets of data so you aren’t able to switch back and forth between theme.