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  • in reply to: Twitter widget not working #104738

    Yeah, it’s stopped working for me too. Has anything changed with Twitter’s API?

    EDIT: Eunoia theme

    UPDATE: It’s working again now.

    in reply to: Sidebar tabs – link from one tab to another #96990


    I’d be really interested in this feature too please. Also, if there was an option to automate the tabs, (kind of like the content slider) and choose the speed of rotation through each tab, that would be amazing! :)



    in reply to: Category Slider #100100

    Thanks Peter. That would be great if it could be incorporated into the next update! In the meantime, I’ll see if I can find a work around using shortcodes – any tips on how to do that would be really appreciated!



    in reply to: product bundles #99442

    Thanks for the update Nick and Dude. I have now purchased Replete and can confirm that it does work with Product Bundles plugin. Congrats as well – it’s a great theme! :)

    in reply to: product bundles #99438


    Ismael, please can you tell me if this compatibility problem is across all Kriesi themes. Unfortunately, I bought Abundance theme before finding out that it doesn’t work with the Product Bundles plugin. I’d like to buy Replete theme, but can’t if it doesn’t work with Product Bundles.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)