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    Hi again,

    ok this is wierd. I have 1.8 installed and v01 on the child theme. Would that make a difference? cant see how it would but it appears that whilst things like ‘color section’ do have the CSS code section my button shortcode panel doesn’t. Which explains why I was confused.

    What should I do? i’m guessing something isn’t installed so some direction would be fab



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    hi there,

    just one slight confusion. If I create a button in the Avia Layout Builder there is no code unless I switch to the default layout and then the button is wrapped in [ ] which therefore makes me think that im setting up wrong.

    Where am I going wrong?




    Stupid me. Sometime one can look too hard for the obvious


    in reply to: Progress Bars – Custom color (no strobe effect) #126104

    Hi Nick….

    Firstly an apology to the team, Ive been looking into this bar strobe thing way too hard and you’ve all been correct through out. It was the use of the word ‘background’ that made me think you were all talking about the background behind the bar and not the bar itself. Bonkers!

    Anyway, it was sorted a few days ago in a matter of seconds. Thank you.


    In regard to my site ‘IOS wackyness’… you’re still looking at my test site. Its not live yet but I did know that ‘WACKY’ screen issue was happening. I was going to wait until the site was live to request your help. However, as you’ve brought it up… Any idea how to fix it?

    cheers as always


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    hey, its me again. I think I may have misunderstood what you were saying and I may know what to do now. I apologize for my frustration. Ill test it tonight and hopefully will have sorted it.

    Thanks again

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    aw man this is seriously frustrating!

    Ismael, you are indeed seeing the black-bar in my test page which is what you suggested, yes! but the point is I ‘DONT’ want a black bar – i dont want to use any of the shortcode colors…………….. I want to use my own hex color.

    That’s what ive been trying to say from the start. I want my own hex solid color bar to replace the black one (the foreground color not the background one) but I don’t want the stripes. I tried using the shortcode setting that lets you use the system color but the stripe/strobe effect appears which is not what I want, hence me posting the help request.

    Im really sorry if Im not communicating myself well but I really thought it was obvious what I was requesting. Clearly not!

    If you can help then great



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    Hi there,

    It’s odd but Robert is correct. I’m also still not sure my question is being understood.

    The skills background bar needs to be grey and the fill-up foreground bar in orange (my own hex color). I don’t want the strobe, stripe effect in the foreground but instead want a flat color of my own.

    I don’t mind which method I use to achieve the end goal so feel free to suggest a route.

    It also needs to work on the iPad. Is it possible?


    in reply to: Basic entypo font rollover effect in builder #127558

    Brilliant. Thank you

    in reply to: Basic entypo font rollover effect in builder #127556

    Great thank you….

    And to create a link to another page within the site?


    in reply to: Creation of the Kriesi A-Z of useful tweaking tips #127695

    Totally agree DavyE,

    I think I was starting with CSS as a start point to avoid Kriesi & Co going into meltdown with the idea of a full-on system. We don’t want them to have to charge extra for a tool thats supposed to make everyone’s lives easier. I also dont feel it has to be mutually exclusive to Enfold although it would need to split/id whether it was something that could be applied generally across other themes.

    the main point I was trying to make (and the support team are best positioned to know if its possible) is if there was a way that a simple system that could be generated that could contain code snippets (ordered logically) that could also be expanded upon by the community.

    Anyway, thanks for giving your support to the idea


    in reply to: Creation of the Kriesi A-Z of useful tweaking tips #127692

    Hi Formateins,

    not sure what you were trying to say? That you dont like Enfold? Thats a shame – I think its an excellent theme and the forum team here are brilliant for those among us who are on this very steep learning curve.

    Unfortunately, we don’t all have the level of your skills and I guess many of us are using Enfold for different reasons with different abilities. My idea (which is hardly radical) suggested that those experienced could pass down their knowledge and share it with the community. I appreciate that Chrome Dev Console has made it easier to get to grips with CSS but its still a relatively steep learning curve & joining all the dots at the right time with the right thing can still be complicated – besides, everyone has to start somewhere right?

    Anyway, thanks Jasmine for supporting the idea – lets just hope Kreisi and his team picks up the idea and thinks its worth looking into.


    in reply to: Custom CSS for your pleasure #127653

    Great stuff Formateins,

    I just posted a topic to the forum suggesting that there is A-Z of useful tweaks as I know allot of the forum repeats itself with the same questions and its often impossible to sift through the volumes of repetition and odd subject headings to find exactly what im looking for. This list of stuff added by you is great – im gonna take it and play around with the tweaks you’ve added myself.



    in reply to: Progress Bars – Custom color (no strobe effect) #126094

    Hi there,

    Here is a dummy page I set up. I want to change the system ‘black’ to a color of my own. As you can see, ive removed the strobe effect but how do I use my own color. This ‘black’ is part of the builder menu. I couldn’t get the skills slider to work using a custom color without including the strobe effect.



    in reply to: Move blog date to the left #126378

    Hi Devin,

    point well made. Ill take what im given and go on from there. Consider this closed


    in reply to: Changing gallery border for a page ID number only #125921


    You are a star – It works a treat and ill be able to use it elsewhere.



    in reply to: Controlling individual elements on a specific page-id #125739

    Cheers Ismael…

    in reply to: Progress Bars – Custom color (no strobe effect) #126092

    Hmmm. I dont mind others joining so long as my questions arent then forgotten about on the forum and I dont get put to the back of the queue!

    Guys…. My question still remains unanswered.

    My aim is to use my own hex colour for the foreground (fill) color and not have the strobe effect. Currently the method outlined above only allows for removing the strobe effect over a set of pre-defined colors and the custom setup doesnt work



    in reply to: Progress Bars – Custom color (no strobe effect) #126090

    Ah but what if I want to use my own hex color and not one of the default colors (like the blue you suggest in your example). When I use the template builder for custom it uses my color but has the strobe effect but I cant see that in the shortcode.css section you are referring to.



    in reply to: Layering CSS Drawn elements #123904

    Cheers Nick,

    I think thats one of those nice to have issues ill get round to when my site is up. Although, I think I might treat it as a ‘next steps’ challenge once im set. I think we close topic on this one for now although im sure ill be posting again verrrrrry soon

    Cheers for everything.

    Btw… was that you following my vimeo account?

    in reply to: Layering CSS Drawn elements #123902

    late 60’s!!!!! lol – im 46 for god sake.

    I spend most of my time working for very large businesses as a Creative Director (Disney, Goldman, BBC, Pernod) and have worked across a wide range of formats (online & print campaigns) but im mostly known for my event and video work. Trouble is I never have time to do my own stuff but I thought it might be fun to cobble my own video portfolio together instead of buying off the shelf. So im forcing myself – bit by bit to have a go. I possibly should have just worked in Dreamweaver but I thought i’d try taking on a blogging tool and tweak it from there. To be honest I could have got help from one of my past teams but that would defeat the object of doing it myself. Besides I like meeting new talent and forming new friendships.

    Anyway, I digress… Im actually working on the previous darker chocolate version offline (not the current coral color you see) but it helps remind me which is which. I know I shouldnt test this way but tnh nobody knows im doing this myself and I found it harder getting support inside maintenance mode.

    Ive thrown up quite a lot of stuff already but I keep challenging myself to do more which is why I like asking you stuff. Its even better that youve been so keen to help – not everyone is so obliging but thats quite understandable.

    Now before I shuffle away to my retirement home!! Ive seen a lot of sites where they have rollover effects on icons. Im guessing most of these are Java script but I was wondering how hard would it be to make an icon font change color on Rollover (say orange to a deep orange) and then link to a part of the site for its Down state?

    Thanks as always

    time for my hot chocolate and my sleeping pills!!


    in reply to: Layering CSS Drawn elements #123900

    Thats perfect. Great for adapting other things too so its a great bit of knowledge to have.

    Just to push this further.

    How could I have two galleries on a page in different places and have one display a border and the other without. Is it possible to target within a page ID without having to do a lot more coding? Its not crucial but I thought it might come in handy to know. Ive set up a test page here.

    BTW – can you explain why the URL for this page has the ID showing even though I changed the permalink structure to /%pagename%/ – it doesnt happen anywhere else


    in reply to: Changing gallery border for a page ID number only #125919

    Hi Devin,

    Here’s the test page I set up… My aim (so I know how its done) is to turn either one of the gallery borders off but ideally not both on the same page and definitely not “all or nothing” across the entire site. Im hoping that once ive understood how to use Page ID settings then I can use it for other things across my site.

    While you’re at it can you also tell me why the permalink for this page has a number reference even though ive changed my custom structure to /%pagename%/



    in reply to: Entypo Icon Rollover – Color change effect #126128

    As a footnote – I meant the font icon inside a disc where either the background of the disc changes color or the icon font changes color


    in reply to: Layering CSS Drawn elements #123898


    It was very simple but somehow I couldnt see the huge neon sign-post to the maze saying “exit here’!!

    As I have your attention….. I want to remove borders, spacing of a gallery but just for one part of my website. How do I write the CSS code?

    I know the page ID is 1739 (.page-id-1739) & I know the code to remove borders etc………

    #top div .avia-gallery img { float: left; border-style: solid; border-width: 0 !important;

    padding: 2px; width: 100%; border-radius: 0;}

    How do I put them together soo it only effects that page ID number section? I want the gallery to be normal everywhere else. I managed to do it with a tiled png on the home page but cant make it work with this



    in reply to: Layering CSS Drawn elements #123896

    Perfect, although sarcasm aside Nick, I really couldnt have worked that out myself in a million years. Ive tried everything although I was on the right track with the Z-Index. It was the .5px extra that seemed to fix it. Is that a magicians secret or would you explain how the trick is done?

    Have to say Im very grateful by the way Nick. Ive done a lot of the site already offline and occasionally throw up a few questions just because they take a while. However, ive implemented and learnt a hell of a lot and most of it thanks to you.

    Cheers for that – including the thrown in sarcasm!!!


    in reply to: Different Gallery Borders from Demo #125870

    Its Ok…. sussed it out.

    For those interested in knowing how to do the gallery with no borders without playing with CSS.

    Just add a basic text block from the builder, add media, select or upload photos, create a gallery (on top left), create gallery, Done!

    Its basic and has no rollover effect but thats how its done.

    I assume the others in the demo have been tinkered with in CSS but if I find out ill share the news although I suspect im the last yo know and youve already worked it out yourself. Still always good for someone new I guess


    in reply to: Layering CSS Drawn elements #123894

    Just re-read your email and what you’re suggesting can’t actually put the box on top of the feint line which is what I’m trying to do. It just aligns it at the top but graphically its wrong. Can you suggest another way to achieve it?


    in reply to: Layering CSS Drawn elements #123893

    Hmmm. I think I’ve tried that first time around so I decided to explore layering and found z-index. Couldnt find much on it but figured it worked a bit like my 3d packages. How wrong I was. Anyway, what am I doing wrong?



    in reply to: Blog – Date to the left #123908

    Tried this and all it did was create an empty page where the blog shoul be – it killed the blog altogether.

    the only thing i wasnt sure about was where exactle did I put…

    $date = get_the_date();

    …you say the bottom; of the next line or before the next Div? just not sure although I did try a few places and still nothing happened. I also if we can make this work can the php file be added to my child theme? im assuming yes?




    Hey there,

    Ive now turned off the background image in theme options and applied your ID Controls but now the png just fills the section instead of just doing a line.

    a) How do I make just 1 row of the png?

    b) How do I turn off the container top line just above my png

    c) How do I control the margin height so that the portfolio starts further down the page but the container above it (the one with the x3 skills options and massive slab font) has less margin at the foot of its container

    to see what im talking about please refer to my site:

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