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    cleaned up my plugins – had a few needing updates and yeh, I hadn’t updated to latest version of Enfold – seems to have fixed it. Thanks Yigit

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    Too easy! Thanks – I feel a bit silly it was so obvious. Appreciate your help Yigit

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    Hi Devin, not wanting to ruin my site by tampering with codes I don’t fully understand – can you tell me exactly where to past that bit of code?

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    My web host said to install a captcha plugin and see if that stops unsolicited bots crawling on my site. I have done that and will see how it goes. Does the bit of code above that was suggested to be added to my .htaccess file make any sense to you? It’s all ones and zero’s to me….

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    Sorry Yigit – feel a stupid now, should have known to clear the cache…. Thanks for the quick support.

    UPDATE: cleared Cache. Once again I changed the style settings for the header – immediately checked my site once the “Settings saved” box appeared. No change. Cleared all browser data again, changed header to black, the preview looked fine in the preview box (black header with white text). Checked page, header is still white. Checked it on my samsung phone, header still white. Checked it on my Nexus 7 tablet – header still white. Guessing not a cache issue… Other ideas?

    See screen shots:

    UPDATE: 21/03/14
    Haven’t made any other changes but now today it appears to be resolved.

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    Thanks – yeah, file too big.
    I found a great little tutorial that helped as I am a bit of a novice with the back end of file management. Searched youtube & I got an answer on how to upload a theme into my servers files and extract it. Uploaded. Extracted. Activated.
    For reference, I use BlueHost as my server and the video I found was
    Super basic stuff (for most) but for someone like me it was perfect.
    Cheers Devin
    – Andrew

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    I hadn’t made any customizations, but perhaps one of the plugins I use was overiding it?? Either way, the custom CSS you provided has done the trick – cheers Nick

    - Andrew

    That’s what I feared… Do you recommend any reliable plugins that will do just that? I tried Navayan which gave me the option to Notify Subscribers, but it added subscribers as ‘Users’ and many were not getting the email notifications so I unplugged it. Any suggestions would be appreciated,



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)