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    Hi Peter,

    In a *gallery* the caption and description don’t appear anywhere. The thumbnail hover tooltip shows the title and the enlarged image shows the alt text above (in the black background) and the title text below (on the white popup background). Can I get the description to be displayed below the title in the enlarged image or move the alt text down below the title?


    in reply to: adjust slider width and add static text next to it #79589

    Thank you Ismael. I may try this in the future. In the meantime I added the text to the slideshow image and used the slideshow at it’s full width. That makes the image files bigger so your solution is probably better for faster load time.

    Really appreciate your support.

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    Can anyone give me a clue how to get text next to the slideshow (not in a sidebar)?

    I’d really appreciate it assistance, thanks.

    in reply to: Help with Menu and CSS #78054

    Hi Valentinosa,

    Try using the theme options in the admin backend editor to change your header and footer color, not going directly to the css. In the editor, when I click the theme name I can choose ‘Theme Options’ > Styling.

    When you do need to edit the css directly you may need to include IDs or classes on surrounding elements that are higher in the cascading path, not just the class that’s immediately applied the item. I’ve found it to be tricky to discover which are required but some experimentation helps.

    Hope this helps.

    in reply to: Where is Layered PSD files #79028

    I’d like the full psd files too please.


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