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    Done.! Thank you.! :)

    in reply to: change of price #64030

    Thanks Devin,

    I knew about the option to hide “out of stock” products….but I am trying to keep both options showing AND possibly to highlight which product is still available or not for sale. It could be by changing price to zero; OR changing the color or the price for every product ‘out of stock’; OR by automatically displaying a big watermark “OUT OF STOCK” on top of the preview images at the Store.

    make sense..? please let me know if any ideas….Thanks again.!

    in reply to: Inventory Widget #63619

    Thanks Devin..!

    1- The Translation works perfect..! DONE..! :))

    2- For the custom Widget I will check on the links provided.

    Thanks again for your help..!

    in reply to: Inventory Widget #63617

    I am showing products on the website that are ‘OUT OF STOCK’ (since I do want to keep displaying them as a gallery show)

    BUT at the same time, I would like to give the option to clients to select ‘IN STOCK’ only (…as an option located on the side menu??) to understand what’s available for immediate sale.

    Should I create a Widget to display this type of option..? if so, how…?

    make sense..? Thanks again for the reply Devin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)