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    Awesome, that worked! :-)

    Now I’ll still have to add the same image twice, first to insert the image into the post, second to insert the image in the slideshow section in order for a image thumbnail to be generated.

    (I’ll illustrate something by removing the Custom CSS for now:)
    If using your slideshow functionality, I get a 610 px wide image here:

    But when going to the single post view, I get a huge image (despite it being a Standard post) here (in the demo, the image is not that huge when using the Standard post format):

    Is there a way for the 610 px-wide image to be displayed both on the blog landing page and the single blog post view? If so, maybe I would choose that as an option in order not to have to add the same image twice every time I post. But I would need to avoid that huge single post image since the resolution will often not be large enough to allow such image blow-up.

    in reply to: Issue with blog post thumbnails #182080

    Besides the slideshow issue, how can I change so that only excerpts of each post is shown on the blog landing page?


    in reply to: Issue with blog post thumbnails #182074

    Hi Yigit! I’d like to avoid providing an admin login if possible. Could you please have another go at it? Here are the snippets you have provided me with. I think that only the second one is working. What could be the equivalent of that one, but instead for single blog posts, for the blog landing page where a number of posts are listed ( )? Does the slideshow container have a different name on the blog landing page?



    #top.single-post .post-entry > .slideshow_container {
    display: none;

    .single .slideshow {
    display: none !important;

    .blog #top .slideshow_container ul {
    display: none !important;

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    Strange, the slideshow images are still there even though I emptied the browser cache:

    By the way, how do I change so that the posts are only shown as excerpts on the blog landing page?

    in reply to: Issue with blog post thumbnails #181624

    By the way, what is the width in pixels of the supersized image?

    in reply to: Issue with blog post thumbnails #181621

    I just noticed that it actually does NOT work yet. It works on single post pages, but when going to: , you see two images per post. How can I get rid of the supersized image also on the blog landing page?


    in reply to: Issue with blog post thumbnails #181565

    Now that worked fine!

    Shall I still keep the previous code that had no effect, i.e. do these two different snippets somehow work together? It seems as if I only need the latter code, which I just received from you.


    in reply to: Issue with blog post thumbnails #181103

    I have added code to the Custom CSS, and added an image to the Featured Media section, and voila, you can now see that image being shown also on top of the post title:

    Can you please double-check your Custom CSS code?


    in reply to: Issue with blog post thumbnails #180340

    Hey Ismael!

    The site is live, so obviously I changed back when I noticed that the Custom CSS didn’t work. Hence, I didn’t want the same image duplicated when viewing a blog post, i.e. a supersized image on top and then the same image as included in the post straight after the blog post title.

    So the issue still remains…
    – I wish for an image to appear in the blog post thumbnail; see here as an example that in the last posts, there is no thumbnail image: (view the right-hand sidebar, Latest Posts)
    – I received a Custom CSS tweak from you – that did add a post thumbnail image BUT it also added a supersized image above the blog post title which I do not want. The only change I want is for the post thumbnail image to appear.

    Could you please review and double-check the CSS code and provide me with a new code that I can try out.

    Another change I wish to make is for just blog post excerpts to be shown when visiting as opposed to the full posts as is now the case. And how do I tweak the actual length of the post excerpts?

    Thanks in advance.


    in reply to: Issue with blog post thumbnails #169922

    That didn’t work. I added the code to the Custom CSS section, but when adding a photo to one of the posts, then it still appears as supersized above the post title.

    You wrote that for the other posts where thumbnails are working despite that I used the Set featured image option, it is becuase “Whats happening is the other posts data has not been updated/processed by the theme”. But why is that?

    If there isn’t a simple way to get the Set featured image function to work on my new posts, please send me another piece of coce that does remove the large image at the top of a blog post, when adding an image to the ‘slideshow’ section.

    in reply to: Issue with blog post thumbnails #168100

    Thanks, but that wasn’t was I was looking for. Thumbnail images do appear, BUT that same image also appear at the top of the post in a very large format. I prefer the photos to be inserted by myself in the post, in a smaller size (around 525px), in the way I have done for all the posts.

    What I don’t understand is how the thumbnails for some of the previous posts do appear? Have you changed this particular feature in one of your recent updates? As you can see, there are thumbnail images for some of the previous posts, without having done what you described above. But now that no longer seems to work.

    I don’t want to be forced to use the super-sized image for each post just because I want thumbnail images to appear.

    Please, advise.


    in reply to: Issues with Page-Specific Sidebars/Widget Areas #162958

    I resolved the first part aboce by using the Widget Logic plugin. but still would like feedback on what could be the reason that one widget area doesn’t work, while others do.

    I still need help with locating where I can remove the narrow borders found in the table.


    in reply to: Post thumbnail/featured image #105729

    Found it. The function is called “Set Featured Image” and had moved location in the latest version of WordPress.

    in reply to: Post thumbnail/featured image #105728

    I don’t get that. Why add an image to slideshow? I mean that I wish for a thumbnail image to appear next to each post title under “Latest Posts”. There used to be a function for that, but it has disappeared.

    in reply to: Create more space in the header for a bigger logotype #104755

    Oh, so it was that easy! Thanks. :-)

    Another thing I wanted to figure out…how do I edit the copyright line bottom left. I wish to just have my name, and remove “WordPress Premium Theme by Kriesi”.

    in reply to: How to remove the breadcrumb on single post pages #90885

    Thanks. The breadcrumb text went away but the breadcrumb ‘area’ incl the title “Blog” is still there. I would like to remove that whole section so that the blog post is displayed right after the main menu. How is that done?


    in reply to: Changing menu typeface #87370

    Excellent, thanks Mya!

    in reply to: Line spacing #87364

    Ok, thanks!

    in reply to: How to update to new theme version #87173

    Thanks. How are the theme and database files respectively properly backed up?



    in reply to: How to edit the Copyright line at the bottom #87149

    Fantastic. I revised the footer and adding the entire piece of Google Analytics code – not just the number – solved that issue. Thanks! :-)



    in reply to: Contact form tag #87138

    Ok, thanks!

    in reply to: Contact form tag #87136

    Excellent, that worked! I thought that was the tag for the Choices contact form. Now that I have removed the line that was visible in the HTML mode, what is the source of the contact form that is still up and running? I forgot how it got there.

    in reply to: Changing font color/size/styling #87146

    Excellent, solved. Thanks!

    in reply to: Changing font size #85849

    Could you please also provide the CSS snippet for adjusting the font size of the post title.


    in reply to: Image size in slider #85846

    If using the slider on a sidebar template, could you please find out what the slider image width will be resized into? Then I can upload an image with exactly that width instead of a 930 px wide one.


    in reply to: Image size in slider #85845

    Thanks. Can I upload an image that is e.g. 400 px wide and then right-align it and have text show to the left of the image. Or should I rather upload an image that is 930 px wide in total with included white space beyond the 400 px width of the photo?



    in reply to: Custom Column Classes #85676

    Nathaniel, great-looking design! :-)

    I’m a new user of the Choices theme and just wanted to ask you about two things…

    – What’s the width of your landing page image? Did you upload it to the Slider section even though you are just using one image or did you upload it to a Page Content section?

    – How did you add the ‘Chartered accountants with an all round view’ incl the Find out More button? I see that element in the demo but haven’t been able to identify where it’s placed.

    Thanks in advance!



    in reply to: Issues with uploading images to slider #85803

    Ok, thanks.

    It seems that IntenseDebate ( and LiveFyre ( are the two best alternatives to Disqus. Here’s a fairly recent comparison:

    I do love using Disqus though so, in the meantime, could you please note down this conflict and see if it can be solved, considering that it is such a popular plugin (Downloads: 769,093 on



    in reply to: Issues with uploading images to slider #85801

    Hi Ismael, I first deactivated all plugins except for Disqus which is the plugin I want to use the most. That didn’t help….BUT when I also deactivated Disqus then the ‘upload images’ function started working.

    Do you know why there is a conflict with Disqus and is there anything I can do about it? Do you suggest I upload all the images I need and then activate Disqus again? But what if I need to repeat that procedure – do you think all the comments on past blog posts will be erased when temporarily deactivating Disqus or will they still be there when activating?



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