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    – Yes, custom.css works – I only needed to add the brackets you mentioned.
    – I understand, that the many single “/” fortunately turned out to be a false alarm



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    Hi Josue
    thanks a lot!
    Your examples identified the culprit (and brought the explanation, why the problem only started with the latest addition): as you pointed out, brackets were missing in line 434 (where the last code was added just before the problem showed up). Adding the brackets helped.

    I also corrected the missing “i” in line 346.

    As for the single “/”, I checked the whole file for single “/”.
    There was none at the start, nor at the end of a line – they all were somewhere between “/*….*/”, where I doubt that they weren’t allowed to be.
    Example (line 218):
    /* “Show details” / “Expand image” button: replace icon */
    I adopted the format for uncommenting “/*….*/” from line 1 of the original custom.css:
    /* Have fun adding your style here :) – PS: At all times this file should contain a comment or a rule, otherwise opera might act buggy :( */
    Are you considering this as a mistake?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Hi Josue
    all (but very, very few exceptions) of the codes in my custom.css were suggested by the support team (either upon my inquiry or copied from published answers).
    All of these codes were only added to custom.css after they were successfully tested in the Quick CSS.
    I’m therefore surprised to hear that there are a lot of typos and that these would suddenly prevent the last addition to work.
    I would appreciate if you could point out an example of such typos (together with the correction); this might also help me to find the other typos.


    Thanks for letting me know that the Quick CSS is stored in the DB. Up to now I used the Quick CSS as a sandbox for testing and just made sure the custom.css remained save.
    I also tried to use a child-theme. Unfortunately it seems that I made a mistake and it did not work so far. I will try again.

    in reply to: Cart / checkout issues #446344

    Thanks Rikard

    your suggestion did the trick!


    in reply to: Cart / checkout issues #445780

    Hi Rikard


    in reply to: Unable to access the shopping cart #445288

    … and as for the “local-pickup” problem: I eventually remembered an older ticket (#326571) and applied the same solution.

    in reply to: Unable to access the shopping cart #445272

    after submitting my ticket, I checked the shopping cart for the n-th time and to my surprise it was there.
    I assume that some unknown problem was working behind the scenes.

    Sorry, for the trouble.


    in reply to: Price not displayed on single-product page #405715

    sorry for the trouble:

    more trial and error eventually was successful:
    p.price { display: block!important; }



    in reply to: Where can I find the API key? #335052

    thanks, Josue

    done deal



    in reply to: "Local Pickup" shipping option no longer displayed #326571

    strange things happen:

    – I switched the theme again, this time to twentytwelve and updated it.
    – I deactivated every plugin except for WC
    – Now I saw a message instead of the shipping costs, saying “Please use the shipping cost calculator …” (remember: the shipping cost calculator was activated – I double-checked) – however, using the calculator did not change anything
    – Then I switched back to the Flashlight theme and reactivated all plugins
    – Now I saw a different message in the shopping cart (where I expected to see the shipping costs): “Please checkout and enter your shipping address to see more shipping options”.
    – I entered the shipping address and – tataa: the local pickup option appeared
    – I went back to the shopping cart and – tataa: instead of the forementioned message I saw the local pickup option

    sorry for barking up the wrong tree


    in reply to: "Local Pickup" shipping option no longer displayed #326231

    Hi Devin

    I switched to the twentyeleven theme – no change: when I go to the shopping cart and want to checkout, the activated shipping method “local pickup” does not show.

    I also updated WC to 2.2.4: no change.

    Yes, there might be a bug in WooCommerce, however, I’m afraid the shipping method option could also be blocked by some of my own file customization. I just don’t know where to look for.
    I might have modified a Flashlight file and, as an adverse effect, inadvertently blocked the appearance of this shipping method.
    Could you give me a clue as to where (in which file) to find the code that controls the display of the shipping method option (I know where to set up the shipping method in the backend, but have no idea which file is affected by the setup).

    I could reinstall older versions until I find the latest one that used to show the local pickup option, however I then still would not know where the problem happened and hence where to repair a code.


    in reply to: Flashlight 2.6.1 Update Instructions #254557

    great tip, that’s exactly what the doctor prescribed!
    Thanks a lot


    in reply to: Flashlight 2.6.1 Update Instructions #254299

    Hi Yigit

    I usually check the changelog to see whether there is a new version available.
    As I made changes to 14 files I want to use only the updated files – to save myself the trouble of applying my tweaks to unchanged files of a new version.
    So, I’ll wait for the updated changelog. (WP 3.9. is too fresh to install, anyway)


    in reply to: Flashlight 2.6.1 Update Instructions #254269


    I don’t see a Flashlight 2.6.1 version on the themeforest website (the current version is 2014 February 13th – Version 2.5 ).
    Any news?



    in reply to: Button misbehaving (add_to_cart instead of show_details) #240388

    after extensive search and even more trial and error I reintroduced the (tweaked) old (1.6.4) version of the template add-to-cart.php,
    It works, and, so far, I did not notice any adverse effects.
    To keep Woocommerce happy I changed the version number to 2.1.0 and don’t care about the original file.


    in reply to: Button misbehaving (add_to_cart instead of show_details) #239614

    meanwhile I noticed more strange behavior:
    the function of the button changes, depending on the stock status and on whether the product is already in the cart (every product is unique, i.e. there is only 1 piece on stock – you cannot order more than one):

    – if a product is on stock, the button’s function is “Add to cart“, i.e. the customer is unable to check the details of the product (such as color, size, weight etc.)
    – if a product is sold out, then the button’s function is “Show details” (i.e. it brings up the product detail page)

    – if a product is already in the cart and you click a second time on the “Add to cart” button, then the product detail page opens and an error message is displayed

    The button’s function/action:
    – “Add to cart“: if the product is available
    – “Show details“: if the product is sold out (unavailable) or already in the cart

    —>>> However: I want this button ALWAYS to do “Show details”

    To me it does not make any sense to see the product page only if the product is unavailable.

    Example of a sold out product:
    product Schale 7199 (blue plate in the 5th row)


    you’re right. Now it works.
    I have no idea why it did not the first time (I had refreshed the browser and copied the code).

    Anyway, thanks a lot


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    p.price {
    display: none!important;
    #top .price { display: none !important; }
    .single-product #top .price { display: block !important; }

    still gets me the same result:
    it hides it not only on the overview and the single product page, but alsohides the individual price of the product variations

    Same situation, if I use this code alone:
    #top .price { display: none !important; }
    .single-product #top .price { display: block !important; }



    Hi Yigit

    sorry for the trouble!

    p.price {
    display: none!important;
    makes it disappear on the single product page, but not on the overview page
    if I add the code
    #top .price { display: none !important; }
    it hides it not only on the overview and the single product page, but also the individual price of the product variations



    Hi Ygit

    this one worked on the product overview page!

    Do you have any suggestion to do the same on the single product page (without eliminating the price for the individual product variation)?




    I added the code you suggest to the Quck CSS – unfortunately with no visible effect.



    Hi Ismael

    There is a misunderstanding:
    what I want is to completely hide the information about the price range underneath the images.
    I don’t want “CHF xx.xx-CHF xx.xx” to be displayed at all.

    However, when a product option is selected, the appropriate price should be shown above the button where you can choose the quantity and the button “Add to cart”.

    Best regards,

    Meanwhile I found the new location of the currency symbols.
    The file has been moved to woocommerce/includes and has been renamed wc-core-functions.php.

    in the file wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/loop/add-to-cart.php
    – On line 30 I found the code “switch ( $handler ) {”
    – I added/inserted the following (line 31):

    case “simple” :
    $link[‘url’] = apply_filters( ‘variable_add_to_cart_url’, get_permalink( $product->id ) );
    $link[‘label’] = apply_filters( ‘variable_add_to_cart_text’, __( ‘CUSTOM LABEL’, ‘woocommerce’ ) );

    Bingo – This did the trick


    maybe this can give you another clue:

    Depending on whether the product has a price or not, the behavior of the top button is different:
    without price: no icon; text “Read more”; action: opens the single product page; button is named “button product_type_simple

    with price: cart icon; text “Add to cart”; action: adds the product to the cart; the button is named “add_to_cart


    Meanwhile I noticed another (in my view) strange behavior of the button (on catalog/category page)

    When I click on the button “Add to cart” (no icon shown) , the icon “shop-added” appears next to the text “Add to cart” and the product is added to the cart (the screen still shows the catalog/category page)

    If I push the same button a second time, the product is added to the cart, but this time the single product page opens, while on top of the page an error message appears “The product is already in the cart” together with a button “Show cart” (overlaying and hence partly hiding the error message).

    Whether or not I added the code you suggested to flashlight/functions.php, the behavior of the button is always as mentioned.


    May I reframe my question:
    – Which codes define the button’s behavior?
    – In which files ca I find these codes?
    -How can I make the button to behave identically, regardless whether the product has a price or not? I want it always to open the single product page.



    in reply to: Enable lightbox on product catolog page? #220156

    it seems that the problem has to do with the simple-type of the products (as opposed to variable-type):

    – On I offer simple-type products (see GALERIE)
    – Hovering the mouse over a product image on a product category page brings up 2 buttons:
    1) “In den Warenkorb” [Add to cart]
    2) “Bild vergrössern” [Expand image]

    I need to change the function and the text of this “Add to cart” button:
    -> I want the top button to open the product details page (NOT to add to cart) and make it display “Einzelheiten”
    -> However: the “add to cart” button on the product details page must be left unchanged!

    Whether or not the product’s inventory-option “single-product” is activated or not, does not make any difference.

    Currently the user is unable to access the product detail page (you want to check the product details before adding to cart).

    Thanks for helping


    May I point out a possible source for confusion:
    – “Simple-type of product” = there are no variations of the product
    – “Single-product” = only 1 copy can be ordered


    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I added the code to flashlight/functions.php – unfortunately no change.

    Any other suggestion?


    in reply to: How to create a custom menu item with an external link? #218731

    Thanks Ismael

    I would have done that, however, there was no such option visible.
    And: as I read this, I assumed that duplicating an existing link was the way to go.

    Meanwhile I discovered that I needed to go to the (almost invisible) display options on the Appearance/Menus page first to activate “Links”.

    Best regards,

    Hi Devin

    this code did the trick.



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