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    Hi Nick,

    Thx for this. Thx for your time. :) Nice Tutorial.

    Im doing the same thing with firefox and firebug. Maybe im gonna try Chrome Developer Tools too.

    I already know these things.

    Maybe we cant do what i want. Maybe it cant be done, casue of the way how the theme is scripting.

    Never mind. Im gonna use the bg for the banner picture. If i cant do anything else about it.



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    Hi Nick,

    Thx for your kind reply. :) The only reason why we dont understand each other really well, beacuse of my english. sorry :)


    style1.css has this code:

    #top .logobg a{background: transparent url(../images/skin1/logo.png) no-repeat left top;}

    style.css has these codes:

    #top .logo, #top .logo a{







    border: none;

    padding: 0;


    z-index: 10;


    #top .logo a{




    border: none;


    #top .logo a img{

    border: none;


    #top .logobg a {



    It means the website logo has gonna be separate. i think. so i can change it, resize it anything.

    And i wanna do the same thing with the banner. i tried to duplicate these codes with different name, but it never worked.

    (i know i can put the banner in the bg, but i dont want to do that)

    What should i do? i hope it can be done. :)



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    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for the fast replies.

    Yes exactly that is my problem. I want the banner picture there, just not with the background styling.

    I want it as a separate picture like the site logo. What i can move anywhere on the site.



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    Hi Devin,

    First of all sorry for my english. :)

    So i did some changes on the site. And i realised i cant create a banner to the top. Because i cant put a separate picture in the site.

    The only separate picture what i can move and change its size its the logo.

    So i want to do the same thing with a banner picture.

    If its still not clear, than im sorry. when im gonna have some time im gonna take some screenshots.

    Best Regards,


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    Hi Ismael,

    Ohh sorry i forget to disable the “Under Construction” plugin.

    But anyway that was the problem. Now everything is on track.

    Im kinda new in the wordpress world. :)

    Thank you for the fast help.

    Best Regards,


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