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    thanks that works!

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    Hey Arvish,
    thanks for the hint.

    If started with an child Theme and maybe you can help me, although this are based chilftheme stuff?!
    I have 2 questions.

    1. how can I referencing to my custom background-images in the css. e.g. I have in my child-theme a images folder with my custom hr.png.

    2. same with custom.js files. In my function.php I have this:

    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'my_child_theme_setup' );
    function my_child_theme_setup() {
    	wp_register_script( 'burns_custom',  AVIA_BASE_URL.'/js/custom.js', 'jquery', "1.0.0", true);

    But I need an alternative for AVIA_BASE_URL
    get_stylesheet_directory() didn´t work.


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    Okay, got it.
    Changes must be made in the loop-index.php

    in reply to: Make JWPlayer in Post-Overview visible? #85056


    I´ve found this post here:

    Solves to 99% my question.

    But one thing.

    Is it possible to run the:

    the_content() function for only one certain post?

    in reply to: Sidebar not fixed @Safari 6.0 #85022


    I´ve fixed my header css.

    Works know.

    in reply to: Sidebare is flipping to top #75084


    I´ve fixed it about the:



    in reply to: Entry with gallery attached #69425

    Hey Ismael,

    thanks for your reply but I don´t want change the settings from the backroundimage.

    I will change the size of an image attached to an blog with the gallery option.

    At the moment it looks that the imagesize are depending on the with of the <div class=”entry-content”>

    So the image is no more scalled when it reaches the width of the div what is totally fin in my opinion.

    But using a bigger “portrait format” picture displays the full size and that the point I like to handle.

    I think the easeist way a the moment is do upload an picture that fits perfect but don´t have the option to open in fullsize.

    in reply to: Entry with gallery attached #69423

    Thank you Devin. Thats it!!!

    One last thing.

    Do you know how I can handle the size of the image in the blog-entry?

    At the moment it is shown fullsize. But in the article itself it has the size I set in the backend.

    Is it possible to make the set size happend in the blob-entry?

    in reply to: Blog Post Images #68136

    Can anybody help me?

    I´ve followed the instruction video but no image is shown on my post.

    in reply to: Blog Post Images #68135

    Okay, I´m one step closer.

    I´ve checked the index-loop.php and hardcode:

    new avia_embed_images();

    in the class=”entry-content” and the image appears (buggy). But it shows in every post…. t(he image that I have setup in the last post).

    So is there somhing wrong with the if-statement or did I miss something in the post-gallery-backend??

    in reply to: Blog Post Images #68134


    I´have found the class do modify the hover for images, fine.

    To my question about the image attach.

    In the flashlight video you show the option “image list attached to entry” on a “page”. I will make it happend on a “post”.

    Is it possible to show the first image in that type of site?

    Can I activate links etc. maken in a post, in the post-overview site too?

    in reply to: Blog Post Images #68133

    Hey Kriesi,

    thanks for the reply.

    If you like, take a look at

    I would like to have the picture on the first entry like it is on the flashlight portfolio (

    Second question. How can I deactivate the hover effect on pictures?

    in reply to: Blog Post Images #68131

    And by the way, how do I made a Flashlight update?

    in reply to: Blog Post Images #68130

    Hmm, do you know what kind of plugins are causes the conflict?

    I have the same problem like april1fools.

    in reply to: Border of pictures under the #header tag #58472


    I made it via the setting “params” to wmode:”opaque” in the swfobject.

    This parameter integreads the swf in the layout.

    in reply to: Add Comment-Field on Pages #56332

    Alright, works fine.

    But one last question.

    How can I add in that new page-template with the comments filed the seperator tag above? (<div class=”hr hr_post_seperator”></div>)

    //wordpress function that loads the comments template “comments.php”

    echo “<div class=”hr hr_post_seperator”>”;

    comments_template( ‘/includes/comments.php’);

    echo “</div><!–end inner_box–>”;

    is not working…..cause I´m not the php guy ;-)

    in reply to: Add Comment-Field on Pages #56330


    but what happend if I want the commentfield only on 2 of 5 normal pages?

    in reply to: header div? #56041

    Hey Chris,

    thanks and yes the shopping cart works fine cause I updated the css for the right sidebar.


    in reply to: Scrolling the right sidebar with the content #56503


    I made it.

    If you want that the reight sidebar scrolls with the content you have to breake out the #top.sidebar2 div with an position:absolute.

    in reply to: header div? #56039

    Hi Chris,

    if you like, check:

    I´ve put an picture in the header.php (div id=”header”) and styled in the custom.css

    But It will be deluxe to put content in the header via the backend.

    And I have one problem. At the moment I put some item in the basket (shop) the right sidebare displays under header and not as before.

    Any hint?

    in reply to: Need to add another Sidebar… #55024


    I have one question about this.

    If I´m creating a coustom sidebar for example on a Page called “Shop” the widget I asign displays on the “left sidebar”.

    Is it possible to set a custom “right sidebar” fot that page?

    in reply to: aktive-color @ the menue #55152


    alright. I have setup the 3 Pages new and know it works….

    in reply to: aktive-color @ the menue #55151


    here is a link:

    Please Check at the menue (left sidebar) Bio, Musik and Video. No aktive Color. The rest of the menue works fine.

    in reply to: aktive-color @ the menue #55150

    Is it possible to send you an PM? Side is still under construction and I don´t want post the url here ;-)

    in reply to: thumbnails size too big #54707


    I have changed the Blog-display like desrcibed here:

    to show the full content, like images in the blog.

    So If I want to Change the Imagesize in the blog-preview (make thumbs size smaller) did I have to change something in the function.php or via css.

    in reply to: Featured Image #54713

    Thanks, that works….for sure ;-)

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