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    Hunter74… it’s possible that Günter was correct at the time but all I know is that I am able to simply save sidebar.php from the parent theme in my child theme folder and I can comment out or delete

    //             avia_dummy_widget(2);
    //             avia_dummy_widget(3);
    //             avia_dummy_widget(4);

    in my child theme’s sidebar.php file to suppress the dummy widgets. If it matters I’m using Enfold 2.9.2

    in reply to: Import Dummy Data #289254

    Maybe not the exact same issue, but I have also deleted posts and pages which are still sticking around, and I’m trying to figure out where so I can delete them. @GOWD, can you view the deleted pages/posts if you enter their URL’s directly? I can, but on the back end they are gone and ‘deleted permanently’.

    in reply to: masonry gallery in Safari #288703

    Hi there,

    I viewed your page in Safari just now (safari 7.0.5 on mac) and it looks great. I don’t see any error, and all the images load with the popup effect.

    I really like your site! In fact, it’s the EXACT effect I am wanting to have on the site I’m building. Is it native to the theme, or did you customize the display in some meaningful way?


    in reply to: Header Logo & Main Menu #287496

    Dude’s code, added to Quick CSS, worked exactly as needed on my site.

    I am once again blown away by how good the support of this theme is. Thank you so much.

    in reply to: Advanced Layout editor not working #132937

    @lephenix – try disabling all plugins and seeing if your issue persists.

    On mine, the ‘advanced layout editor’ began working when I disabled the plugin “Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin” by Don Fischer (

    Bummer, since I like that plugin and use it on all my other sites. But I’m sure I can figure out another way to redirect if I need to set one up on this site.

    in reply to: Advanced Layout editor not working #132936

    Similar issue here… fresh WP 3.5.2 install, latest version of theme. I’m using a child theme but it only has one or two css modifications, nothing else.

    I loaded the demo data, and so I see the advanced layout editor on those pages which were part of the demo data. But I made a new page for the first time just now, clicked ‘advanced layout editor’ and nothing happens.

    I also note that on the ones where I can see the advanced layout editor, I only see the outer box (no interior ‘layout’ elements). It just has a ‘loading’ type animation inside the advanced layout editor box that never seems to finish.

    in reply to: twitter widget stopped working – error #105520

    @dbdesign999 yeah, that’s what I had said above but it was probably lost in my other ranting since I was in the middle of a comment when I tried it again and it worked.

    in reply to: Move site to new server, lost all theme option #105034

    I also had the same experience, but using Velvet 1.3 – developed site on test server, saved a backup of files and database, updated url references, and loaded onto live server. Upon first viewing the site on the live server, all the customized theme options (dynamic templates, etc) were not there and I had to re-do each option manually on the live site, looking at the settings pages on the temp site for reference. It was a pain, but it worked.

    I can confirm that the same thing happens when you change the theme name in style.css since I stupidly did that too, a few days after that. But the problem definitely occurred just in moving the site to a new database and server, with no other changes made to the name or site files. The only change was updating the URLs in the database.

    in reply to: twitter widget stopped working – error #105517

    wordpress 3.5.1, velvet 1.3 but heavily customized.

    I also am scared to update since I lost every option in the theme set when I moved from one server to another and restored from backup. I also lost every option in the theme set when I stupidly changed the name of the theme (I don’t want my client knowing I bought a theme and customized it).

    It’s not a plugin conflict. FWIW, I tried it now without making any other changes and it’s back to working. So does that mean the problem was on the twitter end?

    If so, maybe you can still modify the twitter plugin code so that if there’s a problem connecting to twitter or other error or whatever it says that, instead of displaying 100 lines of error code. :)

    Thanks anyway. Glad it’s working again.

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    Ok, there may be an easier way but for my purposes, this worked exactly as I want. I ended up editing includes>loop-page.php (I have the velvet theme, so sorry if it doesn’t match up with other themes’ structure).

    Toward the top, where it says:

    //call the function that displays featured images and slideshows within posts
    $slider = new avia_slideshow($this_id);
    echo $slider->display_small($avia_config['size']);

    I changed it to say:

    //call the function that displays featured images and slideshows within posts
    // $slider = new avia_slideshow($this_id);
    // echo $slider->display_small($avia_config['size']);

    That gave me what I wanted. I hope it works for you, or else maybe the support team has a better idea.

    in reply to: Featured image "link to this post" behavoiur #103932

    @haurys – I have the same issue and was just about to ask the same question! I am currently getting around the default behavior by changing the “link to this post” option to “link manually” and then entering the full link to the post.

    This pretty much creates the desired result (image on portfolio and/or home page slider links to post, but image on post no longer has the lightbox link to itself)… but it’s not quite ideal because:

    a) on individual post, I want NO link on the image ideally, and

    b) it’s a pain in the butt to have to enter every image’s link manually and then worry about keeping them accurate if URLs change, etc.

    Here’s hoping someone can provide something we can add to functions.php or something which will remove the lightbox feature entirely from the individual post images while allowing us to use “link to this post” for the beneficial home page slider link, etc. There has to be some function kriesi wrote which adds the individual page’s lightbox functionality, so hopefully there’s something we can throw in functions.php which overrrides it.


    in reply to: create custom column sizes #103695

    Aha! Thanks! I *almost* had it… my ignorance of how to code that PHP ‘switch’ was my downfall. I also edited functions.php to add my new image size.

    Thank you so much for the clear instructions! :)

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