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  • in reply to: Enfold Showcase #116522

    Hello all – we just launched a B2B page:

    The page is about drilling for water and all kinds of natural resources.

    By now it is german only, but english and some other languages will come soon.

    The site consists of almost 60 single pages

    in reply to: Main Menu Sticky? #129308

    Hello Devin and Peter!

    I still search for an option to make the menu (Header with social icon and bottom) sticky.

    Could you please give me some reply? I have just 5 days left for the golive of our page.

    Thx in Advance!!!!

    in reply to: Need additional sidebar #133699

    Very Easy:

    Go to Design/Widgets and add a new Widget in the lower right corner (Enfold Child Custom Widget Area). You can name it e.g. “Sidebar_2″.

    Put the contet you like inside the widget via drag and drop (e.g. individual menu, text, etc.) In the text element you can write any html code.

    Then go to pages and open the page to assign the new sidebar. On the right side you will find the “Layout” box where you choose under “Layout – Select the desired Page layout” the Left or Right Sidebar. Underneath the box you find “Sidebar Setting – Choose a custom sidebar for this entry”. Here you will find the new Widget “Sidebar_2″. Select it and save/update the page. Done!

    in reply to: Table colums order in mobile view #133460

    Hello ismael,

    we just found the “bug” related to the table header problem we had in mobile view.

    In the file config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/table.php in line 279 was:

    $responsive_style .= ".avia-table-".self::$table_count." td:nth-of-type({$counter}):before { content: '".$row['content'][$counter]['content']."'; } ";

    We changed this to:

    $tdCounter = $counter + 1;
    $responsive_style .= ".avia-table-".self::$table_count." td:nth-of-type({$tdCounter}):before { content: '".$row['content'][$counter]['content']."'; } ";

    Problem was that the counter for the table header in mobile view started with 0 instead with 1.

    Maby you take this into account for the next update!

    I will set this post status to “resolved” when I get some feedback from you.

    Greetings chilli-mind

    in reply to: Textblock with HTML Links – Serious Problem #131387

    hello again,

    here again the code part I tried to write into the text block:

    <a href="link_1">
    <div class="abc"><span style="def">some content</span></div>
    <a href="link_2">
    <div class="abc"><span style="def">some content</span></div>

    When I save the code, the backend somehow generates some extra code between the containers and the links are gone:

    <div class="abc"><span style="def">some content</span></div>
    <div class="abc"><span style="def">some content</span></div>

    The second problem is, that a change from “Text” to “Visuell” somehow changes the complete code structure and content of the HTML entered into the “Text” Editor.

    Is there a way to make sure that the html I write is taken to the source code?

    in reply to: Textblock with HTML Links – Serious Problem #131386

    oh sorry, the code I wrote was not displayed correctly – the links and blanks did not appear in the post. try to fix this later, sorry.

    in reply to: Font Icon in Header #130450

    Thx Nick! Worked very fine!

    in reply to: Main Menu Sticky? #129306

    Dear Devin, thx for your reply!

    But … hmm this doesn’t work for us, because we use the Header with social icon and bottom (without the usage of social icons) … and this is not sticky by default. We changed all colors … and

    So we would like (we need) this type of menu, but we should change it to sticky behaviour.

    And by the way, this day we realized, that our menu structure does not behave like expected.

    Is the anybody we can talk to directly in german?

    Can we upload screenshots for better explanation?

    Thx chilli-mind

    in reply to: Specific Sidebar for Mobile View #128421

    @ Ismael

    OK found a post with this code:

    /* All Mobile Sizes (devices and browser) */

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

    .responsive #top #main .sidebar {display:block !important; clear: both; }


    It works when I enter it into Quick CSS, but it doesn’t work when used with the style.css in the enfold-child theme :-(

    in reply to: Specific Sidebar for Mobile View #128420

    @ Ismael “It is possible to control in which page the sidebar show on mobile view but you can’t select which sidebar will show.”

    Can you please tell me how I can control the visibility of the sidebar on mobile view?


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