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    well I’ll try it
    with the exception of minor modifications (but nothing irreversible ) on WooCommerce-mod.css I use custom.css, of course.
    Any changes to the CSS of the theme directly. However I do not see how otherwise modify WooCommerce config…

    Best regards

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    … I have this opportunity, because I do not sale on my site
    #top div .price del{
    color: #bbb;
    text-decoration: line-through;
    font-weight: normal;
    opacity: 0;
    this is the only one I’ve found yet …
    but that does not really satisfy me.

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    excuse me but the changes should be made on WooCommerce-mod.css not ? anyway I tried and nothing has changed the color remains the same … for exemple : look here

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    Resolved !
    everything is fine I got the sub menu in French … thank you for all your answers, good job !
    best regards

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    thank you for your prompt reply
    What do you mean by sub menu items? related pages? “My Account” “Shopping cart” and “Track your order”? yes all these pages (with shortcode) are present on my website. For all other pages (“Change passeword”, “Edit adress”, and” Log Out”), are in the PHP code WooCommerce I guess …
    My question : do I delete the sub menu ?

    thank you

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    I’ll try to explain better.
    on version 2.1 when I put a product “Sale!” (I replaced “Sale!” with “Sold!”) we could see the price in red preceded by a dot. Now the price remains the same color …

    also and I had asked, I would like added Sold! when a product has been sold. I had to change the PHP WC (WooCommerce / templates / dirty-flash.php) to do this.

    thank you for your reply.

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    it was simple: I had checked “Redirect to cart after a successful addition” and Enable buttons AJAX add to cart on the archives … Here it is. Because I disabled all my plugins and watched my BDD. Here’s how if you have this question, you will know what to say;)

    Now I hope I will not have a problem with new version 2.1 WC 2.1.2 and abundance … to be continued

    best regards

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    Sorry for my english …
    when I click add to cart I do not have the bar (wocommerce message) on the product page. it goes directly to the “Shopping Cart” with the words: “Your product has been added” and “continue shopping”. It is not very annoying but I want to know why.
    I deleted the quantities WooCommerce-mod.css because I sell single copies.
    just try it by yourself. ICI
    thank you in advance (if someone speaks French it would be easier …)

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    ok. I do that.
    please can you read my post #225057

    PS : I do not know if I explained. I do not have the “added-to-cart” but directly basket with retail … it’s weird. I did not touch the source files

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    thank you for this very prompt reply, bravo!
    So I wait … I will look on your supporting pages. but we know that when the extensions are updated attacks do not stop!
    best regards.

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    Yes with Simple Social Buttons very good plugin and very simple.
    To your intention : plugin to add filter Free Colour and works

    indeed Color Filter for CodeCanyon is totally rotten. I bought it, and as he did not install I had given my pass, after which I no longer had access to my Wordpres! I have changed everything and everything stuck with phpMyAdmin …
    regards, Clo

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    • This reply was modified 7 months, 1 week ago by  clo47.


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    never mind!

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    where to add these lines of code, thank you, I’m not an expert … sorry in Function.php of Abundance’s theme or WooCommerce?
    please help

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    thank you Ismael (beautiful name) I’ll try that!

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    for information
    the plugin : Simple Social Buttons !!! very, very simple indeed ;)

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    thank you i try it

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    However I would like to insert the code facebook on ALL my products and not one by one, I have hundreds of products … my question is where to put the JavaScript SDK in the header.php, the function? otherwise the iframe ciode no problem it works very well but it does like my page and not the product …
    sorry I’m French and it’s hard to be understood in another language.
    Socialise (I try it with Safari, Chrome only) the plugin works very well with Twitter, pinterest, but not what interests me the most: Facebook

    if the Abundance theme is very good and works very well too.

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    this one for exemple I do not put the entire link, you will understand that I did not want it to remain on the pages of Google’s other search engines ;)
    thank you in advance for your answers

    and this one :how to add an icon “sold” instead of promo I changed to “sold”, but I want the icon appears in the top right instead of the price.
    regards Clo

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    This is inserted into my product pages, but do not like the product … but the site.
    thank you for helping me to insert my code via / and put it where I want it tonight in my products to liker the products separately.
    thank you in advancenull

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    I installed Socialize Plugin, but it does not work with facebook. no problem with twitter, pinterest etc..
    any idea?

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    it works now

    in reply to: Color filter for Abundance not work ! #183560

    sorry but…
    you are on does not have recommended ? edit #176340
    best regards

    PS / However your widget works very well can you customize ?

    Hey clo47!
    Please take a look:
    Best regards,

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    thank you for your response. I will prefer free but …
    best regards. Clo

    I just uninstalled and reinstalled everything I cleaned and now I have version 1.9;)

    everything is OK now …

    the latter is solved it’s my fault, I forgot something… but still links instead of “descriptions” and additional information.

    thank you for your help

    no … my version still shows 1.3 I do not understand … locally is the same, but the tables are back. I have downloaded please a little help the “ThemeForest-759562-abundance-ecommerce-business-theme” version.

    I deleted the old theme, have sent the “Abundance” folder via FTP, and put my different things … prior to other images I want to see that everything works here:

    I deleted the old theme, have sent the “Abundance” folder via FTP, and put my different things … prior to other images I want to see that everything works here:

    more clicquables images without the “details” and “added” as shown work very well with this method locally ( and show-details # post-52057) but not remote …

    thank you Regards, Claude

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