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    Hi, sorry for the late reply. Seems I missed a notification that you’ve answered on this topic.

    It happens on my Mac (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), but not sure about PC. It happens very quickly, but the caption is visible right away, then turns invisible and fades in. You may need to reopen the page a few times to be sure the background image is already cached, because the caption is white and if the image is not loaded the bg is also white.

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    Hi Elliott.

    No, that’s a different situation. This edit broke the slider as in not showing caption AND image for any slide ever. That other topic talks about an issue that sometimes does not show a caption.

    The issue here occurred after editing the shortcode.js file and was fixed again after going back to the standard code. The other issue has been going on for several months.

    Ok, thanks for your time and the suggestion, Ismael!

    I’ve removed the css and will give it some time to see if it solves it. If it doesn’t, I’ll either disable the page transition for now or spend some more time figuring out if there is another conflict because of my custom css.

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    Great, thanks!

    Hello Rikard,

    This is the site:

    I’ve also noticed the page transition sometimes gets stuck completely, not loading the next page.

    And am I imagining this or does the page transition make loading the next page take longer?

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    Or put them in Content Sections (element) and give those a background color. Then you don’t even need any CSS. You can even add Whitespace (element) between the Content Sections.

    in reply to: Lightbox FULL SIZE picture #413108

    I also wanted full size images after clicking on the thumbnail. It’s been a while and I think Josue was the one to give me the solution. I’ve been using it ever since and still works perfectly:

    1) Go to config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/gallery.php
    2) Search for: 'lightbox_size' => 'large',
    3) Change large into full.

    Sorry if this doesn’t answer the question. For Masonry it’ll probably be in a different php file in avia-shortcodes.

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    in reply to: How to create page like this #413036

    You can recreate that entire page with Enfold and make it look 10 times better without any effort. :)

    For the gallery, you can use the following Enfold element in the layout builder:
    Media Elements > Gallery > Set Gallery Style to “Big image with thumbnails below”

    That’ll get you the desired effect.

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    Thanks, Yigit, but that doesn’t seem to be the best solution. Now it flickers on page load because it is visible right away, but then disappears again to fade in.

    in reply to: Fullscreen Slider caption not always appearing #412940

    I’ve updated the site, flushed cache on server, did some local tests and it seems the issue isn’t solved yet. I cannot say 100% for sure it’s not my local cache still interfering, but so far I still see the caption not always appearing. :(

    Perhaps you can test it a few times to see if it still occurs on your side. If it does and you’d like another check in the CMS, the login credentials are still valid.

    Maybe I’ll also try recreating the fullscreen slider and see if that helps after this update.

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    Hello again. To be sure, can you confirm if I can still replace this entire code after the latest Enfold (3.1) update?

    in reply to: Fullscreen Slider caption not always appearing #412370

    WOW, I just skimmed through the list of changes and am really impressed! Lots of great new features and especially several that I have long been waiting for and was beginning to consider looking for plugins.

    I’ll make the update tomorrow and check the fullscreen slider caption. I will let you know if it’s solved.

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    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the new version and will let you know if it solves this issue.

    in reply to: Custom.css caching issue #412247

    Ok Ismael, I’ll definitely let you know. So far no issues, but waiting for an opportunity to arise where I can clearly see if this works.

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    Thank you for the update, Andy!
    Management is asking about the fix again as they are becoming impatient. At least I know it’s being looked at.

    There’s little Kriesi can’t do, so I’m hopeful it’ll turn out well. :-D

    in reply to: Google Maps element showing different field in list #411158

    And once again, perfect for me!

    Thank you, Elliott!

    in reply to: Custom.css caching issue #410490

    Thanks Elliott! I’ve added it to the site (so far so good, didn’t break the site yet) and will do some tests to see if it works.

    in reply to: Custom.css caching issue #409768

    Hello again Elliott,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I cannot change the .htaccess file on my hosting provider. Also, I’d prefer to just disable caching for one specific file (custom.css) as that is the one that changes the most when modifying CSS for the Enfold theme. I rarely touch other files.

    I found this, but not sure where I would add this to the theme and how to specify it should refer to custom.css instead of style.css (unless I just change “style.css” to “custom.css”):
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); echo '?' . filemtime( get_stylesheet_directory() . '/style.css'); ?>" type="text/css" media="screen, projection" />
    This basically automatically adds a version number to the file so it is regarded as a new file and requests a fresh download.

    My site is never completely finished. New things get added, changed and optimised daily. I often overrule existing style (specified by Enfold), but if the visitors don’t see my version, they will see a broken result.

    For example:
    I added a new fullscreen slider to the homepage. I set the caption to “center without frame”. This already has existing styles specified by Enfold, but I need to change several aspects of it, such as the positioning (top instead of middle, etc.). If the visitors still have the previous custom.css version in their cache in which that style isn’t overruled yet, they will see the caption in the middle of my picture instead of at the intended top position, and so on.

    If tomorrow I change my fullscreen slider and want to change the font-family, this too will be done in custom.css, but only those who do a force refresh (= no one except me) will see the change.

    Personally, I don’t even think the custom.css file should be cached in the first place, or not longer than a single session (like only lasting an hour). That is THE file we (Enfold users) will probably be modifying the most and the small file size would most likely not even impact load speed at all. If that’s the file we modify the most, I assume everyone would prefer these changes to be immediate.

    Using the custom CSS text area in Enfold options (inside WP admin) is not a solution for me. Not all styles are accepted (for example changing font types), possibly because there are still other styles rendered below it. And I have about 10 languages, meaning I need to copy-paste every single change to every language. I also find it too risky to add anything there, because there is no turning back after saving changes (undo, backup different versions, …).

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    in reply to: Custom.css caching issue #408699

    Thanks for your feedback Elliott!

    I’ll try flushing the cache next time, but I assumed it would be purely local caching because some people see it and some don’t. If new visitors see it correctly, while returning visitors don’t, doesn’t that mean it’s the local caching? If it would be server side caching, I suppose new visitors would see the same thing, no?

    Sorry if I get this all wrong, it’s a bit confusing.

    Thank you Rikard, that did fix it for me!

    By the way, not related to the issue but to this forum itself. Each time I add a comment to this forum (new or reply) I get a blank follow-up page. I’m using Safari on Mac.

    Yes, I’d like to know where to change what, too. I’m already on version 3.0.8, though the menu still sits on the right.

    in reply to: Fullscreen Slider caption not always appearing #400470

    Hi Andy,

    Sorry about that. You can see the 2 sreenshots here:

    As you can see, the big white title, subtitle and orange button right above the truck don’t always show up. The big text at the bottom is part of the image, so ignore that.

    The menu loads on the right for me too, even though I haven’t did the different logo thing. I was just testing my site on an iPhone 5S and noticed I can slide my entire site to the left and it would show my hidden menu sitting on the right, though smaller than when you open it. Maybe a bug since a recent version? It wasn’t like this before I updated the site.

    in reply to: Fullscreen Slider caption not always appearing #399551

    I just tried it on an iPhone 5S and the same issues occur. The captions don’t always appear and sometimes the controls stop working after it switches to the next slide.

    in reply to: Fullscreen Slider caption not always appearing #399523

    Hello Elliott,

    2 separate OS X Yosemite Macbook Pros with Safari 8. I’ve also tried with Chrome 40. Try changing languages until it happens.

    It happens at least half the time we open the homepage now. It’s that bad!

    in reply to: Google Maps tooltips #391903

    Hi Josue,

    This is perfect! Thank you so much for this fix!!

    in reply to: Google Maps tooltips #391267

    Thanks, so this is the answer:

    “People requested this 3 months ago, we told them we would correct this, but we didn’t yet and there’s no info available on when we’ll do this.”

    Is that correct? :)

    in reply to: Open Sans Light and Extrabold not working in some IE versions #369898

    Apparently it is indeed due to the Compatibility View. Strangely enough, I’ve previously added a rule that forces it OFF when visiting our website and that rule was later even adopted by Enfold in the next version.

    So I don’t understand why this causes issues again. Guess I’ll look for an alternative way of force-disabling that. I hope I never have to meet the person that invented Compatibility View. 90% of the issues caused in IE for our website are due to that View.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your time and advice. If you’d happen to know of a way to force-disable that, please let me know!

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