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  • in reply to: Standard Featured images #86283

    That’s the point, though. For blog posts, a gallery is not always wanted.

    Is there a way to just use the Gallery Upload button to upload the image, using it as the featured image, but NOT displaying a gallery in the post at all?

    It seems there should just be a gallery layout option of None.

    That way you could still upload an image to use as a featured image for the post’s thumbnail, but not have it show with the post itself if you don’t want it to.


    in reply to: removal of image URL in WP gallery broken #86280

    I’ll give that a try. Are you saying it’s the default just for Gallery images? …because you can remove them for image placed in posts.



    in reply to: Hide a category from blog? #73179

    What would be the opposite be for including only certain categories? (as opposed to excluding specific ones)

    Also, could I duplicate template-blog.php to something like template-press.php to load as a template with another specific set of post categories?

    Would I be able to for instance then duplicate index.php, call it ‘page-press.php’ with the template part string of “get_template_part(‘template’,’press’);” to load said template as an alternate blog page?

    Or is there just a way to pass an overriding query to the page-press.php page that includes the standard template-blog.php file?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)