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    Hi Nick:

    Sorry the delay, but I just got around to trying this again. It did not work. I added the “copy=>greyscale” to all the other available listed images in functions.php near line 65, and then used the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to regenerate the whole database of images…..

    It’s the “Related Entries” thumbnails when you’re viewing any given Portfolio Item entry page that remain in color….those are the ones I’d like to convert to black-and-white (until a rollover, when they turn to color by default everywhere else)….

    Any other ideas?


    in reply to: Slider acting buggy: fading not an option #111492

    Thanks for the suggestion, Ismael, but no luck. I disabled every last one, cleared the server and my local cache several times, and the slider is still “sliding” versus “fading”….


    Got it! Thanks for the reply…..I suppose a similar functionality could be gained by creating a series of portfolio pages that only display each child category and then making a new Menu for the site that nests the pages, too….

    Best – Darrin

    in reply to: Solution for images in portrait orientation #82451

    Just seconding this request!

    I too love Choices. But, when uploading a mix of image orientations in a portfolio item (most people do), it tends to make the page expansion / contraction a bit too ‘energetic,’ especially if one chooses to turn on the autorotation of the slideshow. Worse, the vertical images appear to be emphasized over the horizontal images (due to their larger magnification and level of detail) when this is not necessarily the case….

    I notice that in the Choices demo site, most of the images used in the portfolio slideshows were all cropped square to avoid this issue!

    Only on the portfolio display pages, couldn’t the medium-size images be displayed to fit into a fixed-size CSS display zone (609 x 609 pixels) based on its largest dimension and then centered both vertically and horizontally pretty easily? (The pop-up lightbox slideshows would still remain full-resolution and adjust for orientation, though…)

    This really becomes an issue for those of us who are designing websites for clients who are not particularly design-savvy. To expect a client who wants to be able to update his own website in the future to create two sets of images to upload (the second set having backgrounds to maintain uniform square dimensions regardless of orientation) and replace the medium images with an FTP client is just too complicated!

    If the theme could display them fit to the square display area regardless of orientation, it would SO much easier for end users to add new projects by simply uploading all their images….

    Best, Darrin

    in reply to: Sidebar tabs break apart on mobile? #104949

    Thanks for the CSS thought, Devin…….I added a margin to the tag as well, and that cleared it all up!

    Best, Darrin

    in reply to: Subscribe to theme update emails? #105029

    Nice! That will be handy….

    Maybe it could be linked to the support forums themselves since each theme already has one set up….(“subscribe to this forum’s announcements” link by the “RSS feed for this topic” links)

    Best – Darrin

    One update on this topic:

    The behavior of the pop-up window for adding images to galleries has changed in WP 3.5 and up. Now, there is a new “Add to Slideshow” button underneath the “Actions” column (where there used to be a sort order number to the left of the “Show” link to expand the item in the list….)

    Even if you can’t get the sort order to work correctly when clicking “Add all images to slideshow,” you CAN at least click the “Add to Slideshow” button to the right of every image in the list manually and add them one at a time to the slideshow in either order you wish……you can click those buttons from the bottom up or top down in the list.

    At least that’s a lot faster than dragging and dropping the images in the slideshow list after they’ve been added, but still not ideal….


    in reply to: Flashlight crashing mobile browsers #100722

    Thank You for your script efforts, Dude!

    You’re a lifesaver…and seriously, I know you and Kriesi are busy and spending your time on this….I’m happy to PayPal you a holiday donation for your efforts….they’re much appreciated!

    (And, actually, I was thinking….that little importer script might be a great incentive for you to get users of older themes to upgrade to newer mobile-responsive themes without having to recreate their portfolio galleries…marketing, marketing, marketing, no?…)


    in reply to: Flashlight crashing mobile browsers #100719

    Hi again Dude,

    I also wanted to pass along a little information about theme updates……I checked your General Questions post about “Latest Theme Updates” to make sure I’m using the latest versions of the themes in question.

    It says that Flashlight is up to version 1.9, but I deleted the theme completely and downloaded a fresh copy from Theme Forest, and the version they have posted for download still says it’s version 1.8 in Style.css and in the WordPress control panel….

    Could version 1.9 of Flashlight have code in it that tags the “featured images” attached to portfolio items as a “flashlight” gallery in the database somehow, and that is why the Gallery tab does not appear for me once I switch to the Choices theme?

    Also, I had to revert from WordPress 3.5 back to version 3.4.2 about a week ago because after I upgraded to 3.5, the “Add Media” button above the post editor box would not work. I had no way to add media to the post content, whether it was already added to the Media Library or not.

    If WordPress 3.5 is required for some reason to get the “Gallery” tab to show up in the thickbox dialog, I can upgrade again, fix all the galleries after switching to the Choices theme, and then downgrade WP back to 3.4.2 if needed….

    Best – Darrin

    in reply to: Flashlight crashing mobile browsers #100718


    I only WISH I could see that “Gallery(1)” tab in the thickbox window!

    It doesn’t show up for me when I switch the theme from Flashlight to Choices…..

    Here is what I see when viewing an example portfolio item called “Justice Facilities”:

    This is what I see when the theme is set to Flashlight:

    Could it be that some underlying framework of mine needs to be updated?

    My dashboard says I am using WordPress 3.4.2 with Flashlight v1.8 and Choices v.1.6

    in reply to: Flashlight crashing mobile browsers #100716

    Uh, hi again, Dude:

    I think what you said about “maybe needing to take care of the featured images because Flashlight uses the default wp image gallery whereas the other themes use a custom slideshow function based on post meta values” is a bit of a problem here….

    I had 63 portfolio galleries created using Flashlight, each with anywhere from 5-140 images attached! There are now 1500 portfolio images uploaded in my site….To recreate all of those galleries manually now by finding all the images in the Media Gallery to include in new galleries using Choices will be a huge undertaking. It took about a week for me to create them the first time using Flashlight…

    Can you recommend an easiest route to finding those gallery image sets from the Flashlight theme and recreating using Choice’s custom slideshows?

    Could I activate Flashlight and go into each Portfolio’s Upload Images dialog and take the gallery that was created and convert it somehow to a slideshow that’s accessible when Choices is activated?

    (At this point, due to the time involved in re-uploading all those galleries or trying to piece them back together from the Media Gallery interface, it would probably be worth it to me if I hired a developer to write some SQL that would create arrays from the image tags in the Flashlight gallery database entries and create Choices slideshows…if that’s even possible…I feel a little sick. If only I’d researched the mobile issue and chosen a responsive theme in the first place!)

    Thanks for your help…

    in reply to: Flashlight crashing mobile browsers #100715

    Super news…..I already bought Choices to make the switch!

    Best, Darrin

    in reply to: Flashlight crashing mobile browsers #100713

    Hello Ismael: Thanks for the suggestion.

    I went ahead and turned off all the plugins….there’s not a single plugin active on the site (not even Akismet), and it is still crashing every mobile device browser I test it on.

    I also tested using WPTouch Pro to override the site and create a mobile theme only for mobile devices. Unfortunately, it will load the page menu fine, but every page comes up blank after the title! So, all the portfolio pages which use the Flexible Grid gallery type (99% of my site pages do) simply load as completely blank.

    I’m wondering if the code library used to create the Flexible Grid gallery type and the default autorotating background gallery is the culprit here (Avia JQuery?)…

    It’s a bit of a bummer, though….if I can’t get mobile devices to access the portfolio at all, either through the base Flashlight theme or using WPTouch Pro, it’s a bit of a deal-breaker. I’ll have to switch themes and rebuild all the portfolio pages I’ve created.

    Perhaps there is a mobile-specific Kriesi theme that could simply access the portfolios in the database I’ve already created and uploaded?…Actually, looking again at Kriesi’s themes, I see that a number of the leading themes in the list specifically note that they are “responsive” and show screenshots with mobile devices in the header images, but Flashlight does not. Was Flashlight not designed to provide mobile support?

    If there is a theme I can switch to that will maintain all the portfolio items I’ve created using Flashlight, it will probably be simpler than troubleshooting a theme not intended for mobile support!

    Thanks – Darrin Hunter

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