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    I am having the same problem as well – Woocommerce states in the update they removed that option due to having a number entry box being more popular.

    They have a plugin available to add the functionality back but the layout is different and will not work with Woocommerce min/max — here is the plugin they recommend “WooCommerce Quantity Increment”

    Funny thing is the Woocommerce update did not change this feature in enfold

    Maybe there is something Kriesi can suggest

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    Thank you very much. I used be able to make the change as I posted
    this took care of it — thanks for your help

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    For now I reverted back to Woocommerce 2.1 and Replete 1.9
    This corrected the problem

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    I narrowed it down to the Yoast WordPress SEO – unable to get a response from them
    this is a pretty common plugin – I would hope this issue is resolved quickly

    in reply to: Enfold Menu | Product Categories #264882

    I was able to do it the way you mentioned above, but I wanted to see if it could be done like it is in Replete
    Replete allows you to insert product categories into the menu

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    I did disable all plugins and reinstalled WP – still no luck
    I can get the function to work when adding a new page – but not when adding a new product or editing an existing page or product

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    I also just tried it on wordpress 2014 theme – it did not work for me on that theme
    I am using Replete 1.8

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    in reply to: insert edit link #263414

    I tried it on another site we are building using Enfold (which was also updated to the newest wordpress version)
    it works fine on that theme

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    The insert/edit link button is available in the area where to add text for pages and products
    it’s in the topline options where you can add bold, italics, indent etc.

    Yes I have disabled all plugins and that did not fix the problem
    the insert/edit link button will highlight but it does not do anything

    This problem might have started after the recent wordpress update

    you asked for a screen shot, I don’t know how to post that here, can I email it to you

    in reply to: 1.7 update #226333

    through FTP it appears to be installing the new files within the replete theme file – when I open the original replete theme file – then I find another folder with the new version

    I deleted the files and tried direct through wordpress and received this message

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

    then I tried again
    Destination folder already exists. (folder name here)
    Theme install failed.

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    in reply to: Search For Products #218888

    Got it, thanks for your help

    in reply to: Search For Products #218862
    the search is in the header of the home page
    it is not a plugin

    in reply to: Tab Header Title #189676

    I have resolved this issue thank you

    Can you post the reply in English, as I am curious about this option as well


    in reply to: product categories widget #117054

    The checkbox by default is not checked, but it still shows the count regardless if checked or not

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