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    Hi Basilis,

    this is the reason why I am looking for a way to add! the protected directory so I can add images from the open and from the protected directory.
    So I can choose in the Portfolio Page from where I add the images.

    Hi Elliot,

    it strange that all images should look the same for you. Which browser did you use? You need an color management able browser.
    I found the solution and it is not very known but know.
    The Standard Image Library from PHP is the old and outdated GD Library. this Library strips all images of their ICC Profiles. This leads to an wrong interpretation of Colors. The solution is to replace the GD Library with ImageMagick.
    After I identified the problem, the GD Library i saw that others (photographers!) had exactly the same problem and there are two plugins for wordpress who are replacing the quality and color wise very bad GD Library with Image Magick.

    (see: Description: Preserve embedded color profile in re-sized image!!!) This was my problem!

    If you really want to use Enfold as an Photographers Theme, Support should be aware of this problem (please believe me there is one, I earn my money with color management) and then you could point other photographers with the same problem in the same direction. Or you could think about replacing with Enfold the GD Library with Image Magick

    Hope this helps support to help and others with the same problem.

    What I noticed is that even the Demo Site of has the problem. If I go on a picture (which is generated by Enfold/Wordpress) and right click and download I always get Adobe RGB tagged files. these look different as the original size version.

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    As I saw a lot of posts concerning this problem a short answer would be nice if there is a solution already in the pipeline or if you need help or an admin account to fix it.


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    I can’t edit my Gravity Forms after Enfold 3.0.8. I have exactly the same problems as above.

    Gravity Forms Support told me to use no Conflict Mode, but I still have the problem that I can’t access Options Fields in Woocommerce and some more issues, which are not there with Twenty Fifteen.. But with Enfold.

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    Hi Nick, sure i uploaded the file at Double Resolution. But instead of displaying at 100x200px. It displays at 200x400px. No URL at the Moment as its only in my mamp Server. Any hints? Greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for the hint with the Plugin. But i only want to have a Crisp Logo. As i expect GEW Retina visitors. So a Solution like the One Pointer Out above but Working would be Great.


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    just a post that i made in error as I needed to understand the backtick stuff for code.

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