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    Hi Dude,

    Long time no see :)

    After being frustrated that I am not able to get a quick help, I prayed and tinkered and it just started working, honestly I don’t konw what really went wrong. Any ideas?


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    I would like to edit this request for help.

    in reply to: Category Headlines #39222

    this has not solved the problem.

    in reply to: Category Headlines #39220

    Thanks. Is it possible to change the colour?

    in reply to: Category Headlines #39218

    After looking into each file, I found the text in Blog.php.

    Where can someone actually control this text in the main admin area and not in the blog.php editing? Thanks

    in reply to: Category Headlines #39217

    Thanks Dude, the problem may be actually be with a page that is not responding to a change in the headline text. What I am seeing is this text:

    Get some inspiration! The best flash and html sites available on the net.

    The source code of the page shows:

    <div class=”wrapper wrapper_heading ie6fix” id=”wrapper_featured_area”><div class=”overlay_top ie6fix”></div><div class=”overlay_bottom ie6fix”></div><div class=”center”><h2>Get some inspiration! The best flash and html sites available on the net.</h2></div></div>

    in reply to: Eliminate the Featured Area on all pages #35287

    Yes, I have Avisio as well and need the answer for it.

    btw, I abandoned Newscast because I wasn’t getting the help I needed.

    Anyway, I need help with this now.

    in reply to: Eliminate the Featured Area on all pages #35285

    Hi, what I just want to reduce the HEIGHT of this gap only? I would like the color to show like a thick line say of 4px. Thanks

    in reply to: Sidebar below posts #35968

    I am having this same issue. How was this problem solved?

    Can you enlighten the rest of us, please? Thanks

    btw, JohannaW, you did a great job at your site and I showed an American friend (who could read & speak Swedish) your site, he was also impressed. That sidebar movt was the first thing I noticed at your site and now I could see it at mine after adding content.

    in reply to: Tables in Newscast #36037


    I am still waiting for help here, please.


    in reply to: Tables in Newscast #36036

    ok, because I also have a copy of Avisio, I just tried to copy it for Newcast, it was just like the one you gave me – showing no style such as borders and color variations.

    Thanks for your time.

    in reply to: Tables in Newscast #36034

    Thanks Dude,

    I have tried implementing it, but it doesn’t show any outline or style like the one at Avisio. Is it possible to have it exactly as in Avisio, please?


    in reply to: "Submit News" on front page isn't work #31604

    I can see the same problem in the demo.

    The “SEND” button (of submit_news.php form) isn’t showing in my IE8 either, but it shows in FF & Opera (not tested with others).

    in reply to: Comments & Leave A Reply removal in Newscast #35669


    I thought some things were broken, but I had actually pasted over some line and got my stylesheet messed up, I managed to fix it when I re-uploaded the stylesheet and added the code again.

    Thanks, that was a super coding, it eliminates all the search and replace style I was trying to adopt.

    in reply to: Comments & Leave A Reply removal in Newscast #35668

    hmmm, I tried it and something broke. The right hand side widget moved down and into the middle (content area) and the post images are not showing anymore, but it removed the comments & leave a reply. I guess something is still missing.

    in reply to: Double menu links in Newscast #35451


    As you may notice from the frustrations I have been having trying to customise this theme, i just didn’t give up.

    Now I have found a solution!

    See this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    Apparently, all you need to do is name the Menus First, Second, etc. Don’t try to be too smart with it. Even though it should have given that margin for people to use their intelligence such as naming them Pages, Categories, Main, Sub, etc.

    I hope this help, because it is helping me.

    That is ONE problem out of 10 solved.

    A full demo content would have solved these problems!

    in reply to: Double menu links in Newscast #35450

    I have been having the same problem, too. That was one MAJOR reason I asked for the demo file, so I could see what is being done in what way.

    I think some of the answers i read here make it look like people are stupid (sorry for my strong language), but this defies an average technically-able person could easily do, and I am no average technically able person, of course, I am not so techie gifted, but I even teach a thing or two to those who have called themselves WP experts in the past.

    So guys – designers and programmers for Kriesi – think about always including demo content in the sales download, those who are technically gifted can just delete the demo content, but it will save people like us a lot of trouble!

    So, you have at least 3 people having this problem. I have been trying to get a solution since Friday.

    in reply to: Demo Setup #35587

    Each of these I tried to do to test is not just working.

    in reply to: Demo Setup #35586

    This feels a bit sad for me.

    But, is it possible for you to just help me create some basics, then i can start replicating those things; all I need is an example for each of the sections such as slider, menu, post?

    in reply to: Demo Setup #35584

    that was the thread where I found the newscast.xml i referred to earlier. As I said, I can’t get this to work, maybe it’s not importing it properly or something I don’t know.

    Do you mind having a look and helping to sort this out? My email is g7submit at

    I really need this sorted urgently.


    in reply to: Demo Setup #35582


    I tried to do that with the WordPress importer plugin and this was the result:

    “Invalid file – Please upload a valid WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) export file.”

    What else can I do, please?

    Perhaps, I can give you access to help me get this theme installed the way I wanted it – demo style, then I can take it up from there.


    in reply to: Demo Setup #35580

    If I knew that was the case, i would not have purchased it!

    You need to realise that many people are not technologically savvy to get some things done easily.

    Having a demo content installer makes things easy for people.

    While waiting for a reply, I noticed that someone had posted something similar

    and Kriesi replied with a newscast.xml file download. How can this xml file be implemented?


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