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    Thanks.. trying this now. I’ve not had a lot of luck with it yet, but let me do it a few times and I’ll report back. Something seems to be restricting it to 476 px tall, regardless of my settings.

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    Now that I did this, the type looks really small. I’d like to make it bigger, bold and call caps.

    What would the CSS be for that?

    in reply to: Propulsion Twitter/RSS Widget is cropped #221044

    Thanks. It’s still cropped a little. I suppose it should say either Subscribe to Feed or Subscribe to RSS Feed, just as a suggestion.

    in reply to: Front page images are using wrong/low resolution #100404

    Also, one of my other questions was missed. What handles the animation of the images as the page changes layouts during resizing?

    in reply to: Front page images are using wrong/low resolution #100403

    I guess I’ll rephrase the problem.

    I am not looking to resize the images. That is the problem. I can force them to be sized bigger or smaller, but it still uses a small version of the image.

    Right now, my front page thumbnails use a 150×84 version. If I change the size.. it simple scales it up. I would like this to behave like the Propulsion demo. The thumbnail images use a LARGE version and are scaled down.

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    So before I manually start adjusting things to get it to work… What exactly is supposed to happen with these images?

    Currently my images are being resized to a 150×84.png version. As I resize my browser, this same 150×84 version is simply scaled up to fit each layout, looking somewhere between passable and terrible depending on the layout. I am assuming it should be swapping in a different version of the image each time?

    Can I simply force it to use a large version of the image? I don’t understand why this is going on. It’s an unedited version of the theme.

    I’ve got the simple image sizes plugin installed, and after some adjustments and rebuilding, I don’t see anything changing so far. I’ll keep at it

    But, even a manual CSS tweak to force a larger version of the image on to the front page would be welcome.

    in reply to: Front page images are using wrong/low resolution #100399

    This problem actually existed before 3.5. I just put it in that “I’ll deal with that when the time comes an it’s still there” part of the project.

    Regenerate hasn’t had any effect before or now. I noticed on the Themeforest demo that there is some sort of fancy thumbnail animation as the browser resizes. Mine isn’t doing this. How is this animation handled?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)