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  • I second Rhodo’s point…I tried putting my copy of this file in the same structure in my child theme and none of the changes work. I have to keep updating the parent theme version. Is this a change to how WP handles the ordering in child themes? The docs on the WordPress codex are a bit arcane for anything that isn’t strictly page templates or css.

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    I too am a bit lost when it comes to portfolio items (as in, they don’t make any sense to me). However, I do know that each portfolio item needs to have a feature image set to show up in a grid.

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    Thanks. That hadn’t occurred to me for some reason.

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    Thanks Devin.

    We’ll probably pull it out because Yoast seo and fetch as google both seem to think there’s no content there.


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    Thank you.

    That was arduous, but I have found the culprit. “The weather network” plugin is causing the issue.

    Thanks Devin:

    I’ll experiment. Right now, the biggest problem is the button hovers are incorrect after I removed all custom CSS and changed styling options back to a default, so something (possibly a plugin) is messing with it.

    When I’ve figured it out I will report back.

    Thanks Devin. The site’s behind a password at the moment. Is there any way to send that without it being in the public forum?

    As a follow-on to this question, I am really finding the colour picker that’s integrated into the choices colour scheme settings difficult to use/understand. This may sound really thick, but I don’t have a clue what the relationship between the two colour swatches in the picker are? Am I able to set two colours (foreground / background) for each of the settings (Default background color, Alternate Background for menu hover, tables, etc) or is this just an artifact of the colour picker you’re using and it really is only one colour per piece? Baffling, really.

    Some colours seem to come from nowhere, so I was hoping that I was just maybe using the color picker incorrectly. For example, all of my button hover states are totally wrong, and don’t match what I thought I selected for Highlight color… <sigh>

    Also, even when I set the colours to a default scheme (Blue, Gradients Grey etc) all of my shortcode generated buttons get messed up. The text colors don’t match what they did with the dummy content shortcodes page and the hover states are totally weird. Could this be a plugin that’s messing with it?

    in reply to: Pretty Photo & NextGen Gallery Displaying Photo Twice #93177

    I had the same issue, but I need to use NG Gallery Plugin. However, I found a post here that explains how to just have the NG use Pretty Photo.

    Worked like a charm for me, and now my Choices + NextGen are like best friends :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)