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  • We are also having this issue… weird, but try making a small edit and saving the page… we got our icons back after doing this.

    in reply to: Category class added to body tag? #707455

    Yes, but then I’d have to add a class every time I added a new page, which isn’t the question. I thought that a category class was added to the body tag, so I could set a style for every post in a category.

    in reply to: Category class added to body tag? #707426

    Hi, yes, thanks, I’ve included it in the private content…. This is a link to a prototype post, and for all the posts in this category, I’d like to move the content up by removing the top padding of the content class.

    Actually this page is using the Avia Layout, and with that the category isn’t showing up as a class at all. If I just add a post without the avia builder, the category is in the article tag, as in the second link. We want to use the avia builder so we can use a full width banner.

    in reply to: Self hosted video problems on mobile #706182

    Hi, I got it working by adding the video code manually into a code block, and not using the Avia Builder Video element. I think we are good now. Thanks.

    in reply to: Self hosted video problems on mobile #703898

    Thanks for the reply… The video is H.264, AAC. When I look at it directly in the browser on the iPad, it shows the correct video preview, however, from the page, it only shows the video start bar at the bottom.

    in reply to: Layout question for a slider with embedded video #676593

    1. No, it’s still off, even in your screen, the bottom third of the image is missing, because the height of the slider is hard coded into LayerSlider, and I’m trying to figure out how to increase it via the media queries. If you look at the code in the screenshot I sent, the ls-wp-fullwidth-container class and several others are hardcoded with the slide height, so it cuts off the image.

    2. Okay, I’ll open a new ticket.

    in reply to: Layout question for a slider with embedded video #676082

    Thank you for your help. I am close to getting this where I want it to be, but have a few lingering issues regarding responsiveness.

    1. Currently the slider settings are set for Width: 65%, and Height: 660px, and it fits well into the page at desktop size. I’ve tried also using percentages, and turning responsive on and off, but haven’t found the magic settings that will make this look right on iPad (portrait). Because the height is 660px, it cuts off one of the images that I am trying to move down to fill the space nicely. If I look at the inspector there are several sections where the height is hardcoded in there to 491px and I can’t figure out how to override this (see screens sent privately)

    2. The second issue is that we have an embedded video, which doesn’t play in devices, so I have an image fallback for that. My issue is that the slide still pauses for the length of the video. I am guessing that this is because the slideshow pauses for the video, but if the video isn’t actually playing, can we skip over. Does that make sense?

    Thanks for your help. Janet

    in reply to: Layout question for a slider with embedded video #674420

    I think I figured it out on my own. I was able to add the layerslider using the shortcode in a code block, instead of through the drag in element, and that seems to work fine. I’m just struggling a bit with the responsive elements in the Layer Slider, as it is making my images and video much smaller than they need to be.

    But let me know if you have suggestions!


    in reply to: Followup question about sorting by category #638742

    Thanks, here’s how I solved it, in case somebody else is doing the same thing… just created new category parents for the locations, then put the children categories in there. That way, my client could easily choose which specific locaton / dept they want, and we reused the same names for the departments. Worked perfectly.

    in reply to: Edit Title, Excerpt locations in Masonry Gallery #635326

    Thanks, this is a great start. Just trying to figure out how to show more of the photo, by moving the overlay down and increasing the height of the entire element.

    PERFECT! Thank you so much!

    Sure, we have a careers page with 4 icons for each department. Then all the job listings are posts, in categories to match the department. The icons are linked to a page with a magazine element, so that people can sort by departments. I would like each of the icon links to go to that page, with the appropriate filter active already. Does that make sense? I included screenshots if that helps.

    I found the answer to my question above in the forum posts, however, I do have one more question. Is it possible to link directly to a specific category result in the magazine format from a page? For instance, on one page, it would have an icon box for all the jobs in Sales, which would open the new page with the Sales jobs active, but people could still click on the other categories. Does that make sense?

    If I inspect the page with the tabs, I see this:
    <span class=”inner_sort_button”><span>Engineering</span></span>

    But would want the link to occur from another page, and when I try it, it ignores the sort feature.

    Thank you for this suggestion, I’m playing with it now, but in your example, it shows excerpts, but on mine, it just shows the Title and date? How do I tell it to show the excerpt?

    in reply to: Icon Boxes not equal height #610404

    It works for desktop, but is not mobile friendly, plus we’d have to adjust it manually for every section we use. Is there a better way to do this?

    in reply to: LayerSlider issue in switching to Enfold #585434

    Hi, I edited the script.php as indicated in the link you sent, but it didn’t change anything. I still cannot save the slider when I make an edit. It just hangs with the orange Saving button.

    There are no errors showing in the LayerSlider edit window… is that what you are referring to?

    in reply to: Styling for mobile theme #535467

    I sent you a link to a screenshot of what I’m working toward. Thanks.

    in reply to: Styling for mobile theme #532694

    Yes, Enfold is fully responsive, but I’m trying to add a set of buttons on each page under the header with quick access to important stuff, so people don’t have to click the menu to look for them. And it makes sense to move the menu button to that area. I was hoping to not have to hard code this on every page, so was looking for a better solution. Does that make sense?

    in reply to: Styling for mobile theme #531294

    Thanks… Yes, I have the media queries set up but it’s not just a matter of showing and hiding. If you look at the page I’m referring to, the issue is moving the mobile menu, not hiding it. I can move it, but it’s positioned absolutely, so is a little clunky.

    in reply to: Background video on mobile #522004

    Sure, sending it privately…

    in reply to: Full screen video with audio #518218

    Thank you!

    in reply to: Full screen video with audio #518191

    Thanks Ismael, I got it to work… if I just save this page in the child theme, should that work for future updates?

    in reply to: Responsive issue for flex-column #505644

    Ah, thank you! I ended up putting the row into a color section so I could give it an ID just for that row. Yeah!

    in reply to: Shortcode problem when using a mobile theme. #495025

    Hi, is there any news on making the shortcodes into a standalone plugin? We are having a problem where when we send out emails the call to action needs to be one or the other link. Thanks!

    in reply to: Adding social icons to mobile header #478163

    Sorry, the site went live, but the issue is still there. Thanks! Will pm the link.

    in reply to: Disable Author Link in Blog Posts #476597

    You rock, thank you!

    in reply to: Adding content to the header and layerslider area #447142

    Hi Yigit, thanks for the speedy reply and perfect answer to number 1!

    We are trying to do something like the May Special box on this site:


    in reply to: Over-riding layer slider height for Mobile #412220

    Hi Rikard, No haven’t figured it out yet…

    Here is the code I am using for the home screen @media:

    /* Smartphones (portrait and landscape) ———– */
    @media only screen and (min-device-width : 320px) and (max-device-width : 480px) {

    .ls-wp-fullwidth-container, .ls-wp-fullwidth-helper {
    height:280px !important;

    #after_layer_slider_1.main_color {
    margin-top: 0px;
    z-index: 999;
    background: none;
    } {
    font-size:13px !important;
    } {
    font-size:12px !important;


    in reply to: Shortcode problem when using a mobile theme. #406027

    Yes, please that would be great!

    in reply to: Shortcode problem when using a mobile theme. #405187

    So I would still need to recreate all the pages separately? Is there a plan to make your shortcodes into a plugin so they work with other themes?

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