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  • in reply to: Logo Shrinking Issue #125417

    Hi Ismael. I sent you an email yesterday. If you didn’t receive it, please let me know and I will resend. Thanks again.

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114679

    Can you please consider adding some flexibility to the breadcrumbs location. It would be awesome if the breadcrumbs were a short-code and I could insert them to my own area on the page. Right now, the current location is not good, since I’m using my own header image and my users prefer to have them above the article title. By the way, thanks for all the updates. Can’t wait for the masonry blog layout. Thanks.

    in reply to: Icon Overlay Effect #125226

    Thanks Ismael. Words perfectly!

    in reply to: Page-Based Pagination is Flawed #124665

    Hi Ismael. I was referring to the Inifinit-Scroller plugin ( and not the Nimble plugin. All I was suggesting is if someone could please assist me in identifying the following parameters below from the Enfold theme. This would at least provide us with an alternative solution to this issue. Thanks!

    Content Selector

    Navigation Selector

    Next Selector

    Item Selector

    in reply to: Page-Based Pagination is Flawed #124663

    Thanks Ismael and Kriesi. I have considered other portfolio plugins, but don’t want to lose the current look and feel that matches the enfold theme, especially the ajax preview.

    I would consider using something like this, Can you at least provide the selectors to use for Content, Navigation, Next, and Item that are required for this plugin or point me to the correct file location? This is a big issue for our site as the portfolio items are the showcase of our site. Regards.

    in reply to: Enfold Post Slider #123359

    Hi cd2s. Just curious how you were able to get the logo to shrink to that size? Did you make any changes to the avia.js? My version shrinks really bad and I can’t seem to find a way to keep it slightly larger, like yours. Any help would be great. Thanks!

    in reply to: Portfolio Item Separation #124408

    Hi Devin. Thanks. I just re-applied the code to a newer install and it’s working fine now. Thanks again for checking. Regards!

    in reply to: Logo Shrinking Needs Solution #124686

    Hi Devin. Thanks. I realize there are a number of requests on a daily basis. I actually have a few more posts from a day ago. Here is a similar link to the issue. It just sounded like Kriesi was working on some alternative solutions. Right now, the logo shrinks really bad to the point where you can’t read it. I will try and post some examples.

    in reply to: Parallax Effect #124314

    Hi Devin. My image is over 1200px wide, so in boxed-layout mode, there is no need to set the option called “stretch to fit”. The effect seems to work, but there is a major gap above and below the image when scrolling. I really think there is a bug when using the no-repeat option with fixed mode. I attached a screen shot below. Would be great to see some videos on this feature. Especially with my parameters. I have lost hours on trying to get this to work. Thanks

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114659

    More comments and suggestions.

    1. Please re-consider adding a Load More (infinite scrolling) button for loading more portfolio items instead of pagination.

    2. Please consider masonry layout option for both portfolio and blog.

    3. And for the blog, the Load More function would be great for masonry layout.

    4. Regarding the Ajax preview, it would be great if the preview window opened in proximity to the selected item, instead of always on top.


    in reply to: Preview Image Size #123511

    Hi Ismael. I’m using 4 items per row and I believe 12 total items per page. I would just like to know how I can change the image dimensions of the preview image. As I mentioned above, setting my custom preview image size is changing the size of the portfolio items also. If this doesn’t make sense, I can try and attach a screen shot.

    in reply to: 1.6 Update #123468

    Thanks Kriesi for the Ajax Portfolio. Appreciate your hard work on making this happen. I’m still hoping for the Infinite Scroller and/or Load More function instead of pagination. That’s about the only thing missing for me, besides the masonry layout. All keep my fingers crossed. :)

    in reply to: Blockquote #122733

    Thanks Ismael. But I was trying to use the block quote with the vertical straight bar as shown on this page, Can this be done?

    in reply to: Blockquote #122731

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not using the page builder for the post pages, so I don’t have access to the text box element. And I don’t see the text box short-code as an option from the short-code list. For some reason, the Post page is not understanding the blockquote short-code. Perhaps one of the moderators could suggest a work around.

    in reply to: Blog Layout Qs #122215

    Hi Ismael. You can disregard my previous post. The Date-Author-Category info appears to line up correctly, so the extra css may not be necessary. Also, I was able to get the Date-Author-Category info to display, but using the easy slider short-code instead of the Page Builder. When I try to use the Page Builder, I completely lose the Date-Author-Category info. I wonder if this is a potential bug? Thanks!

    in reply to: Blog Layout Qs #122214

    Hi Ismael. Thank you so much. Item #1 is working perfect. However, what is the css regarding the .page .modified-blog used for?

    Also, any thoughts on Question #2? I need to be able to add the Date-Author-Category info to the actual blog article. Thanks!

    in reply to: Next Update #118536

    Hello. I would like to please request an ETA on the bug fixes and features request. It’s going on 3 weeks now with almost no communication on the next update. Our team is on a tight release schedule and it’s very difficult to plan ahead without additional info. All I ask is for a little communication here and there. Regards.

    in reply to: Slider Thumbnails #119328

    Hi. I actually had the same question. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this out. Is there any suggestions on how we can re-enable the thumbnail setting? Thanks!

    in reply to: Next Update #118534

    Hi Devin. Is there any ETA on the next update? I have some high profile clients that really need the ajax portfolio, bug fixes, and other items in the wish-list section. Also, I have been using the builder extensively over the last month and starting to see some strange behaviors, like sections disappearing on the front end, but still viewable in the builder. I’ll open up a separate thread on those issues. I’m just hoping an update will be coming out soon. I haven’t seen any recent posts from Kriesi, so hopefully, he came back from vacation. :)

    in reply to: Google Map #118653

    Hi. Any suggestions on this one?

    Ideally, it would be nice if if the Color Section supported more than just static images, like short-codes from other widgets (google map), videos, html content, etc. Thanks

    Hi Devin, I have a similar question. How can I go in and add additional code to a page that was built with the layout editor? For example, I need to be able to add a hover overlay to an image in my article. The hover class would need to be added to the image. If this can’t be done, it would be a big shortcoming to not be able to edit the code and limits possibilities. Thanks.

    in reply to: Boxed Layout – Box Shadow #117975

    Hi Ismael. Thanks for your help, but it didn’t seem to do anything. I tried adding the following to my boxed layout in custom css file.

    #wrap_all {

    box-shadow: 0 0 7px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);


    Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks. :)

    in reply to: Shrinking Logo #117690

    Thanks Devin. Sorry, I’m a little on the impatient side. I saw that the post was getting to be a day old. :) Anyway, I’m working on getting the site live

    1) Can you please point me in the direction to where the shrinking part occurs? Is there any other adjustments that can be made to the sizing? Again, the logo looks perfectly fine without the shrinking effect.

    2) Also, is the logo designed to be responsive? Seems like the menu overlaps the logo when viewed on mobile devices, like iPad. Thanks!

    in reply to: Shrinking Logo #117688

    Can someone please assist with this issue? My current logo is 354×156. The original logo is 340×156. What is causing the excessive shrinking? Thanks.

    in reply to: Read More Button #117377

    Any suggestions please?

    in reply to: Multi-Author Blog Images #116821

    Any suggestions please? Thanks

    in reply to: Multi-Author Blog Images #116820

    Hi Ismael. The dummy data works fine. However, I created a new site without using the dummy data and the blog image layout doesn’t look the same. I only have the site local at the moment. But please let me know what else I can try or maybe try to duplicate. Thanks. :)

    in reply to: Hover Overlay #116633

    Any suggestions please? Thanks.

    in reply to: Logo-Menu Height #116209

    Any suggestions please? Thx

    in reply to: Menu + Top Bar Colors #116243

    Any suggestions please?

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