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    Hi Andy

    I have created a mockup of both the front and backend

    I used stuff from your support site to populate it so please don’t be confused.

    This is a product setup using the ALB showing the ‘new’ Plugin Addition.

    I figure if you can show the product info tab then you would also be able to show the price!



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    Hi Yigit

    Thanks. Yes – we can use shortcodes but we have to manually tell it the item number. So, to show the price and add to cart button we have to enter [add_to_cart id=”99″] – where 99 is the ID of the product we want.

    However, when using the Advanced Layout Editor there are Plugin Additions which we can just drop in there which automatically identify the correct product. So, for example if you use the Product Tab Info you don’t have to enter [product_tab_info id=”99″] you just drop the plugin addition onto the page.

    What we want is the ability to do that for the display of the Price only. So, like the Product Purchase button but just showing the price.



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    Hi Danneeroy

    did you get an answer which allowed you to achieve your objective?

    I believe I have the same question…

    How to use the advanced layout editor to create products and display the price without having to hardcode the item number e.g. [add_to_cart id=”99″]



    in reply to: WooCommerce Tab Manager extension #525378

    Hi Basilis

    No, I didn’t try because the issue appears to be a fault / problem with the Enfold theme and messing around in the code to fix a known fault seems like a recipe for future problems.

    My reading of the request to close was not that the problem had been fixed but that someone was imitating the person who raised the issue.



    Hi Peter

    either you have already partially fixed it (which would be unbelievably fast) or I have found a solution / work around!

    I accidentally used a different browser this morning and it worked. In Chrome it doesn’t work in Firefox it does!

    Obviously might still be an issue for someone who doesn’t know – but I am happy for now.

    Many thanks for your support.



    Hi Dude

    thanks for the idea – but I checked the file on and the line of code was already exactly as per the new code suggested in the thread you linked through to.

    Just in case I couldn’t see straight I replaced it anyway and still there has been no difference.

    Any other ideas / suggestions?

    Custom CSS issue appears to have been a timing thing – because it now works??

    However, still not able to change any of the theme options. Have tried to deactivate all active plugins – but that had no effect. Have re-installed the new theme again but no effect.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)