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    Thank you Yigit,
    Thanks for the line, I’ve put it in. It seemed to stabilise – one of those things that will probably remain a mystery for some time. I clear the browser cache when I look at problems, and there is no particular site caching going on yet that I’m aware of.

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    I’ve got past a couple of problems (my bad spelling) but am at a new obstacle.
    I have applied {text-align : center;} to the article titles, but the rule is being applied inconsistently.
    If you look soon at you will see some of the entries’ article titles centred and some are justified to the left.
    The entries are output from a Formidable form entries.. I have a few styling moves planned yet but it’s all happening very slow for me today.

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    I’ve had alittle help – (the support at Formidable are really excellent)
    The green color is coming from near line 1: and The blue color is coming from near line 6: They were both mine, one was a background and one was a border.
    You can see the problem the blue band is supposed to be a background for all of ‘column header’ It is a div that contains the ohers.

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    I’ve continued this thread because it’s the same place. The misalignment problem seems to have fixed itself with a theme update. but I have major problems in this page. I can’t get the simplest of css to work reliably or consistently.
    Here is the URL again.
    I am trying just to put each entry a colour background and a small margin, then I can do some :hover effects and easing of those. I can’t even make a background box that stays in the right place – as you will see from the ‘column headings block’ at the top of the entries. I’ve spent ages trying to do the most basic thing. Looking at the source I can see one remnant from a library system that I as trying that I can’t see in my editor, but that is commented and isn’t the problem. <p><!– [fileaway color="purple" iconcolor="red" style="silver-bullet" paginate="yes" type="table" pagesize="40" mod="no" corners="roundright"] –></p>.
    Any light you can shed will be gratefully received. The bit I have no cntrol over is written in the Formidable View editing window and is placed in the page with a shortcode.
    This is an example of the sort of thing that happens

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    Well how about that ! Sorry, you’re right. But there is when I’m logged as admin. It must be for the WP menu at the top.

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    HI Devin
    The wrapper div had missed the last quarter you’re right. I’d seen that and tried it around all four in a different view but it made no difference, and for some reason that wrapper div doesn’t work for me and no style is applied, which would help a lot when there more articles in the library. I have placed the div in the second quarter once more ‘library_author’ so that it is the same as the others. No change though
    I made a page and saw that Enfold normally displays four columns perfectly and no misalignment problems as the size changes, but not in this instance.

    <div class=”library_entry”>

    [av_one_fourth first]
    <div class=”library_file”>[231]</div>

    [av_one_fourth]<div class=”library_author”>[198] [199] [211] , [227] [228]</div>

    <div class=”library_category_selection”>[725]</div>

    <div class=”library_keywords”>[738]</div>
    <div class=”library_keywords”>[735]</div>
    <div class=”library_keywords”>[739]</div>
    <div class=”library_keywords”>[737]</div>
    <div class=”library_keywords”>[736]</div>


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    Thank you

    I began the .css with @import. . . , perhaps that’s where it went wrong. Now I know

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    Thanks Yigit
    That’s what I thought originally, but it wasn’t working for me.

    in reply to: Layout problem when adding links to images #230174


    Please ignore the above. I think I edited the ‘post-snippet’ with a div for the new css rule, and forgot to put the shortcode into the ‘text block’
    My mistake – all working.

    in reply to: Remove (disable) menus, header, footer. logo, searchbar.. #229352

    Eureka , You’ve done it !
    thanks Yigit, that’s brilliant

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    I’d already tried that
    .page-id-67 .fixed_header #main

    I’ve just tried it like this as well
    .page-id-67 .fixed_header #main {padding: 0;}

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    Yes of course

    That page will be the front page but is currently at


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    I’m afraid that didn’t work. I tried little variations on what you said also and cleared browser cache.
    .page-id-67 .fixed_header.social_header #main
    .page-id-67 .fixed_header .social_header #main
    .page-id-67 .fixed_header #main
    Thanks for such a quick response, any more ideas?

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    menu & logo gone, but container remains
    Hi Yigit, I am trying to achieve the same (not on all pages) and I have the menu etc removed, but there is still remaining the Container box that the menu is sat inside. The code above did not remove it for me.
    I’m not finding it with Firebug yet, can you help identify it please. As you can see in the screenshot, the menu and logo have gone, but the container remains.

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    in reply to: Full screen background : alt for IE – a still image ? #228639

    I’ve seen your note at and am e-mailing logon details also.

    in reply to: Full screen background : alt for IE – a still image ? #228634

    Thanks Devin
    The page looks perfect, but I don’t have IE8. I appreciate your attention.
    I currently have the page at
    I wrote just to check IE8 yesterday. I had viewed a similar page in Firefox to use firebug and I had video, but not today. Today Firefox is giving just one still frame from the video. I don’t know what happened there.
    We’d be happy with just a still image on IE8 , but wouldn’t want to lose Firefox as well

    I am so close to a brilliant page, but don’t at the moment have the website as it is wanted. I’ll be so glad to get past this display hurdle and focus on the huge data collection project that we have next. I’m grateful for any help you give.

    My other issues with this page

    • We want to completely get rid of the header, menu title-bar, everything, for the opening page and have the video all the way to the top, the floating boxes are the navigation. I read through a previous article and am trying to hide it with
      .page-id-67 #footer, .page-id-67 #socket, .page-id-67 .main_menu, .page-ic-67 #header_main { display: none; }
      This removed most, but left the actual menu container there with contents removed. It should be easy to remove but although I’ve used firbug I haven’t been able to hide it yet. Today I have taken a step backwards and the css isn’t working at all ? I’m confused by this
    • The second issue is resolved already, but I thought it might be of interest to someone The boxes you see are html placed with the “post snippets” plugin, The front page and several other second level sub-category pages were made in html. Some of these boxes on the page you see ” ” I’m finding now that ‘boxes’ linking to wordpress pages work fine, but those linking to html page add the current page as a “folder”, ” “, and so I get a 404. Once I know that the front page works then I will remake all the subcategory pages within WordPress, which is better.
    • Cheers, Tim

    in reply to: Calendar Plugin #224194

    Thanks Josue,
    I thought so but wanted to be sure.

    in reply to: Long Page Titles #215039


    in reply to: megamneu column width #215018

    Thanks Ismael, that’s great, Now i’ve sorted it out

    The code above fixed the upper part of the menu but not the second row. You got me looking in the right direction and i added the following part in bold type

    #top #header .avia_mega_div > .sub-menu,
    #top #header .avia_mega_div > .sub-menu.avia_mega_hr {
    padding: 10px 20px 10px 20px;

    Cheers, Tim

    in reply to: megamneu column width #214871

    That has made the graphic elements the same size in Chrome.
    I haven’t checked Firefox and IE. Thanks

    I tried tweaking the padding using this line but it’s still tall
    #top #header .avia_mega_div > .sub-menu { padding: 20px 15px 30px; }

    That seems to be another div. I’ve tried the following to see if I can locate the div but it’s still elusive. I’m talkig about reducing the amount of vertical white space in the menu because it is rather long.

    .sub-menu {padding: 5px, 15px, 5px;}

    menu-item menu-item-type-custom menu-item-object-custom menu-item-has-children avia_mega_menu_columns_4 three units {margin: 5px, 15px, 5px;}

    Thanks Yigit

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    Thanks Yigit


    It’s not too ordered at the moment, but we are talking about the menu
    Cheers, Tim

    in reply to: megamneu column width #214303

    I’ve been looking for the files and css of mega-menu. It’s quite well hidden
    It’s just getting a bit long. i wanted to change the padding at top and bottom , or someting like that.

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    I’ve found that it’s just in Chrome.
    Firefox and IE are fine

    in reply to: BuddyPress vs BBpress #205588

    I no longer see where to mark an issue as closed (resolved). has that changed?

    in reply to: BuddyPress vs BBpress #205587

    Thanks Dude, The hostings support seemed reluctant to put up the php memory, recommending against it, and tried a couple of oother things but eventually they did and it’s all looking pretty so far.

    Thanks Ismael, it’s good to have that recommendation as I have great faith in all of you at I am likely to need them before long.


    in reply to: BuddyPress vs BBpress #205434

    I tried installing Propulsion and that is free of problem above.

    I’m not sure which theme to use at the moment

    in reply to: BuddyPress vs BBpress #205418

    Thanks Devin

    After experimentinf with bb Press 2.5.2, the latest version, I have found that if I have S2Member Pro; Enfold theme (child or original); and bb Press 2.5.2 then a get a white screen for all the admin pages.

    If I switch to Twenty Fourteen, then I can have bb Press and S2Member, and still access the sites admin as normal.

    Do you know which versions of bb Press that the Enfold theme has been tested with?
    Maybe if I switch to an earlier version of bb Press I will be OK.


    in reply to: Page Background and translucent items on forfolio grid #183881

    I’d love you to have a look, I’m just working on the front page style, the content of portfolio single pages isn’t sorted out yet.
    As I’m still experimenting, parts that may end up transparent may have a solid fill, and visa versa.

    I want to build a page with an animated gif background , and some boxes (links) float in from the sides or ease in a ‘sexy’ way. The Layer Slider is absolutely amazing, but on smaller screen sizes it would shrink down and the selectable links and the text on them would be miniscule. That’s why I’m trying the portfolio grid.

    Thanks for the plugin link. I installed but maybe my server didn’t meet the requirements stated, as I only got the first admin screen. so, I tried the plugin “Background Manager” but I got “requires PHP version 5.3.0 or better, but version 5.2.17 was detected“. A quick chat with the hosts’ techies and they updated the php version.
    Now that I’m using Background Manager I have placed a test background image on the front page. The plugin you suggested allowed (required) the naming of the div to which the background would be applied, which sounds great, maybe my hosting will catch up one day. The requirements for that one were “PHP 5.2.4 + and MySQL 5.0+. In addition your hoster/server must allow/support the php eval() function and must support the wp_remote_get() and cUrl function” Perhaps they would upgrade all of those other bits also but I haven’t asked as I’ve found the solution I needed with the other plug-in.
    At first the background only appeared below the footer as the divs above it must have had a white background. I tried identifying these divs in FireBug and giving them transparency with rgba color values but I was failing. I then went to the Styling section of the Theme Options. It came flooding back to me from customising Propulsion how the color boxes don’t accept the typing of rgba, but if you paste it there it stays. The only difference is that Propulsion gave control over the degree of transparency, whereas Enfold is looking at any rgba value and making it totally transparent. It also came flooding back how the automatically generated text colours become very wierd once you have applied some rgba values.

    I need to identify divs to see if I can apply partial transparencies from the Child Theme css, and also control the wild colours that are coming up. I received great help from you last time in identifying these divs.

    I also needed to make some space between the portfolio grid entries so that a little more of the background would show through.
    Interesting is that when I give .grid-entry a margin (I did it in the Quick CSS facility) .grid-entry {margin:15px ;} it only creates a space below but not to the left or right of the grid entries.
    In the end I made the graphic on the grid-entries (portfolio featured image) with a surrounding transparent area.

    I need to lose the drop shadow on .grid-entry but I’m not sure how to do that. I’ve tried .grid-entry { border-style: none; } but it seemed that there wasn’t a border anyway, just a drop shadow.

    Last thing would be to have the text boxes on the portfolio entering the page or easing in way that’s a bit ‘sexy’ with a script. Do you any tips here please, I’m pretty new to animating stuff.


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    in reply to: Masonry load times #182304

    I consider 500 kb as huge for a webpage I wouldn’t even make a full-size background that big.
    You need to get into Photoshop , ‘Export for Web’ and then play with some settings there.

    in reply to: Animated gif #177147

    Good news

    I was going to buy the theme anyway. i previously used Propulsion and found Kriesi’s theme’s great to work with, and the support team is probably the best there is.

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