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    Another option that I would consider is the invisible header that appears when you scroll down. I like how that looks on the desktop, but the header is always visible on mobile. If I can make the mobile behave the same way as the desktop invisible header, then I would be fine with that.

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    I have broken theme error. The error logs also point to the same error in
    /wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/contentslider.php on line 394

    the error states:
    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ”colum’ (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE), expecting ‘]’

    If I comment out line 394 completely, then my site will work and I no longer get the white screen of death, but then If I try to go to a slide the site freezes.

    At first I thought this might be a problem with some custom CSS in a slide, but I’ve tried a completely new wordpress install, uploaded the newest version of Enfold, and I still get the white screen of death with that error.

    hey Devin, mine is doing the same thing so you can test it if you want.

    I tried the ” switchwidth: 768″ fix that was recommended in another post (by itself, and with different combinations of various quick css i’ve seen recommended on here). It did make the responsive dropdown menu show up in portrait, but the regular menu stays there as well. so then it becomes the dual menu issue that has also been posted which is what is shown right now. i’m on v 1.6

    i think it used to work fine on ipad portrait, but by the time i realized that it wasnt working anymore i dont know what I changed.

    in reply to: PLAYING VIDEOS FROM THE GALLERY #124273

    Wow, I didn’t mean to get so long winded…

    Youtube and Vimeo work, but I think I read in another post that you can’t use self hosted videos. The staff will have to comment on that.

    I used the porfolio grid. If those features are what you want, and Devin said the Avia gallery can’t do it, then why not use the Portfolio Grid instead of Avia Gallery?

    You have a nice looking website, so maybe you’ve already thought about this approach and chosen not to do it… but I think this would work well with your site…

    I think of a “Portfolio Items” page as any page OR image/video that I want to show in a gallery. So I created a portfolio page as a “placeholder” page for each of the 3 images. Load a featured image (which is the thumbnail), then select the categories that you want (this is key, and i would recommend at least 3 which I’ll explain). For images, you’re done… For video, you still upload the thumbnail that you want to see in the gallery as your featured image, but then use the new preview url link field to set the youtube or vimeo http address.

    I know… you could have hundreds of pages, BUT they only take a few seconds to create, they are easy to navigate and find (all listed in the admin “portfolio all” section, and edits can be done with the “quick edit”). You don’t have to worry about content. They are literally a title, featured image, a link if it’s a video, and categories. As I said before, the page is just a placeholder for media or dummy page that the user will never go to.

    Right now you may only have portfolio pages for your actual portfolio (I’ll call them projects to avoid confusion) pages.

    Ford Focus




    And you have categories of the same name for each project, which your current portfolio grid page shows.

    If you do the page per gallery image approach, think of this structure for each project…

    Ford Focus (current project page)

    – Focus Photography 1 (Gallery 1)

    – Focus Photography 2



    – Focus Photography 18

    – Focus Test Shoot 1 (Gallery 2)

    – Focus Test Shoot 2



    – Focus Test Shoot 18


    – Mechanisms Photography 1



    – Animatronics Photography 1


    If you start the title of your image gallery placeholder pages with the same name as your Project, it will help to sort/find them on the Portfolio Item page.

    Now think about categories.

    You already have a portfolio grid for your actual portfolio. This is probably showing all categories. In order to keep all the new pages from showing up, only mark your current categories instead of “all” categories. You want different category names for your new pages. I would recommend something like

    “Photo” or “Video” – type of media (just 2 categories)

    “Ford Focus Media” (identifies each project page that you’re on, but different from the Ford Focus category that you already have. 8-10?)

    “Ford Focus Photography” (Ford Focus Test Shoot, etc.) – one per image/video to match the gallery. you’ll have 3-4 of these categories for each project page. also equal to the total number of galleries on your website

    You would keep the same categories for each Gallery, so your portfolio pages with their categories will be:

    Ford Focus (current project page)- Ford Focus category

    Ford Focus Photography 1 (Ford Focus Media, Photo, Video, Ford Focus Photography)

    Ford Focus Photography 2 (Ford Focus Media, Photo, Video, Ford Focus Photography)


    Ford Focus Test Shoot 1 (Ford Focus Media, Photo, Video, Ford Focus Test Shoot)


    Now the easy part, to make it all work… anywhere that you have an Avia gallery, can be replaced by a portfolio grid and simply choose the category that you want to show. The options I used:

    Category shown – Ford Focus Photography (your image gallery category)

    4 row gallery

    no filter

    no pagination

    Show image in lightbox

    Size 180 x 180 (125 x 125 if you want smaller ones like your current gallery)

    Since lightbox is chosen, all thumbnail images will open in the lightbox. Since the new preview url link was set on the video portfolio placeholder pages, it will override the thumbnail image in the lightbox and show the video in the lightbox instead. The extra time you might think you spend on the front side, saves time of adding videos to each individual

    You can make it work with just one category per image, which is the one that identifies your gallery “Ford Focus Photography”. I threw in the photo, video, and Ford Focus Project because it would take no time to create and tag these additional categories, and it gives you nice filtering options if you wanted to do one massive photo/video gallery with all of your images and video. It would just be another portfolio grid page (like your current one) but choose the categories photo, video, and then your “Ford Focus Media”, “Mechanisms Media”, “Animatronics Media”.

    If you made it through all that… Hope it helps you or someone else!

    in reply to: PLAYING VIDEOS FROM THE GALLERY #124270

    just updated… Perfect for what I needed!


    If I’m understanding you correctly, try this to see if it’s similar to what you’re looking for (main section, don’t pay attention to the other clutter):

    If so, I’ll walk you through it.

    It’s a similar look, it’s a gallery with thumbnails… when you click the thumbnail, it will load either a larger image in the lightbox or a video in the lightbox. I used two different size images just to show versatility

    in reply to: PLAYING VIDEOS FROM THE GALLERY #124264

    i asked the same question here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -and-lightbox

    and devin said it’s possible in version 1.6

    I’m still on 1.4 so i havent tested it yet

    in reply to: Video portfolio gallery with filter and lightbox #123764

    awesome! i’ll update soon then. thanks!

    Ah, I didn’t even try linking from the image element. Worked exactly like i wanted it to. thanks Ismael!

    I got video to show in a lightbox by using the media option and “link to video in URL” field. there are examples of links on the right side.

    the downside is that it only displays the url link as a hyperlink. i would love to have the same functionality, but show an image rather than the text hyperlink. sorry if i’m hijacking your thread. i was about to start my own thread for that before i saw yours

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