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    Gothcya, didn’t realize you updated your post. Still no luck though. Now the bullets are just misaligned :( Thoughts?

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    Hi Vinnie,

    Thanx for the info. I’m already able to use it on the site. What I need to do is have an independent copy of it to exist on the other site, and have it complete with the multiple links. Note how all the logos have different links. What’s the best way to copy that or set up multiple links on an SVG? Thanx!

    ~ Michael

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    Perfect! Nope. No more misunderstanding. I think that accomplishes exactly what I was hoping to do. I’ll post back if there’s any issues. Thanx!

    ~ Michael

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    Hi Ismael!

    It’s updated in the pastebin? <- if so, I didn’t realize pastebin was collaborative. > Or is there another link? Could you tell me what was changed? Thanx!

    ~ Michael

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    Hi Ismael!

    Here’s the pastebin for my Child Theme Functions. Thanx!!

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    Alternatively, could you help just copy the exact solution from below?

    in reply to: Share OR Download Gallery Images #610466

    Thanx Ismael,

    I just used FooBox for now, which works GREAT! Though I appreciate the github link. You can close the ticket now. Cheers!!

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    Hi Basilis,

    Sorry I might not have been clear. Was wondering if it’s possible to link to classes? So I can call .only_desktop from .third-logo in order to not write another @media query specific call. Does that make sense?

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    Fantastic! This worked PERFECT Ismael! Thank you!

    Just one follow up question. Can I call another class like “only_desktop” <- using this from another thread, very handy > and somehow link it to the third logo here so it’s automatically hidden when the mobile/hamburger menu pops up?

    I know I can do a separate @media call for that, but I’m wondering if I can just reuse the class that already does it. So basically, can I call a class from within another class?

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    Thanx Ismael,

    Does it need to be in the core theme functions.php? Or can I just use it in my child functions.php? Because I tried the latter, and it didn’t quite work. I say “not quite” because, it looked like the PHP call at the top and bottom either didn’t need to be there or where inverted. So I deleted them to test that, and it actually worked . . . for a second, then it crashed WordPress (doh!). Luckily WPengine has great backup point management :)


    ~ Michae1

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    Any help with the last yard on this one? Almost there, just not quite. Need help with the Image / Use Map / Links solution.

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    Hi Vinnie,

    Thought I had a fix for this, and it SORTA worked, but it was kludgy. Just embedded the third logo on the right into the background image, but it doesn’t scale/responsive well :\

    So . . . I think I hear what you’re saying, but could you post the CSS to accomplish the following goal?

    1. Desktop : Show all three logos, where they are left, center, and right aligned
    2. Mobile & Tablet : As soon as the hamburger menu is shown, hide the logo (date) on the right.


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    Ok, coupla things for those finding this thread and frustrated with SVG implementing in WP

    1. <- this works, just make sure to add width & height attributes (duh!)
    2. Use either a Text Element for placement (for easy alignment options) or Code Block

    Image Map <- Still need a solution for this.

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    Ha!! So simple and elegant solution, yet it somehow eluded me. Wouldn’t have thought of that, but, next time I will :)

    I’m really enjoying getting to know the ins and outs of Enfold over the years. It’s always exciting to see a new “Enfold has been updated” email come through. I’ve tried so many other themes, and well, they all kind of suck, or are too bloated or too minimal. Enfold just seems like this swiss army knife of “I can build ANYTHING with this thing!”

    Christian’s attention to design detail and constantly expanding featureset (and great support team) make me recommend this theme (pretty much demand they use it :) to every client I work with. His methods remind me a lot of Jack Doyle (GreenSock). I found him by way of doing a lot of Flash Banners for a long time. Then he ported his animation class (GSAP) to JavaScript and has built up a great community.

    ~ Michael

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    Here ya go! Thanx Yigit!!

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    Thanx Yigit. I just tested the L/P in incognito and they seem to work fine. They’re just to view the site though. I’ll make an account for you now, but could you outline for me what you’re changing? I’ll need to do this again in the future. Thanx!!

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    Hi Yigit!

    Yes. Here ya go. Basically, I’m hoping for a shortcode, or some kind of quick way to reference the Fontello Icon archive from within the main menu. You can compare the attached sample with the site and you’ll see what I’m going for.

    ~ Michael

    in reply to: Image Link with Class #607854

    Hi Rikard,

    Cool. Thanx!

    ~ Michael

    in reply to: Disable Image Overlay ONLY for FooBox Gallery #607420

    Got it! For those that find this thread searching for FooBox or Gallery Overlay queries, just target the FooBox ID <- duh!!

    #foogallery-gallery-3351 .image-overlay {
     visibility: hidden;
    in reply to: Image Link with Class #607123

    So . . . I found a workaround, but it feels a bit kludgy. Basically I just use a Text element and insert the HTML there, instead of using an Image element.

    Is that the best way to go about doing this? Is there a simpler or other way to leverage the “Link Settings” in the Image element?


    in reply to: Social Icon Size #606260

    Uhh! So friggin’ simple. Can’t believe I overlooked that. THANK YOU JOSUE!!

    Quick general CSS question : I don’t recognize what’s happening with the usage of the brackets [ ] or what exactly the “content” line is doing. Could you explain or point to a CSS resource that would? Is it a SASS thing? <- so much to learn :)

    in reply to: Mobile Menu Height #604268

    Ahhhh . . . nevermind. Missing some {} must be tired :) You can close/delete this post.

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    Here’s a screencast of the issue from my phone.

    in reply to: Mobile Menu Sticky Issue #589446

    Thanx Vinay,

    Here is the link. I can’t mockup the issue because it’s an interactive one, not static. But if you look at it on your phone and click the menu icon (lines) you’ll see what I mean. The logo jumps to the right for some reason, and then back again when you close it.

    in reply to: Mobile Sticky Menu #494626

    Hi Yigit!,

    Reviving this thread for a minute, because while the original client’s site is long since done, I have a new client that wants to do this same thing.

    So . . . the code MOSTLY works (thanx!) with one glitch, after you click on ANYTHING in the mobile menu, it makes the hamburger/line/menu icon disappear to the right, and the visible area of the site expands to include the otherwise off screen menu.

    I’m testing it on a Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge in chrome.

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    in reply to: Icon Box Hover Color & Hit Area #489277

    Perfect! Thanx Yigit!!

    One last question about these icon boxes. On mobile, when they stack vertically, the last one “Your Office” gets butted RIGHT up against the previous one. I see that there’s only 10px of padding and I attempted to search out the correct class in Dev Tools (as usual) but no luck. Here’s what I tried and a screenshot. What class should I adjust?

    .flex_cell .no_margin .av_one_third .avia-builder-el-44 .el_after_av_cell_one_third .avia-builder-el-last {
     padding: 0px 50px 50px 50px;
    in reply to: Video Lightbox Link Not Working #489270

    Hi Elliott!

    Worked! The HTML was an attempt at a workaround. Guess I was just over thinking it :) Thanx!


    in reply to: Multiple Mobile Responsive Issues #489106

    Really? Everything we DO here is a “customization” :(

    Can you at least point me the right direction? Even with a general description of what I need to adjust, I can probably hunt it down.

    Before I ever even post a question here, I spend a lot of time in Chrome Dev Tools trying to track down the correct class to adjust.

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

    in reply to: Multiple Mobile Responsive Issues #488546

    Thanx Rikard! Almost there . . .

    1) It PARTIALLY worked.
    The icons become closer together, which is good, but they’re not evenly spread according to how wide the screen is, which is bad. Also the circles around the icons don’t get smaller at all, so when looking at it vertically on the phone, they’re overlapping.

    2) No luck.

    3) The “Copyright” sits higher than the “Social Icons” in the footer. I’d like them both centered vertically :

    4) Perfect! Thanx!!

    in reply to: Multiple Mobile Responsive Issues #487014

    Hi Basilis,

    They do it even when not modified. But this is really weird. In the last hour, all those things that were consistently screwed (as in the screencast) have “automagically” fixed themselves.

    Did you guys do anything to the back end? Seems weird for it to consistently be broken, and then just “poof” it’s fixed :) I’m not complaining, just want to get to the bottom of it, so I can prevent it from happening in the future.

    Only three very small tweaks remain :

    1) The Social “Sonar” icons at the bottom of the home page (not the footer, the ones just before it) are stacking vertically on the mobile device. How can I force them to remain side-by-side but just shrink them to fit the screen?

    2) There is no padding/space between the very last Icon Box “Your Office” and the previous Icon box, though the rest are aligned fine.

    3) The footer text is not aligned properly. Copyright info sits higher, as though it’s “top” aligned” and “social icons” in the footer

    Oh, and (4) still need to enlarge Title text on main slider of splash image (just for mobile) targeting with @media doesn’t seem to work.

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