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    big Thanks to tjg and the producers of this tutorial.
    Finally a solution that works great.

    Cheers, Sebastian.

    in reply to: Hamburger menu only on specific page #686803

    …I second this idea, having the same. It would be great to choose menu style like transparent / glassy / full header.

    Thanks Yigit, but it seems, that 11 out 10 issues occur due to caching problems. Clearing the cache 20x, close and open Chrome did the trick.

    in reply to: some extra line in the main menu #605371

    Thanks, Yigit, that worked perfect.

    Cheers, Sebastian

    in reply to: strange performance on Safari #561115

    Hi Rikard,

    thanks for your quick reply,
    I could solve this issue via Safari developer console: It was due a minification error caused by WP Rocket, which i use a caching plugin. I excluded the respective CSS files manually and the problem was gone.

    The thread can be marked as resolved.

    Have a great day, cheers,

    in reply to: Inspiration on main menu request #546608

    Hi Elliot,

    sorry, I was not quite clear on the effect i want to achieve. I did not mean the bg graphic in the Logo section, but the 2nd level menu. hovering a main menu item reveals the submenu, which is 100% in width, lilac bg, and divided in 2/3 intro text, 1/3 of submenu links.

    But thanks for pointing me to the bg image thing for the logo area, this brings me to another idea ;-)

    Cheers, Sebastian.

    in reply to: Catalogue link add undesired padding #458193

    Hi Ismael,

    this was the perfect idea: when i insert a second link into a already linked catalogue cell, it breaks the styling. Without the sentence “Infos zum Unterricht”, everything is fine. Maybe someday there will be the chance to link the whole cell AND have additional links in the catalogues` text.

    Cheers, Sebastian

    in reply to: Catalogue link add undesired padding #457800

    hi Yigit,

    thanks for coming back on my issue. before i work on the function.php, here is the one of the pages i do use the catalogue. First cell called BASS is linked to its respective page. As you can see, thumbnail flips to the top, the row with “Info zum Bassunterricht” moves down. I would like to have the styling of the unlinked version, apply the link and finally remove the “info…” part.

    Please see for reference.

    Cheers, Sebastian.

    in reply to: mega menu quit working & menu items are gone after update #385375
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    in reply to: mega menu quit working & menu items are gone after update #385364

    Hi Ismael,

    unfortunately, the mega menu still does not work. I will provide admin access in a private message, so you can have a closer look. Please find attached an image showing the cut down MM.

    MZ Mega Menu Bild

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    in reply to: mega menu quit working & menu items are gone after update #384571

    UPDATE 23.01.2015:

    As adviced in some posts to related the enfold 3.05 upate issues, i did a fresh install of the new version, deleting the previous one, deactivate all plugins. My purpose was to at least have a working mega menu that i can restore manually, since with all its content pages is only rudimentary without mega menu.

    Unfortunately, this did not do the trick, issue persists and mega menu is only one displaying one of four columns.

    Any idea on how to get a mega menu back? Thanks in advance.


    in reply to: Change Permalink in Blog Post #367643

    Hi Elliot,

    thanks for coming back on my issue, sorry that i have missed your answer. Maybe i did some changes, but as i a wrote, i do not remember in which file. The post you have mentioned deals with which file? functions.php or functions_enfold.php? I cannot find the respective entry in either file.

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Best Regards,

    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #335986

    @digilocker: had Some funny experiences with the arrow not showing up, mostly adding a white space separator helps and all of a sudden the arrow appears where it is supposed to.

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    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #335642

    @sigmund: You mean on These are all Color Section, using the “Display arrow” function, which is on the very bottom of the settings popup.

    greets, Sebastian.

    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #334369

    Wow, I am so happy with Enfold`s new features, that I decided to gradually redesign our site. But it is not only that enfold has become even more feature rich, the Demos are a great inspiration, dealing with some struggles i recently had to present some of our content.

    So here is the new music lessons starting page:

    As you can see, I really used the new grid row and fullwidth button a lot.

    Great piece of work, Kriesi & Team, worth every minute waiting for EF 3.0. Simply had to share this ;-)

    Best regards, Sebastian.

    in reply to: Borders in Grid row #334218

    Great, that almost did the trick. Thank you, Yigit. But now there is a left border on the first cell, but none on the very right ones. To match both cells, it would be great to have either one or the other congruent.

    Cheers, Sebastian

    in reply to: Advanced Layout Editor is blank #325692

    great in my case that did the trick.

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    I am facing the same issue: Updated to Enfold 2.9.2 and all plugins, then updated WP to 4.0. Pages with Layout Builder load and load, but the AVLB does not appear. It happens with all plugins active or not, so does not seem to be any hazzle with plugins. Same applies to portfolio items, loading wheel keeps spinning, no content whatsoever is in reach to edit.

    When trying do set up a new page or portfolio item, neither Layout builder nor standard editor are working.

    Moreover, e.g. homepage`s permalink changed to an event title, somewhat like (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) – which is really strange and causes our Google ranking and visits to drop.

    To make things even more weird, on writing blog posts, creating events etc., only the text editor shows up, visual editor does not react on clicking.

    Any idea on how to solve this is highly appreciated.

    Cheers. Sebastian.

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    in reply to: Google reports malware in enfold file #320648

    @devin: my entry was not meant to blame anyone. i am very much aware of the fact, that i was ignorant as far as security is concerned, just because i had luck – until now.

    Since this attack was something new to me, i wanted to inform you @kriesis, which files had been infected, maybe this is of some help for anyone.

    Cheers, Sebastian

    in reply to: Google reports malware in enfold file #320589

    yes, it is pretty annoying. Our website was hacked on friday and after removing some of the malware by hand, using antivirus, sucuri net and wp antivirus protection guard, still some files were infected. since switching theme is not an option for us, we now had to engage professional service of protection guard to have our site cleaned and de-blacklisted. I do not want to think about the loss we are facing.

    here is the list of infected enfold files:


    in reply to: Google reports malware in enfold file #319639

    Update: the Team Managed To remove the two remaining malware files from the Plugin directory. They works pretty fast and obviously it works, Since our Site can be visited again without red Warning page ahead.

    Now let uns see how Long it Takes google To remove the Warning from the serps.

    Regards, Sebastian.

    in reply to: Google reports malware in enfold file #319066

    Hi Ismail,
    Thanks for coming back on my issues.
    How do unhandlich the Virus alert, saying

    if(strpos($html, ‘<iframe’) !== false)
    $created = avia_backend_create_file($stylesheet, $styles, true);

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Regards, Sebastian.

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    in reply to: Google reports malware in enfold file #318909

    Next Step: due To wp antivirus Protection guard following suspicious files remain:

    Heuristic Logic Report
    Heuristic algorithm has the capability of detecting malware that was previously unknown. It doesn’t give 100% guarantee that the file is the virus and requires manual review. If these files are not a part of plugins, extentions or website, delete or block them.
    If some of the files are listed above in Antivirus Scanner Report, it’s 100% file with malware inside.
    If you are not sure, you always can contact our support and we will analyze the files.

    Total Scanned Files: 7871
    Total Unsafe Files: 9

    These files are not 100% malicious code/scripts, but contain code elements and commands those have been used in different malicious scripts. Review is required.Each file in the report might contain malicious code. If you decided to send us the files for inspection it might take us up to 24 hours to analyze them and provide you with detailed report (The service is available for paid members only).

    I already managed To remove 12 malware files, so far, so good. Let’s See what google thinks about these steps.

    Regards, Sebastian.

    in reply to: Google reports malware in enfold file #318896


    so i was able to remove most of the marked files, but do not know what to do with this one:

    if(strpos($html, ‘<iframe’) !== false)

    (as marked by Sergej Müllers Antivirus)

    Thanks for your advice,

    in reply to: Google reports malware in enfold file #318818

    Antivirus by Sergej Müller.

    in reply to: Google reports malware in enfold file #318809

    using Antivirus, the programm found the following files suspicious:

    – /themes/enfold/config-layerslider/config.php
    $sample_slider = json_decode(base64_decode(file_get_contents(dirname(__FILE__).”/Layer …
    sample_slider = json_decode(base64_decode(file_get_contents(dirname(__FILE__).”/LayerSlider/{$path}{$ …
    //print_r(base64_encode(str_replace(‘avia-samples’,’sampleslider’, …
    … (str_replace(‘avia-samples’,’sampleslider’, base64_decode(file_get_contents(dirname(__FILE__).’/Layer …
    … ia-samples’,’sampleslider’, base64_decode(file_get_contents(dirname(__FILE__).’/LayerSlider/samplesli …

    – /themes/enfold/config-woocommerce/admin-import.php:
    if(isset($id)) $file = get_attached_file( $id );

    – /themes/enfold/functions-enfold.php:
    if(strpos($html, ‘<iframe’) !== false)
    $created = avia_backend_create_file($stylesheet, $styles, true);

    Here is what Google Safebrowsing reports:

    Wie wird momentan eingestuft?

    Diese Website ist momentan als verdächtig eingestuft und kann Ihren Computer beschädigen.

    Ein Teil dieser Website wurde aufgrund verdächtiger Aktivitäten in den letzten 90 Tagen 8 mal auf die Liste gesetzt.

    Was ist passiert, als Google diese Website aufgerufen hat?

    In den letzen 90 Tagen haben wir 27 Seiten der Website überprüft. Dabei haben wir auf 10 Seite(n) festgestellt, dass Malware (schädliche Software) ohne Einwilligung des Nutzers heruntergeladen und installiert wurde. Der letzte Besuch von Google war am 2014-09-13. Verdächtiger Content wurde auf dieser Website zuletzt am 2014-09-13 gefunden.

    Die Malware umfasst 127 scripting exploit(s).

    Malware wird auf 3 Domain(s) gehostet (z. B.,,

    Diese Website wurde über 2 Netzwerk(e) gehostet (z. B. AS24940 (HETZNER-AS), AS15169 (GOOGLE)).

    Hat diese Website als Überträger zur Weiterverbreitung von Malware fungiert?

    In den letzten 90 Tagen hat scheinbar als Überträger für die Infizierung von 1 Website(s) fungiert, darunter

    Hat diese Website Malware gehostet?

    Ja. Diese Website hat in den letzten 90 Tagen Malware gehostet. Sie hat 1 Domain(s) infiziert (z. B.

    Wie ist es zu dieser Einstufung gekommen?

    Gelegentlich wird von Dritten bösartiger Code in legitime Websites eingefügt. In diesem Fall wird unsere Warnmeldung angezeigt.

    Falls Sie der Inhaber dieser Website sind, können Sie eine Überprüfung Ihrer Website hinsichtlich Malware beantragen. Benutzen Sie hierzu die Google Webmaster-Tools. Weitere Informationen über den Prüfprozess erhalten Sie in der Webmaster-Tools-Hilfe.

    I am really helpless facing this problem – since i am not using layer slider – can i delete the config? I was planning to use Woocommerce again …

    Your help is highly appreciated.

    in reply to: Infinite Redirect #270040

    Topic is ready to be closed, works again, maybe a caching issue.

    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #268516

    Wow, this one looks great! Took me second to identify enfold behind your site ;-)

    in reply to: Event Plugin Claudes issues, style Not loading #256738

    Solved, the issue was caused by the automatted minify settings of w3tc. Disabling the automatic CSS minifying brings back the eventon Stylesheet.

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