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    Topic is ready to be closed, works again, maybe a caching issue.

    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #268516

    Wow, this one looks great! Took me second to identify enfold behind your site ;-)

    in reply to: Event Plugin Claudes issues, style Not loading #256738

    Solved, the issue was caused by the automatted minify settings of w3tc. Disabling the automatic CSS minifying brings back the eventon Stylesheet.

    in reply to: Can't edit pages anymore after update to 2.7 #255503

    Hi Katrin & support,

    same with me, I can confirm the exact issue after updating a site from 2.64 on WP 3.9 to Endold 2.7 this morning: the page i want to edit keeps loading and loading, i am able to publish, change setting for header, sidebar a.s.o., but the actual content, setup with the layoutbuilder on the respective pages, is not accessible.

    A fresh page without the layout builder works just fine.

    Any idea to fix this is highly appreciated, thanks,

    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #246395

    With the tansparent header, my biggest Point on the wishlist came true. And so i finally could set up our website as i thought it should be from the very First moment:

    Great theme, especially the permanent struggle To Male it Even better, combined with an outstanding support.

    Cheers, Sebastian.

    in reply to: remove padding from header #245959

    Strike! thank you, Yigit, that did the trick. Solved.

    Have a great day,

    in reply to: remove padding from header #245953

    Yes, of course – cannot expect everyone to have this in mind ;-) Sorry!

    Here it is:

    in reply to: logo appears twice on transparent header #241227

    Hi Yigit,
    thanks again for helping me. but i am afraid, this does not work either. I now do have again two overlapping logos in the header when scrolling down: the white one, which is supposed to go with the transparent header, and the black-typo one, which is actually to appear on the white header bg upon scrolling.

    Hm, and now?

    thanks for your support.

    in reply to: logo appears twice on transparent header #240559

    Hi Yigit,
    Thank you for quick responding, but this is only half the Solution To my issue. Since i am using dark photos i need a white logo for the transparent Header. Scrolling down, header bg Color changes to white, so i need the regular logo with dark typo.

    To make the transparent Header perfect, there should be two logo versions: One is Used for the transparent Header, the Otter logo for the colored header section. This is how the X or Eli themes deal with the transparent aera. Are there any Plans on that?

    Best regards

    in reply to: custom.css does not work in chrome after update #236806

    Hi Devin,
    thanks for pointing me to this. Thought i had already cleared all caches, but only some more clearing processes did the trick. All good now ;-)

    Cheers Sebastian.

    in reply to: custom.css does not work in chrome after update #236210

    strange enough – issues with custom.css only appears when i am logged in to the dashboard …

    in reply to: Header issues after updating to version 2.6 #235445
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    in reply to: portfolio sorting issue after upgrading to 2,5,1 #223807

    Don`t know how, but the sorting is back this morning – as it used to be. Topic can be closed.

    in reply to: footer / socket problem on fullwidth masonry pages #219237

    Great, thank you all.

    in reply to: footer / socket problem on fullwidth masonry pages #215486

    Hi Ismael,
    did you already had a chance to look at the site? Do not want to be pushy, just asking.
    Thanks again for your kind offer.

    Regards, Sebastian

    in reply to: Position Mega Menu Submenu #215250

    ups, thanks Ismael, that did the trick ;-)
    thread can be closed.

    Regards, Sebastian

    in reply to: Position Mega Menu Submenu #214990

    Hi Ismael,
    thanks for pointing me to the respective part of the code.
    I set it up with the CSS snippet from above in the custom.css, playing around with pxs to adjust the container along the line, but did not look that great as expected. So i deleted the snippet, but now the submenu is about 100px underneath the main menu. I have removed browser cache at least 50 times now, but the submenu will not move back to the top.

    Is there a conflict with another part in the custom.css, defining the mega_div?

    #header .avia_mega_div {
      box-shadow: 0 30px 60px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);
      display: none;
      margin: -6px 0 0;
      overflow: hidden;
      padding: 5px 0 0;
      position: absolute;
      right: 0;
      top: 100%;
      z-index: 2;

    A confused Sebastian.

    in reply to: footer / socket problem on fullwidth masonry pages #214982
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    in reply to: footer / socket problem on fullwidth masonry pages #214924

    here is a pic showing the footer & socket section on top of the page I disabled footer and socket for now, since sunday is our visitors peak day.

    footer_socket issue on masonry pages

    It would be great to use both features, full masonry AND footer socket, which actually does work on another page

    Thanks for your help,

    in reply to: footer / socket problem on fullwidth masonry pages #214923

    Hi Ismael,
    thank for you advice. So i have been through the Guitar lessons page at, which consists mainly of color sections stacked on one another, only “coding” it contains are dropcaps in the text, but they are set properly.
    All other sections contains an image and special heading, the contact form and the video player – all enfolds built in Shortcodes, so even a coding dummy like me cannot get tags unclosed ;-)

    To be honest: I have no idea where to look for open tags or divs …

    Cheers, Sebastian,

    in reply to: Position Mega Menu Submenu #214919

    Hi Ismael,
    thanks for your answer, but this did not solve the problem – yet ,-)

    Please see the attached image: the thin orange line (not contained on the site, i just draw the line for demo purposes) marks the upper border of the submenu div. this container should move about 5px downwards to align with the thin grey line, which is supposedly the bottom-border of .header-main?

    Sub Menu Div alignment

    the CSS you mentioned did not show any result, even if i set it to 100px.

    Any other idea?

    Thank you,

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    in reply to: Position Mega Menu Submenu #214822

    Hey Yigit,
    thanks for coming back. Not quite:

    There is a thin, lightgrey line underneath the first level menu items. Hovering this, the submenu appears, and its white box overlapps the grey line just by some 3-5px. I would like to the submenu box aligned to the grey line. I do not even know where to make it move anywhere ;-)

    cheers, sebastian

    Hi Devon,
    thank you so much for sharing your work. Unfortunatley it does not work for the musikzentrale website so far. Here is what i have done:

    - disabled custom.css so it does not interfere with the modifications
    - entered this to the Quick CSS field in Enfold -> Styling

    ================================================== */
    #top.home #header_main {
      border: 0;
    .header_color .header_bg {
      background: transparent;
      border: 0;
    /* # Header
    ================================================== */
    #top.home #top .logo {
      left: -4px;
    .header_color .main_menu ul:first-child > li > a {
      color: #fff; 
      font-size: 15px;
    .header_color .avia-menu-fx {
        background: #aabdd3;
        border-color: #aabdd3;
        display: none;
    /* # Home Page Specifics
    ================================================== */
    #top.home #header {
      position: absolute;
      padding-top: 40px;
    /* #slider */
    #top.home #fullscreen_slider_0 {
      padding-top: 128px;
      height: 710px;
      background: #e6e6e6;
      border: 0;

    It moves the header and the intro section down as supposed to and removes the borders, but header is still white and the full screen slider is to far underneath the header. I assume, i missed something in the styling, so any idea is welcome. Otherwise i am excited to read your tutorial on the Full Screen Homepage soon.

    Thanks again,

    in reply to: browsers crash on mobiles (safari & chrome) #169873

    Hi Devin,
    thanks for coming back on my issue. Meanwhile, icons do load and show up, this was cache related for sure. But still, both browsers i do use on iPhone (iOs 7.02) crash after loading approximately two third of the homepage.

    Did not experienced anything like this, site works great on all other devices – iPad, iMac, PC are fine -, but not on smartphones, iPhone and android as well.

    Any ideas what causes this problem?

    in reply to: Features comparison in Tables #166554

    on i used the icon`s shortcode to solve this. For the cross e.g.:

    [av_font_icon color="#999999" icon="115" size="30px" position="center" link="" linktarget="no"]

    Style it with the intended color and size and your done.


    Cheers, Sebastian.

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #166549

    Request: replace the font icons with images

    i have been searching around quite a bit, but did not find an idea so far:
    Is there any way to replace the font icons in three specific icon boxes with three individual images?

    Thanks for your help!

    Cheers, Sebastian.

    in reply to: some font icons missing in Firefox #164240

    … all of sudden, they are back again. Without doing anything.

    in reply to: responsive menu quit working #139570

    Hi Peter,

    great, thank you so much. So i will remove the backup (en)folders and give another shot to the minifier. I would skip it, if it would not do such a great job.

    Thanks for you quick help.

    Have a nice day,


    in reply to: mega menu styling #138678

    Thanks, now i am done with the menu styling.

    Great support.

    in reply to: Mega Menu Alignment #138695

    Hi Josue,

    thanks, that did the trick.

    Redards, Sebastian

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