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  • Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, that will remove ALL more links on the template-portfolio.php page. I only want to remove the more link when there is no exerpt or content text. For those portfolio entries with text, I want to keep the more tag.

    in reply to: Habitat Gallery tweaks #40362

    Regarding the question above:

    “Is there a way that I can set the homepage slider to auto-rotate, but keep the rest of the sliders (namely the grid of thumbnails from the portfolio view) to just be static images and not auto-rotate? The only place I want to really use the slider functionality is on the homepage.”

    It looks like she has this working on her site. Can you talk me through it? I need the homepage to be the only rotating gallery. I’m using the Habitat theme.


    in reply to: Portfolio Entry Sidebar – Aviso #38437

    Can you share the solution with me? I’ve tried is_category(), in_category(), is_archive()… no go.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)