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  • Did not work.
    Can you tell me where this is called so I can just remove the code instead of adding a css on top of it?

    in reply to: Enfold – Remove the fade animation of icons loading #293646

    Thanks :)
    And also thanks for working on the weekend

    in reply to: Enfold – Checking if a post has a gallery #293196

    Nope it works with just the starting one but I think the theme is not using the default [gallery] shortcode…correct?
    Anyway I needed a quick fix so instead of checking if the post has a gallery I created a category called Photos and simply do a check to see if that category is selected with the post that way I can have more control and have a gallery but not act on it depending on he post…much better than adding a custom field on each post

    When you said you did an update do you mean a manual update or one through the admin panel?
    I previously got errors while doing the automatic update in mid run and that killed the site so now I ONLY do updates manually.

    If you did an update via the admin panel and you got an error you need to manually reinstall the theme and make sure to have a backup first

    in reply to: Animated Numbers in Circle #291348

    I very much doubt it as this is not part of the features of the theme

    Thanks Devin for the response but that was not what I was saying or asking.
    I would like to be able to tweak the css to have a white border around the images.
    I have no problem with the theme using a different js app but I have an issue with the change in the look and feel of the new app
    Please let us know how to add a white border around the frame as the old version used to have or how to remove the arrows that show on each side of the page instead of on the image itself

    thanks in advance

    in reply to: Enfold – Gallery upload balooning in size #290810

    Hmm I guess I could manually remove everything in the photos folders besides the 180X thumbs and the full size

    in reply to: Enfold – Display breadcrumbs only option #290702

    Thanks…just what I needed

    in reply to: Photo arrow expanders #290638
    in reply to: Enfold – Display breadcrumbs only option #290591

    Just to be clear, can you tell me where is the code to display the page title to the left of the breadcrumbs so that I can remove it and only show the breadcrumbs. Thanks in advance

    in reply to: Infected Theme File #290393

    That file is not in the theme but inside the themes folder
    copy it locally and delete it. but if it is there it means there is an exploit somewhere probably from a plugin. Do you have the latest version of wordpress installed? You need to check all folders and files now for injections

    Thanks for the quick response.
    Weird, the first installation I did and used Open Sans wasn t looking like that.

    Sorry if I didn t make it clear I meant the font size for the text inside the accordion.
    The text in the 5 slider images is bold and a different size than the default font and I could not find where to set this one
    I don t think the accordion is picking up the style from H1s etc…

    Sorry this is internal only but I manage to trick it with playing with the custom.css

    in reply to: Enfold – Post info links, only linking deepest category #228271

    Actually I just realized that these are ordered alphabetically which I suspect makes it impossible to simply sort or filter by death…or is it?

    in reply to: Enfold – Special heading url rewrite bug #216237

    Thanks for testing…weird, I need to investigate

    in reply to: Enfold – Main menu and childs font colors #214851

    Check this mockup

    The Main menu needs to be white with blue background and the little bar under it red
    Then the mega needs a white background, a black color for links and for hovers a white on blue

    I can t do that with the admin dashboard and on t know the names of the css tags to be set individually in the Custom.css

    Thanks in advance

    in reply to: Enfold – Team members photo/box alignment #214620

    Great, thanks again

    in reply to: Enfold – Team members photo/box alignment #213178

    Thanks but that also centers the bio so that does not work /sadface

    Any idea on how to center the title but not the bio/description

    in reply to: Enfold – Team members photo/box alignment #212060

    Nevermind I think I ll play with the width of the team members images instead of spending too much time trying to tweak the css

    That s what I call awesome support.
    Thanks Peter worked like a charm and one less plugin to have running

    Nevermind, found them being set in the Functions-enfold.php lol the only place I didn t look
    'html' => "<div class='{class} title_container'><div class='container'><{heading} class='main-title entry-title'>{title}</{heading}>{additions}</div></div>",

    in reply to: Enfold – Fullwidth Gallery centering #204428

    this also now centers the text :(
    Is there a way to only align the gallery and not touch the text?

    in reply to: Enfold – Fullwidth Gallery centering #204319

    Can t do as this is an internal build

    I think to test you only need to look at a fullwidth page and change

    #top .fullsize .template-blog .post .entry-content-wrapper > * {
        margin-left: auto;
        margin-right: auto;
        max-width: 1100px;

    then add images to a gallery and you should see the image gallery being left justified because there is a Float left somewhere
    Its really no big deal just that if you want to center like the title its rather difficult.

    Happy New Year again :)

    in reply to: Update Problem – Fatal Error #202248

    I posted about this also yesterday.
    Can t be a coincidence that several of us have had fatal errors while doing the dashboard update
    Maybe you should disable the intheme update until you figure out why some of us are getting fatal errors

    in reply to: error after update #201716

    I just updated the theme from the wordpress dashboard, it killed the site
    The site was stuck in maintenance, removed the .maintenance file getting blank page

    No time to troubleshoot so I am reinstalling WP and the new version of the theme
    Not sure I will ever trust the automatic update now, gave two fatal errors while upgrading but was too busy trying to resolve that I didn t screenshot them.

    Just so you know something was very fishy with the automatic update

    Thankfully this was not production but a sub folder used for testing

    Thanks for the response, that s what I thought.
    So I made a new layout for certain posts, then I rendered a page with the parallax effect, then copied the code an inserted it in the new layout I made. This requires a little work and I could describe it more in details if someone needs it but now I have a parallax effect for some of the posts I want that use that custom look.

    I can now make a handful of looks where there is a large parallax background on the top of some of the posts. When a post is about “Restaurants” for example, I pick the layout that has the parallax effect with a large image of the inside of a restaurant. When I have a post about a movie theater I pick the layout for posts with a Large theater background image…maybe an idea to incorporate in a future version as custom posts layout is really helpful

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #192628

    Having more control of the Featured Image would be great

    At the moment you can not set a particular size for the Featured image so that on a post with fullwidth you are stuck with a giant image instead of being able to select one that could be less tall. The feature image works very well for thumbnails on other pages referencing the article/post but if lets say you want the featured image at the top of a fullwidth post to be a particular height for example you must remove the featured image and add an image manually and it will be below the meta infos meaning you have to modify the js to make ALL images on fullwidth to be a certain size.

    The best solution would be a featured image for thumbnails references on other page and a customizable featured image on the post/page itself so one could decide what should be the width and height or have the same options to pick the options from 80×80 to fullsize.

    At the moment the only solution I found was to remove the giant size image at the top of the fullwidth layout and reference a custom field that points to the image to be picked up. That gives way more control of what the size of the featured image should be for each post/page and it also leaves the Featured image to still be used on other pages.

    I hope this makes sense :)

    I see…so you would have to build the whole page via the default interface to be able to add elements within a tab.

    in reply to: Better hosting for Enfold #189107

    Not sure I agree that finding a host close to you is important as with all things being equal the time to access your site should be relatively the same from Australia to Tokyo or Paris.

    What is more important is the tech support you get and how quick can you get it. We use Hostway. I think they are based in Chicago and in Texas and we have dedicated servers so we get quick and excellent support. To me its the quality of the tech support that matters when your site becomes the target of a dos attack or a hack…how quick the techs are able to help you and work on your issue. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to someone in less than a minute and knowing that the person is a unix/php/mysql admin really helps with peace of mind.

    With dedicated servers you know you will get easy and quick service usually because your machine and database are not shared. With ANY service provider where you will be on a shared server then you take the risk that your site could go down or slow to a crawl due to another site creating infinite loops or database errors or simply using too many resources.

    If you are serious about hosting you need to find a host that provides a good dedicated hosting for a low fee and be sure you can get in touch with tech support 24hrs a day. Also make sure they offer daily backups. Some companies don t offer direct backups of mysql so ask them to create a nightly cron job that dumps the database in a folder above your www root so nobody can access it besides via ftp and back those up yourself once a week. Having a local backup of the mysql database can save you an awful lot of time when doing a restore.

    My 2 cents

    EDIT: Wpengine seems to be good and serious (an really cheap) but I doubt you get a dedicated server. I suspect you have a cloud site meaning you are still suceptible to other sites taking your down as you share resources. The good thing with them is that they focus on WP hosting so they should be expert at database recovery and hosting for WP sites

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