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  • in reply to: "facebook like box" widget showing html code on web page #94523

    I just started building my website and found the facebook widget listed under available widgets. I didn’t do anything to add it, it was just there. Maybe it came with a plugin? I just won’t use it, thanks.

    Ismael, that worked. I added this below to the quick CSS and now it’s working properly. Thank you.

    .piecemaker object {

    left: 0;


    in reply to: Showcase your CORONA powered site…. #65592

    I’m using Corona for my film production company; I love the theme,

    in reply to: Internet Explorer 9 Not Playing videos #61061

    Thanks for the help. Glad to hear that you were able to view it. Unfortunetly I still can’t get it to play right.

    I cleared the browser cache but the videos picture still won’t play. Is there a way for me to figure out what the browser plugin is that may be causing the error and fix it? It’s strange, video is playing just fine on every other site. I just can’t get it to play correctly on my site.

    I apprecaite the help.

    in reply to: Slideshow Problems #58168

    Thanks Chris.

    I did put in plain text in the “caption” area. I have 5 slides that were all done the same way and only the 4th and 5th slide have the problem with the code showing (</p>).

    Maybe you are correct and the Piecemaker slider doesn’t allow for video or the lightbox effect. The reason I thought it did is because each slide has many options to apply a link to the image including lightbox or video.

    I do like the Piecemaker slider and will continue to use it. If I can’t add video or the lightbox effect that’s ok. The only thing I’d like to get fixed is the </p> showing up in two of the slides if you have any other ideas on fixing that.

    I tried deleting the entire slide completely and starting over. I’ve tried typing in text into the “caption” area without copying and pasting. No matter what I do, I have this problem with slide 4 and 5.


    in reply to: A Few Questions & Some Things Not Working Right #57602

    Thank you Dude. I was able to upload the modified images through the cpanel.

    The only thing I still need help with is the problems I’m having with the slideshow on the home page. I am using the 3D Piecmaker Slider (full width). I’m having a number of problems.

    a) I can not get the light box option to work. The picture is uploaded and for “apply link to image” I select “Lightbox Image” but it doesn’t work even after clearing the browser.

    b) When I link to a page on my site, it opens a new window. They’re staying on my site and so a new page should Not open. Is there a way to change that so that when they click the link it takes them to the page without opening a new window?

    c) I’ve got 5 pictures showing in the slide show. Each one has a Caption Title and a Caption. On the website, the 4th and 5th slide of the titles and captions are showing html code. This is what is showing amongst my text, </p> How do I get rid of that?

    d) I’ve tried everything and I can not get video to play in the slide show. I add the video as featured media by using “Add media file from URL. Then I add the URL, title, and click insert in post. I’ve tried a number of ways to “apply link to the image.” I’ve tried the “Lightbox Image” option but when I did that the slide doesn’t show up on the website. Then leaving the video as the featured media I tried “embed video when image is clicked” and I added the URL but when I did that the slide didn’t show up on the website either. Then I tried making the “featured media” a picture and used “embed video when image is clicked”, and added the URL. When I tried this none of the slideshow pictures worked; the area was just blank on the page.

    Thank you for the help.

    in reply to: A Few Questions & Some Things Not Working Right #57600

    I did try changing the social media images on my computer in the theme folder under images/skin-minimal/ and that didn’t do anything. The website still shows the original pictures so I’m assuming the change must need to take place online somewhere but I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.

    in reply to: A Few Questions & Some Things Not Working Right #57599

    Thanks for the response on the first two so far. I was able to make the text size change.

    Question about the social media images. I found the twitter image in my theme folder on my computer. Do I make the change there on my computer or do I make the change online somewhere? I couldn’t find it online but I’m not sure if I make the change on my computer if that will affect anything online.

    Thank you Chris.

    in reply to: Video Tutorials Are Missing #57594

    It’s been over an hour but for some reason the videos just showed up. Not sure whey they were missing. I even tried multiple browsers but the videos were missing on every browser. Anyway, glad to see them back.

    in reply to: Stylesheet not included? #49526

    I’m also having a problem uploading the zip file to WP. I unziped the package I got from themeforest as suggested above. After that I had two zip files, Corona and PSD. Which one do I use to upload to WP?

    What happens to the other files that I don’t upload, aren’t they needed? The other files are _MACOSX, documentation, license, and then a word doc called version_corona.

    Thank you.

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