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    Thanks for your kind advice.
    However, I’m sure you’ve noticed that my message was posted in the Abundance forum since I’m using … Abundance theme.
    Best regards.

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    Oops !
    Please remove the <b></b> tags. The emphasizing failed!
    Here’s the work around: jQuery('a[href*=\\#]').avia_smoothscroll();

    Hi Ismael,
    What’s what I did guess and I’m already using a widget like those you listed.
    As a matter of fact my main surprise rose up when I understood that Adundance was not that much WooCommerce compliant, otherwise, logically category would have meant product category and not post category.
    Thanks anyway for clarifying the situation.

    Hi Ismael,
    Indeed ! I’ve never had any posts, and of course not any Post category.
    But what’s the connection with my issue. As far as I can read it is written in English “Select a Category that should ..”. bellow “Add new widget area for pages and categories”. I see nowhere the word “post”.
    Let’s say the term ‘Category’ is restricted to the only use of “Post category”, let me ask you my question in an other way: how can I select a “Product category” to set a template to be displayed in a specific sidebar on a specific Product category page?

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for answering me.
    Here is a screen capture that should make things clearer, hope so.
    Sidebar screen capture” />
    Deactivating all plugins is not an option due to stability and security reasons (WMPL, SSL, security plugins and a few others cannot be deactivated). Only a few might be deactivated with no harm to the site.
    Did you face such an issue before?
    Thanks for your kind help.

    in reply to: Slider issues since last WooCommerce 2.4.x updates #498682

    Here’s the trick to be placed in custom.css:

    *, *:before, *:after   {
      -webkit-box-sizing: inherit !important;
      -moz-box-sizing: inherit !important;
      box-sizing: inherit !important;

    Thread closed.

    in reply to: Slider issues since last WooCommerce 2.4.x updates #497096

    Hi Andy,
    But I guess I found out the cause of the bug, there’s no more need to log in. Anyway, I add the correct credentials.
    I just need a proper and clean way to deactivate the interaction of the css properties I mentioned in my previous message with avia framework.
    That’s all.

    in reply to: Slider issues since last WooCommerce 2.4.x updates #497045

    I’m a little bit confused.
    Didi you read my last message?

    in reply to: Slider issues since last WooCommerce 2.4.x updates #495353

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Instead of deactivating the plugins one by one, I’ve had rather paying more attention to the css properties interactions.
    Thanks to Chrome element inspector I’ve been able to detect the bug which should come from WooCommerce Brands Pro /plugin/woo-brand/css/framework/bootstrap.css lignes 12 to 16:

    * {
      -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
      -moz-box-sizing: border-box;
      box-sizing: border-box;

    Deactivating any of the box-sizing properties seems to solve the issue.
    Is there an elegant css coding compromise avoiding any brutal patching and respecting both frameworks, avias’s and woo-brand’s?
    Thanking you in advance for your kind help.

    in reply to: No more right sidebar after WPML plugin installed #460640

    Sorry, problem solved.
    Solution: WooCommerce -> System status -> Tools -> (re)Install pages: repairs everything broken or lost within the WooCommerce shop pages. No template needed.

    in reply to: Mega menu issue with WordPress 4.2 #436638

    Hi there,
    Same problem.
    Here’s a working temporary awful patch I made to be placed in your custom.css file:

    ul.sub-menu h4.cufon_headings {display: none}


    in reply to: Product image preview size #57946


    I got the same and even worse problem.

    First, do not trust the WordPress thumbnails resizer, what you get is just good to trashcan, unless your pictures are strictly squared (amazing, isn’t it ?)

    You’ll have to resize them by yourself. The best way to do this is to use a batch images resizer which is smart enough to resize your pictures using the greatest dimension of our image to be resized (not that easy to find). If you are a lucky Mac OS/X user, just pick the Automator app up, it will do it in a blink, it can either rename, move copy, whatever you want.

    Second, since neither Woocommerce (here 1.5.8 version) nor Abundance (1.3.2 version) are able to manage any new image featured sizes through the Woocommerce>Catalog>Images options, for the first one, or through /web-content/themes/abundance/woocommerce-config/config.php, for the second, you may spend a year resizing images, your images would be cropped since the containers sizes and their own sizes will never match.

    The solution I used, after removing and reinstalling everything merely from the scratch with no improvement, is quite a “dirty” solution : let’s be more clever than the plugin ! They expect 300×300 px to match a 200×200 px (catalog list) or a 279px container to match a 350x350px (no kidding !) image (product details page) ? Easy :

    1 resize the image to match their containers,

    2 rename them as expected by the framework.

    For instance, I have tweaked the catalog list image containers sizes through custom.css, I use 130x130px resized images and I renamed them 300×300. Regarding the product detail page, the inner image should match 269x269px (beware !), I resized my images to these dimensions and then renamed them 350×350. That’s rather dirty but that’s quite tricky.

    Moreover, my lightbox featured image option is definitively broken. I don’t have the faintest idea why. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if the choice of using the zoom or the lightbox option might have been optionally offered as a per default global option. That means I’ll have to check it manually. Days and days of work just to have these plugins working fine like they did in the past, at least they work fine for me in the previous versions.

    Hope this might have been useful.

    in reply to: Abundance Translation Files #63467


    Here it is :

    Keep in mind this is an “alpha” release.

    Quicksteps :

    download the file wherever you want

    unzip it

    copy the 4 files (fr_FR.po,, en_GB.po, in you abundance/lang subfolder

    (optional) remove dafault.po and files

    enjoy it !


    Voici la première version “alpha” des fichiers de traduction pour abundance. Cette version est fonctionnelle et peut très facilement être customisée ou améliorée grâce au plugin que j’ai mentionné dans mon précédent message.

    Guide pas à pas :

    télécharger l’archive ici :

    décompresser le fichier où vous le voulez

    copier les 4 fichiers inclus (fr_FR.po,, en_GB.po, dasn le sous-dossier abundance/lang

    (facultatif) supprimer les fichiers dafault.po et

    Et normalement ça doit passer en français !

    in reply to: Abundance Translation Files #63465


    I have released the first French translation with CodeStyling Localisation ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ), a great plugin !

    Please, let me know how to upload the files: fr_FR.po/mo and en_GB.po/mo (former default.po/mo).

    The translation is working fine, though I guess it might easily be improved and customized.


    in reply to: Abundance in French ? #63319


    I’d like to stress out one major point regarding the translation issue. The front-end switches automatically to WordPress installation language BUT the avia sub nav, since it uses plain text strings in config.php > function avia_shop_nav().

    Dude, is possible to tweak it passing parameters or querying any po/mo file according to the localization ?

    That would be kind of you.


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