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  • Dude,

    Thanks for the reply!

    How would I do that and what happens if I deactivate the font replacement script? Will a default font be used in all other browser’s?

    Thank you,


    Hi Devin,

    Thank you for the confirmation that both sites look ok in your IE9 browser. I tried to view the demo site as well and it isn’t looking correct either. Screen shot’s are below of all 3 sites including the demo. You can see the error I get when I try to view the sites at the bottom of the Pure Illuminations link. Without compatibility mode on it doesn’t display anything but black space.

    If you have any idea’s as to why this might be happening, I’m all ears! I’m going to see if an uninstall and reinstall will fix the issue.

    Thank you,




    Wayne Chandler:


    Pure Illuminations:


    Hi Devin, thank you for responding!

    I’m relieved somewhat that looks good to you. However, It’s strange you aren’t able to pull up and even stranger that both of them are not working correctly in my IE9 browser. I’ve just upgraded computer’s. This is a new version of IE9, however I’ve checked for updates to make sure I’m using the correct one.

    If no one else can see the issue then it must be something on my end but it would be good to have some verification or send a screen shot of what I’m seeing if I could. Is that possible?


    Hi there,

    Just wondering if anyone is going to respond or does no one else see the issue I seem to have?

    Thank you in advance!


    in reply to: Collapse Main Menu on Home Page #64775

    Mortus, I just posted this question and came up with a solution although it seems to have one bug for me. Take a look at the last two entries on this thread:

    Maybe it will work for you.


    P.S. There is one bug / error that I forgot to mention with hiding the menu when the site loads. It’s occurring In IE8. The text for the menu is not showing on the Frontpage when you click the home button to make the menu show up. It’s very difficult, sometime’s, to click on the links to the other pages. But when I do go to other pages, the menu text is showing just fine. I’ve not tested this in all browser’s yet but it appears to be happening in just IE8.

    Are there any idea’s on how to fix this?




    Thanks for the video link. I’ve not had a moment yet to review it and attempt it but I will. I’ve been trying different methods with the .htc file but to no avail…. yet.

    I’ve run into some other problems that I’m more concerned about and will have to post another ticket about.

    I do have an update on the first question I had about hiding the menu on the home page.

    I tried the code that Dude suggested in the avia.js file and it didn’t work for me in Chrome or IE8 & 9.

    I did find a solution though! I was able to make the menu hidden though by creating a page for the Front Page. I called this page “about”. Then at the the bottom of the page, there is an option for Instant Gallery Background. I set this to hide the navigation upon loading the page. This method appears to work for Chrome, IE 8 & 9. I still need to test it though in other browser’s.




    Thanks for the tips!

    Somehow I managed to get the home page to show up with the menu hidden. I’ll have to look at the other post you suggested to see which method leaves the most flexibility.

    In the meantime, I’ve done some research and was able to find some additional code to make this happen in all the browser’s except for IE 8 or earlier. Is there a way to create the rounded corner’s for IE 8 and earlier as well? My client is using one of these older browser’s unfortunately, and can’t see that i’ve made the changes.

    Here’s the code I’m using now:

    .box {

    opacity: 0.8;

    border:none 0px #000000;

    -moz-border-radius-topleft: 30px;








    border-radius: 30px;


    Thank you!


    in reply to: Can't find settings for hiding sidebar and content #83643

    One more thing I forgot to ask… I want to make the font in the content area a different color, either black or white, so that it can be read now that I’ve made the background transparent. I may make the menu area transparent too but that depends on the answer to the question above. :-) Is there a way to isolate the body copy/text in the the content area only and change the color of it?

    in reply to: Can't find settings for hiding sidebar and content #83642

    I figured out the answer to my first question for at least one of my sites. I wanted only one static image but when I added a 2nd image the hide sidebar and content options came up. So I guess we need to have at least 2 images. If there is a work around I’ve not figured out yet, please let me know.


    YES! Devin, I did as you suggested and it turns out that it is the Digg Digg plugin that is causing the menu to be cut-off. Not the W3 Total Cache as I originally thought.

    As much of a bummer as that is, I’m soooo happy to finally have the solution. And I don’t have to rebuild my site, which is what I was about to resign myself to do.

    Guess I’ll wait for an update to Flashlight that includes an updated Menu Bar before I start messing with a bunch of plugin’s.

    Thanks everyone for your help!


    I did as you instructed and it didn’t work. I unzipped the original flashlight file locally and copied and replaced it on the ftp server, emptied my cache, refreshed everything and the menu bar is still being cut off on the pages with minimal body sections.

    Is there anything else that can be done to fix this without me having to start from scratch?

    I’d be happy to provide login info if that is the direct route.


    I will give this a try and let you know how it goes.



    I exported a backup of my website and then went into my Themes and then to Install. I loaded the most current version there is of Flashlight so I had no other option but to install flashlight again via upload of the .zip file.

    I tried this without removing the current theme or any content. I got the following error though:

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    Destination folder already exists. /hermes/bosoraweb040/b159/ipg.pureilluminationsnet/pure/wp-content/themes/flashlight/

    Theme install failed.

    I’m not sure how to do what you’re recommending in your previous message. Could you please advise me on how to reinstall the theme so I do not loose any of my own content and modification?

    Thank you,


    Hi Devin,

    If I re-install the theme is that going to delete all my photos, galleries, portfolio items and text that I’ve customized?

    How would I do the re-install? By going into the themes and installing Flashlight?

    Thank you,



    I tried as you suggested and the issue is still occurring in all browsers. I’ve even tried other peoples computer’s and the menu is still being cut off on pages that don’t have much in the body area. The custom.css is still deleted. I even tried switching to the dark.css theme option in hopes it would restore what it is that was corrupted but it is still being cut off.

    Is there any way that you can supply me with the original code/scripts for the Menu so I can go into some of the original code to copy and paste the correct code into it again and see if that fixes it?


    email: (Email address hidden if logged out) or (Email address hidden if logged out)

    Thank you,


    Hi Ismael,

    I deleted everything in the custom.css that I had changed (not much really) and it still didn’t affect anything when I hit F5 or Ctrl + Reload.

    I know the issue appeared immediately after I hit “empty cache” inside of the W3 Total Cache plugin module. I’ve no idea how it interacts with the theme but I assume the issue is related to what I did.

    Is there anything else we can try to fix it?

    Thank you so much for helping!


    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for the reply. I tried as you suggested but it didn’t work for me. I increased it to 600px and it still doesn’t make a difference. I’m curious to know if the same thing is occurring for you in Chrome or FireFox?

    Thank you,


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