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  • in reply to: ALB product list element ( Woocommerce Plugin Addition ) #512947

    Thanks Eliot,

    i found a gist that provides some code to get that done on the shop main page. but that doesn’t work either….

    well looks like i need to hire someone to help me getting that done.

    have a nice weekend :)

    in reply to: Automatic scroll to a selected section. #504795

    Hi Andy,

    if you click the arrow at the bottom of the slider image the website scrolls down to the next section using the smooth scroll effect.

    if you just stay on the site for 5 seconds the code Yigit provided gets in action. The thing is that it just jumps to the section it doesn’t use the smooth scroll effect.

    i hope you understand what i mean.

    in reply to: Automatic scroll to a selected section. #504135

    Hi Guys :) i have the same problem as the other guy.
    i have added the code given by Yigit to my functions file.
    all is working fine except of the smooth scrolling animation.

    if i click the next section button the site starts to scroll down super smooth if i just stay on the site to wait until the function does the auto scroll action it does jump to the next section but unfortunately without the great smooth effect.

    is there a way to get that fixed or added to the code Yigit has provided ?

    in reply to: Magazine "excerpt" – "content" #484691

    $excerpt = apply_filters('the_content', $entry->post_content);

    this is the solution if anybody needs to output the content including all tags :)

    in reply to: Magazine "excerpt" – "content" #484590

    works to get the content shown instead of the excerpt but all the “p” tags are getting removed.
    any idea ?

    in reply to: Custom Page Template #194819

    Hi Josue,

    yes i have tried it but for some reason it doesn’t work neither with the layout builder nor with the standard editor. I have placed the iframe code to the “text” editor.

    if i use a text block with the advanced editor and if i place the code to that using the “text” editor option it shows the iframe content after i save the text block but as soon s i publish the page i get a white content section and the frame is gone.

    the thing is i see the code in the source code of the page but for some reason nothing appears on the fronted.

    Additional to this i would love to use the advanced layout builder to keep the design of our pages. If i use the standard editor i am not able to add a fullwidth slider on top of our page.

    should i post a link ?

    in reply to: Custom Page Template #194434

    Well Yigit, i don’t wanna mess up the code. I am not that familiar with php.

    how should the page template look if i wanna load a iframe instead of any content ?

    and how can i give the template a name so that i am able to select it on the edit screen as the template i wanna use for my page.

    in reply to: German Market Extension for WooCommerce #193745

    pass please ;) Danke für all eure mühe Peter!

    in reply to: Facebook LIKE button in header section #181098

    i have figured that out ;)

    i have added the iframe code variant to the header file.

    thanks anyway …

    Hi Dude,

    the weird thing is that is sometimes works fine and sometimes it just doesnt load.

    any other iframes are working fine so i also guess that it doesnt load cuz the code is not valid.

    im executing the code directly using a plugin called Exec-PHP ;)

    it works fine and im happy with the result so far. Its not the best way at all but it is ok.


    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114764

    A deeplinking feature for the AJAX portfolio ;) I would love to link to specific portfolio items from any page of my website.

    It would be cool if we could link to a extended ajax portfolio item.

    Hi Dude, thanks for the info ;) Do you think Kriesi will add the feature in the near future ? That would be a awesome add. I have searched the web for a alternative ajax driven portfolio which offers that option, but there is nothing nice. Even on codecanyon isnt something that offers that option.



    in reply to: Blog Posts Excerpts {Enfold} #125284

    PERFECT ! That works like a charm! Awesome support ;) Awesome Theme !

    in reply to: Blog Posts Excerpts {Enfold} #125282

    Hi Nick,

    I have tested both options. Using the layout builder and the option to define where i wanna see the blog in the theme options.

    The thing is … Dudes code is working fine THE ONLY PROBLEM is that if you click on the title to view the full blog post it shows you the excerpt only.


    in reply to: Blog Posts Excerpts {Enfold} #125279

    Hi Dude,

    How do i get it done to show the excerpt on “archives” ?

    For my “Frontpage” i have created a page where is use the the “blog posts” feature of the avia builder with option to show the excerpt only.


    But on the archive of each category it shows the full blogpost. I would love to show the excerpt on the archive instead of the full content.

    The thing is … i have more then 100 Categories with a lots of posts and i am not able to edit all the posts to get the <more> thing included.

    I am also not able to create a page for each of my categories to use the “blog posts” feature of the builder.

    If i use the code you have posted above i dont see any content if i browse to a single post.


    in reply to: Hide toggles if a toggle is open. #122633

    Perfect ! That works like a charm ;)

    You guys rock!

    in reply to: Hide toggles if a toggle is open. #122631

    Exactly … i have five toggles and i would like to get it working the way that if a customer opens toggle 1 that the rest of the toggles (2-4) get disabled ( a display:none ) if the customer close toggle 1 all toggles get back visible again. If the open toggle 2 than toggle 1,3,4,5 are getting a display none.

    Im not that familiar with jquery so i thought to ask you guys ;) i know the the code i need to modify is located in the shortcode.js

    I hope you have the time to point me into the right direction. Im sure other people will also benefit from the solution.

    Many many thanks


    I do have the same problem! I checked the memory limit using a phpinfo.php file and the limit is set to 512M but the content still wont display.

    What else can i do ?

    If i check the page using firebug i get the following error …


    undefined is not a object (evaluating ‘window.tinyMCE.get(el_id).setContent’)

    latest version WP (3.5.1) + THEME (1.5.1) cleared the cache several times rebooted browser and macbook.

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114556

    Hey Kriesi,

    regarding the NAVIGATION what about an additional option in the backend to give customers of the theme the choice to use a off-canvas navigation instead of the dropdown Navigation?

    not sure if you saw that article but its worth to give it a try ;)

    and i do like joe88 list ;)

    1. Ajax Portfolio. Please also consider an option to have a link for both quick view and detail view. Some users may want the option to go directly to the detailed view. How about the option to have different hover icons and hover styles.

    2. Portfolio/Blog Slider. Please consider improving the navigation arrows. Difficult for user to know there is more to scroll without hovering over the image.

    3. Masonry Blog Layout. Please consider more layout options for Blog, possibly masonry/magazine type layout, etc.

    4. Timeline Component. Would be great to integrate a javascript timeline component, such as the one from VeriteCo.

    5. Small header with menu and icons, with header piece being fixed, possibly shrinking also.

    in reply to: Replete 1.3.1 Predefined Skin or Stylesheet error #111222

    Awesome ! That works fine. Thanks for the fix guys ;)

    btw awesome support!

    in reply to: Replete 1.3.1 Predefined Skin or Stylesheet error #111219

    Hi Devin, i found and fixed the problem. To get my wordpress sites a bit more secure i use a htaccess file to secure my uploads folder. Means only jpg,png,gif and other image formats can be uploaded to that folder. All other files are blogged by the htaccess file.

    Since version 1.3.1 Kriese is generating a dynamic css file which is uploaded to the uploads folder.

    So the problem was that the script was not able to generate that file and upload it to my uploads folder.

    Is there are way to change the location of the dynamic css file ? Can i modify the script to get that file uploaded to a custom location ?


    in reply to: WP Admin Menu #95541

    Awesome Peter!

    Ich dank dir für deine schnelle hilfe! Ihr habt wirklich den besten Support am Start!

    in reply to: WP Admin Menu #95539

    Hi Peter,

    another question …

    the function works well but for some reason the “Theme Options” edit link is still visible if i have the admin bar active for a user + when i view the page.

    Means it works fine if i am viewing the dashboard but as soon as i am looking at the live page i still can see the menu links. Is there a way to get that removed as well?


    in reply to: WP Admin Menu #95535

    got it ;) sorry ! but maybe other user will find the post useful.

    i added the css id to your code ( #toplevel_page_avia )

    if( is_admin() )
    add_action('admin_print_scripts', 'ino_hide_admin_options');

    function ino_hide_admin_options()
    echo "n <style type='text/css'> n";
    echo "#wp-admin-bar-avia, #wp-admin-bar-templates, #toplevel_page_avia{display: none !important;}";
    echo "</style>n n ";

    in reply to: WP Admin Menu #95534

    Hi Peter,

    i would love to do the same with the Replete Theme.

    I have added the code you have posted to my functions files and it works great for the admin bar at the top of the screen but im still able to see the theme options button on the left hand site admin bar of wordpress.

    Is there a chance to remove or hide that as well ?

    I hope you are able to help me.

    Thanks in advance


    in reply to: Youtube conflict? #101807

    I have the same issue … using the replete theme and a text widget

    i added the icon using a text widget and the following code …

    <a href=""><img src="" /></a>

    for some reason it is getting wrapped into the following css

    <a href="" rel="lightbox[auto_group1]">
    <img src="" />
    <span class="image_overlay_effect lightbox_video" style="display: block; z-index: 5; opacity: 0;">
    <span class="image_overlay_effect_inside"></span></a>

    in reply to: Blog Page does not show posts. #106577

    I think i solved the problem …


    thought the option will work out of the box ;)

    sorry !

    in reply to: Adding a widget area using the template builder #99800

    Hi Ismael ;)

    yes it does offer a short code and i have done it that way at the moment just thought it would be awesome to have the option to add widget areas via the template builder that way the theme (all themes) are getting much more flexible ;)

    any way thanks for the fast reply !


    in reply to: Frontpage Sidebar invisible in Safari Version 6.0.2 #97046

    Hi Nick,

    i think the problem is the z-index of the .avia_fullscreen_slider class ;)

    I have changed the z-index to -1 and tada the sibebar is back ;)

    I havent had the time to test if all the rest is working fine after the change i did but i will keep you posted …

    I hate the webdev tool in safari and a full firebug version is not available …

    Anyway thanks for all youe HELP guys. AMAZING SUPPORT !!!! KEEP IT COMMING ;)


    in reply to: Frontpage Sidebar invisible in Safari Version 6.0.2 #97044

    Hi Nick, no changes at all looks exactly the same as before … have cleared the cache and rebooted the browser 2 times.

    I tried to edit the z-index as well but without any luck.

    I use the latest version of both ;)

    OS X 10.8.2

    Safari 6.0.2

    usually the background color should change to blue or something like that using your css right ?

    i am familiar with development, css and stuff but i cant locate the problem using firebug or changing attributes from fixed to absolute or changing the z-index.

    its really a weird problem… i did give it a try on my friends mac using the same version just to be sure that it is not a bug of my mac but the sidbar is hidden as well.

    btw looks good on my pc using safari 5 …

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