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  • I am running version 1.6.2 and do not want to mess with the site unless the new version resolves this issue (at this time 1.7 is the most recent version). Do you have a copy of the full changelog from 1.6.2 to current? The only updates I know of are from the Themeforest page which do not seem to include any update for this issue, however, there may have been an update along the way that did resolve it (i.e 1.6.8 or something).

    Updates I know of from 1.6.2 to 1.7 are:

    Style.css – updated version number, added a fix for chrome 19 which let the sidebar flicker

    folder: framework – update to the latest version

    file: functions.php compatibility update for wordpress version 3.4 +

    file: sidebar: added social icon hook

    file: js/avia_fullscreen_slider.js modified the handling of sidebar and mini content boxes on mobile devices. since most mobile devices made problems using the CSS “fixed” layout those elements are now positioned “absolute” instead. looks a little less sophisticated on moble devices but the usability gain is huge

    Any word from your email forward last week?

    I have sent an email with the link and further info to:

    (Email address hidden if logged out)


    in reply to: Mini Content Page #76540

    If you want to support that transparency in IE8 (and all previous versions), you should also probably add a filter code under there. something like:


    in reply to: Dynamic Content Box #78922

    Ahh, I didn’t even know that was an option for the image information! Either way, I will not be using that feature anyhow, so this seems to be resolved for me.

    Thanks again.

    in reply to: Dynamic Content Box #78920

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I believe I found how to make it a responsive theme by adding the following to the cutsom.css:




    .content .box{



    I may be missing something else important, but this “seems” to resolve the width issue, and I have tested it on IE, Chrome, and an Iphone. However, I am not using this as a commerce site with Woo, so I don’t know the impact it may have on that. Please let me know if you think this has any severe impact, but for the moment, I’ll run it with this code in place.



    in reply to: Dynamic Content Box #78918

    I just noticed that the “Flexible Grid Gallery” does exactly what I am looking for all the other pages to do. So I suppose I just need to know how to properly reuse that code for the “.content .box”

    in reply to: Sildeshow + Home Page Width – FF4 + Mobile Safari #45920

    @ Jason Pelker:

    I can reproduce this issue on my Iphone when viewing the link you posted ( )(running mobile Safari & iOS 4.3.3). As a note, I can only reproduce this issue AFTER the first slide has rotated out, leading me to believe it’s a slider issue.

    I also notice a similar issue on the main demo site ( ) after the third slider has passed (The large image of hot air ballons)… The site goes completely dark. I mentioned this 3 days ago in another forum and The Dude said he was reporting this to Kriesi as a possible bug to get fixed. Hopefuly Kriesi abides.

    in reply to: Why Cu3er instead of Avia Slider? #45165

    Hey Kriesi, Thanks for the Piecemaker theme! I’m assuming that’s the new version of piecemaker (it looks like it by the dynamic shadow)… which is awesome! I have been looking at your demo for awhile now, and I did have a question:

    Is the 2D (text&photo) slider the only fallback option for the Piecemaker slider? Or, is there a nivo type fallback that I’m just not seeing? The reason I ask is because the current fallback in the demo does not seem to be working well in a non-flash environment (Iphone / ipad). I opened your main demo site ( ) on my iphone4 (running iOS 4.3.3) and after the 3rd slide (the fullwidth ballons image), the enite site turns dark grey. Everything goes away (text / images / background / EVERYTHING ) and the site completely stops. I have to reload to get the site back, and I have to leave the mainpage before that 3rd slide or it hangs again.

    This obviously could just be an issue on my end as well.

    Thanks again for all the work!

    in reply to: Why Cu3er instead of Avia Slider? #45162

    A new one eh? I’m using Display ( (I originally started the site with Twicet), and was looking to upgrade to Brightbox (the shortcodes, new cu3er, template builder, new slideshow, and the new Avia framework all seem awesome). There’s not much I can think of that brightbox really “needs” beyond what it already is. Of course, I did also say that about Display 2 years ago. I see that the new one (“Upscale” ( )) will be “the future of WordPress” :) so I will probably wait to see what it looks like before I decide between it and Brightbox. Do we have an ETA for “Upscale”?

    Since we’re on the subject of new features… let me add to the thousands of fan requests you probably get for new features, with a few of my own personal wish list items:

    -SUPER Mega Menu

    The ability to add pictures, html, logins, etc to the mega menu. This seems to be taking off somewhat, and I’ve seen it discussed on this support forum as not currently possible: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -menu-text-blocks (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    This office supply store has quite a few nice features as an example of what I’d consider a “SUPER” Mega Menu:

    -A “Sponsors” (or “Partners” section)

    A slider of some sort to be able to have a scrolling showcase of sponsor (or partner) sites. This is something I actually desperately need (running a Non-profit). I’ve only found one site with anything similar, however it doesn’t auto-rotate (and it would also be nice to have it randomize the sponsors as well, in an effort to be fair to my sponsors) (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /238405

    Maybe even just using the old “News Item Slider” from the “Newscast” would work if it could auto-rotate (and randomize??? Ok that might be a stretch, I know):

    -Slideout tabs

    Speaking of the older designs… “Design Showcase” has slideout tabs used for the “Archives” section at the top

    If I were making a wish list, I’d imagine this as an option to add to the footer or header, or maybe even just an item in that fancy template builder. I’d imagine a slideout tab would be an awesome place to stuff contact boxes, maps & addresses, login boxes, etc

    There is another version of this idea used on this site: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -using-jquery/

    -Customizable Contact Form / Signup Sheet

    I’d like to easily add lines to the contact form without having to edit the template. Things like adding a custom field, check boxes, etc. I know I’m starting to lean towards what I should use a plugin for, but these are starting to need less and less of those… All I need are a few custom lines & maybe a few check boxes :)

    -The ability to use Flash SWF & video files in the Cu3er 3D rotator

    Maybe this is alreay avaialable? I know Piecemaker 2 can use flash, and is obviously flash itself, and Cu3er is obviously flash itself too, so you would assume SWFs can be used, I just haven’t ever seen the new Cu3er use flash or video as one of it’s slides. Side note, if the new Cu3er is used in “Upscale”, I will be purchasing the $49 license to remove the logo. This would be a nice option within the admin panel (ie: “Enter Cu3er license number to add aditional features” (I know that it’s no where near that easy though)). Maybe offering Piecemaker and Cu3er? Maybe this seems like overkill but they do offer different options (and Piecemaker already has a WP plugin). Maybe I’m crazy.

    Ok, I got quite a bit off of the original subject, and I’m sure I could list another dozen things I “wish” my site had, so I’ll stop now. Thanks for all the great work… These sites are truly becoming amazing (and I’m glad you guys are making a killing at it).

    in reply to: removing cu3er logo from slideshow loading #34996

    I was wondering if this has since been resolved for the Brightbox theme? I see that it uses what appears to be the new version of Cu3er + wpCu3er, which looks like it has the same $49 fee for commercial use and logo removal ( I do not mind paying the extra $49 for the pro version of Cu3er, I just want to make sure it is a simple conversion from the free to the pro license.

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