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    Amaze, thanks! Mission accomplished.

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    FYI, future readers; ‘resolved’ this by completely deleting the wp content folder, and restoring it from (completely identical) backup (stored only minutes earlier). Not especially elegant or logical, but worked for now.

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    Any ideas what, besides permissions, could be causing an upload to constantly fake out?

    I’ve changed/checked my chmod via both ftp AND Cpanel to ensure I have access and I have currently unchecked the ‘Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders’ box in WP>Settings>Media to see if disabling the date function helped. It didn’t.

    The files are sorta-almost uploading, that is, depositing zero-k ghost files in the directory with appropriate file names, even generating ghosts of all the file size variables that Flashlight creates. Which suggests to me it’s not a permissions thing (and its not a connection thing, rest of my web service is fine). But basically not letting me upload.

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    Cheers, but that made no difference. Does it matter for that fix that the gallery in question is in a ‘page’ not a ‘post’. Is there some inherent discrepancy preventing me from using a permanent page as a regularly updated/modified gallery over time?

    What specifically happens, and is continuing to happen is that if I try to upload an image (from the desktop) it starts uploading it then cuts out part way. If I upload two or more images it will make that same broken attempt to upload the first image, then cease and give me the above warning on the second image. So it’s like it tries, then realises it can’t. No idea if that makes any difference?

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    As stated in my opener, I’ve tried every chmod variable, which includes going right down the line, opening every containing folder and subfolder to both 755 and/or 777 temporarily making the whole thing wide open.

    It makes no apparent difference. What I think I’m really concerned about is forcing the gallery to upload to the new, more recent folders. Even though such folders have been automatically generated, it isn’t using them.

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    Any ideas? That it wants to upload to an outdated folder must surely relate to the theme, and not generic permissions issues? Are there settings for this anywhere or a file to edit?

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    awesome, thanks. sorted it now.

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    I managed to change the link location with your advice, but I’m still not sure where to change the viewable content of the hyperlink without breaking it? The name/content seems to be dynamically generated from the title of the site, so I’m not sure how to force a simple visible text change?


    in reply to: Social Media link box #53841

    Hi again, I figured how to custom the buttons as per my question above. But I still need to know how to change the copyright info. Having wrong copyright info displayed is pretty important.

    I want to be able to change the visual content of the clickable text, and have it link to an outside url. I’m guessing it’s SOMEWHERE between lines 98 and 102 in the sidebar.php, but trial and error is just causing…error.

    in reply to: Permalink problem #54542

    Thanks. found it was my post name structures in wp, they were default set to one of the date structures, rather than the ‘default’ and the install didn’t like it. fixed now.

    in reply to: Social Media link box #53840


    I would also like to adapt these buttons, at least I would like to change the rss button into a tumblr button and link accordingly. I’m sure I could create such an icon to match the design myself, but how would I then go about integrating it?

    Similarly, I want to change the link/content of the copyright notice in this same box, to read and link to something else. I’ve found roughly where I think I need to do this, within the SOCKET CONTAINER section of the sidebar.php ? But I’m not exactly sure which part to change?


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