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    Hi Andy,

    I think you didn’t read well ;)
    I’m forced to use the category listing, since there is no related posts module available (that works only for standard blog use without a layout editor). But…then it also shows the current item you’re looking at. The question was how to hide that. If there is any trick to it by using css…
    Simply put: I want to display all other posts in that category when I’m on a portfolio single post page, but not the current one.

    I know how to do this per page, but then I need to add a lot of css based on post ID for every single post, which is cumbersome if you have many portfolio items.

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    Hi Dake,

    This method is half a solution as it shows also the current item, so it would be a serious hassle to always hide the current item by CSS per page, unless you know a shortcut CSS method to hide the current item in this module you suggest? Imagine 30+ portfolio items. No joy and endclient has no control when adding an item :(. If I can do in a few rules, then I could take peace with this solution.

    I prefer consistency in layout and navigation methods. (I also noticed related posts doesn’t work in blog when using the layout builder).
    Related items module content block would be nice in the builder. I added it to requested features.

    If you possibly could help me out with a function or CSS line to hide the current item for now?


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    Hi Rikard, for now working on localhost.
    I do think the questions are clear?

    I would like to show related portfolio-items based on category, just as you have with a blog page like this based on tags (scroll to bottom) (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -really-fast/

    Considering I use the avia layout builder for portfolio pages.

    Thank you in advance

    in reply to: full width submenu on archive pages #536437

    Hmm, unfortunately this method makes it very cumbersome to maintain the site…
    Actually the main reason is the secondary topmenu doesn’t have responsive behaviour. Otherwise I could use that as main menu. I’m really stuck with Enfold when using a main and sub menu and have consistency through all pages / archives. One way or another I face a wall.
    The full width submenu is great, but what’s the use when it disappears on archive pages and blog index, losing all navigation of this menu … :s.

    in reply to: full width submenu on archive pages #535306

    Hi, see below the full archive.php code

    	global $avia_config, $more;
    	 * get_header is a basic wordpress function, used to retrieve the header.php file in your theme directory.
    		$showheader = true;
    		if(avia_get_option('frontpage') && $blogpage_id = avia_get_option('blogpage'))
    			if(get_post_meta($blogpage_id, 'header', true) == 'no') $showheader = false;
    			echo avia_title(array('title' => avia_which_archive()));
    		do_action( 'ava_after_main_title' );
            $cats .= get_the_term_list($the_id, $taxonomy, '', ', ','').' ';
            <?php echo do_shortcode("[av_submenu which_menu='' menu='49' position='center' color='main_color' sticky='aviaTBsticky' mobile='active']
    [av_submenu_item title='Menu Item 1' link='' linktarget='no' button_style='']
    [av_submenu_item title='Menu Item 2' link='' linktarget='no' button_style='']
    [/av_submenu]"); ?>
    		<div class='container_wrap container_wrap_first main_color <?php avia_layout_class( 'main' ); ?>'>
                <div id="av_section_1" class="avia-section main_color avia-section-default avia-no-shadow avia-full-stretch avia-bg-style-scroll  avia-builder-el-0  el_before_av_one_full  avia-builder-el-first  container_wrap sidebar_left" style="background-repeat: no-repeat; background-image: url(/wp-content/uploads/sites/10/2015/10/ESWI_beeldenweb6-1500x430.jpg); background-attachment: scroll; background-position: center center; " data-section-bg-repeat="stretch">
                    <div class="container">
                        <main role="main" itemprop="mainContentOfPage" class="template-page content  av-content-small units">
                            <div class="post-entry post-entry-type-page post-entry-3400">
                                <div class="entry-content-wrapper clearfix">
                                    <div style="padding-bottom:10px;color:#ffffff;" class="av-special-heading av-special-heading-h2 custom-color-heading blockquote modern-quote modern-centered  avia-builder-el-1   (Purchase code hidden if logged out)  ">
                                        <h2 class="av-special-heading-tag" itemprop="headline">
                                            if (is_category( )) {
                                              $cat = get_query_var('cat');
                                              $mycat = get_category ($cat);
                                              echo  $mycat->name . ' ';
                                             } elseif (is_date()) {
                                                 echo single_month_title(' ') . ' ';
                                        <div class="special-heading-border">
                                            <div class="special-heading-inner-border" style="border-color:#ffffff">    
                        </main><!-- close content main element -->
    			<div class='container template-blog '>
    				<main class='content <?php avia_layout_class( 'content' ); ?> units' <?php avia_markup_helper(array('context' => 'content','post_type'=>'post'));?>>
                        <div class="category-term-description">
                            <?php echo term_description(); ?>
                        $avia_config['blog_style'] = apply_filters('avf_blog_style', avia_get_option('blog_style','multi-big'), 'archive');
                        if($avia_config['blog_style'] == 'blog-grid')
                            global $posts;
                            $post_ids = array();
                            foreach($posts as $post) $post_ids[] = $post->ID;
                                $atts   = array(
                                    'type' => 'grid',
                                    'items' => get_option('posts_per_page'),
                                    'columns' => 4,
                                    'class' => ' (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ',
                                    'paginate' => 'yes',
                                    'use_main_query_pagination' => 'yes',
                                    'custom_query' => array( 'post__in'=>$post_ids, 'post_type'=>get_post_types() )
                                $blog = new avia_post_slider($atts);
                                echo "<div class='entry-content-wrapper'>".$blog->html()."</div>";
                                get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'index' );
                            /* Run the loop to output the posts.
                            * If you want to overload this in a child theme then include a file
                            * called loop-index.php and that will be used instead.
                            $more = 0;
                            get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'index' );
    				<!--end content-->
    				//get the sidebar
    				$avia_config['currently_viewing'] = 'blog';
    			</div><!--end container-->
    		</div><!-- close default .container_wrap element -->
    <?php get_footer(); ?>
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    in reply to: full width submenu on archive pages #531922

    Hi Yigit,
    see the link as example where I inserted the shortcode into the archive.php.
    As you see, it is messing up my header style and sidebar. The rest is fully functional.
    I can’t figure out to get this right.


    in reply to: Loading events calendar files in childtheme #513592

    Hi Basilis,

    I just want to modify some code to the default-template.php or single-event.php from the events calendar in my child theme.
    When I copy the complete folder config-events-calendar in my child theme no changes are reflecting. The changes only reflect when I edit these files in the parent theme. But this would be annoying regarding future updates.
    I read a thread from a year ago where one had the same issue and try to force the files in the child theme, but seems the code above is not working.

    in reply to: Archive page layout changes #509878

    Or…we should get the ability to load a single post /archive in the page structure we build. Let’s say I have my blog overview posts in a 2/3th column, the single post or archive should also load in that column so it stays within the context.
    Not sure if you’re following me, but happy to discuss it further.


    in reply to: Archive page layout changes #509866

    I agree. In a further extend, Archive and single post pages should be able to get a custom layout with custom navigation.
    I give you an example of a very annoying issue with Enfold:

    One can build a custom news page with a full width submenu and let’s say image header. When I click on a news item I lose all that navigation (I can’t place my full width submenu in a single post page), I lose the header (I can’t place a custom header) and thereby suddenly I am on a single post page with only the main menu visible and losing my site navigation. Same if a user clicks on a category, date or tag I lose all my handbuild navigation and layout and I land on the archive pages where I can’t create the same layout as where the user came from.
    This the most disturbing issue with enfold as there is no consistency.

    I think this can be solved by allowing us to build an archive page and single post page using the layout editor. Or somehow add 2 elements in the layout editor which contains “single post” and “post archive”.

    Enfold is great because we can build complex navigations, but somehow it is not very userfriendly now as one can get completely lost by landing on a single post or archive page.

    Thanks for considering a solution for this. It will only make Enfold the most powerful template ever ;)


    in reply to: Set image alt in masonry image gallery #490373

    Got it. The trick was (and I think you might correct this for future releases) to do this:

    $img_style = 'style="background-image: url('.$attachment[0].');" title="'.$alt.'"';

    This overrides the title attribute in the outer a tag with the alt given to the image.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though :)


    in reply to: Set image alt in masonry image gallery #490367

    Hi Yigit,

    I tried this, but it doesn’t work.
    The problem is the alt of the image is not shown in the yellow tip, but the title of the caption in the a tag. Now you just removed the title attribute in the img tag.

    <a style="position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px;"... title="Marathon <br>50x180cm, foil on forex panel" itemprop="contentURL"><div class="av-inner-masonry-sizer"></div><figure class="av-inner-masonry main_color"><div class="av-masonry-outerimage-container"><div class="av-masonry-image-container" style="background-image: url(http://blabla.jpg);"><img src="blabla.jpg.jpg" alt="Marathon"></div></div></figure></a>

    This is really a concern as html is not rendered in these browser tooltips (hence I see html tags in the tooltip) and a caption should not be shown there. Some captions are really large. These tooltips should show the alt of the img. As you see this is nicely set at “Marathon”.

    What could be a solution for this?

    Thank you.

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    in reply to: masonry blog show title and excerpt below thumbnail #489666

    Ok! Thanks, Dake.

    in reply to: masonry blog show title and excerpt below thumbnail #489626


    As written before, this is standard behavior in enfold, as seen on
    As you can see the white boxes with title/excerpt cover the thumbnail, they are not positioned below.

    in reply to: masonry blog show title and excerpt below thumbnail #489298

    The portfolio is not an option, as I want to display the blog items. Using the no gap/flexible masonry I see the images are cropped.
    I really do want this in the blog grid with masonry setting, as this displays the items exactly as I want, except for the title/excerpt covering thumbs ;)
    Thank you


    in reply to: masonry blog show title and excerpt below thumbnail #489075


    No, because for now I use the blog grid. Ideally I want to use masonry.
    I think it is very clear what the problem is? also has this. The white boxes are covering a big part of the thumbnails. In many occasions this is very disruptive to the images.
    So how can I force them below the thumbnail instead of them covering the thumbnail.

    Thank you,


    in reply to: masonry blog show title and excerpt below thumbnail #488211


    see link. I don’t understand why the white box with text and title is covering the thumbnail on “always display” option.
    It doesn’t make sense. How can I put it below the thumbnail, see we see the full thumbnail image?
    I can’t figure out the css behind this.

    Thank you!

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #239607


    I noticed with the update of the video background in the color section, a nice preloader is implemented there.
    Could this preloader also be used for the background images in the color section and let these background images also fade in please.
    Now most content comes in nicely with a short fade in, but when I use background images (who are usually quite heavy) they just plop in, which destructs a bit the nice flow of fading in elements throughout the theme.

    Thanks for considering. (A small add I think, but great value ;)

    in reply to: woocommerce 2.1 #221257

    Ok, I’ll wait with that update then after you guys tested it ;)
    Thanks for the quick reply.

    in reply to: 4 columns responsive behavior and cart issue #221244
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    in reply to: 4 columns responsive behavior and cart issue #220605

    While waiting for reply I fixed #1.
    But 2 & 3 are still major issues which I don’t know to solve.

    in reply to: 4 columns responsive behavior and cart issue #219937
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    in reply to: No detail pages woocommerce, products not listed, etc #219327
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    in reply to: No detail pages woocommerce, products not listed, etc #219302
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    in reply to: No detail pages woocommerce, products not listed, etc #218838
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    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #218786

    Hi, maybe some are requested already:

    1. Easier custom logo integration (add ability to give width and height of custom logo). Too many users struggle with the current logo integration.
    2. easier customization of the menu. Some like it simple (choose background color (also hover), text color (also hover), height, font family and size)

    The above two are mainly for an easier customization of the header overall.

    3. Unify the styling and have import/export for all languages. When running multisite and multiple languages it’s a real pain going through all style settings per language.

    4. extensive search feature in the forum. Too many results from various themes pop up now when doing search.


    in reply to: Problems adding a custom logo #218772

    Hey guys, I second this. I love enfold, but a simple thing as adding a custom logo is really a pain. Even an experienced CSS’er like me struggles with it. The header is not built in a flexible way. The logo acts strange and one has to add way too much custom code just to get it fixed. I notice the logo gets inline css code when uploading.

    This would be a major improvement for a next update. Make the custom logo (which everyone does) simple and easy.
    Way too many posts about people struggling with the logo.

    in reply to: Language selector top header no flags but country code #217661

    I found it in the meanwhile, deeply hidden in these forums.
    It would be nice to search only in “enfold” forum. Is this possible any way to do advanced searches?
    The older forum had more search functionality.

    in reply to: grid blog no alternating #129812

    Thanks Ismael, works like a charm.


    I have found a way around it. Instead of using a page, I added a parent category for all portfolio-items as menu item.

    That way I get the archive page and when going to a detail you get a class .current-portfolio-ancestor which can be added to the current menu item styles.

    The filtering you can activate by setting ‘sort’ => ‘yes’ in taxonomy-portflio_entries.


    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114705


    I love the contact form option from the layout builder/shortcodes.

    It actually removes the need for a plugin, and most form plugins I simply dislike because of their complex nature for something fairly simple.

    2 things lack there in my opininion, to make it a nice full featured form:

    a. datepicker (something often needed, eg reservation forms)

    b. insert a title/explanation/space/textline whatever in between the input fields…especially useful for longer forms

    Now I tried with inserting text in between the shortcodes, but it gets stripped away.

    Now this contact form is like 95% ok, but often the client asks a small extra which in’t possible and then I’m forced to leave this one behind. I believe it would be useful for all your templates since I believe you will reuse the avia builder for new themes.

    Thanks for reading


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