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    I’ve made a testaccount for you.

    The checkbox issue seems gone in 1.71

    But see what happens when I put text in between the contact shortcode: it’s stripped away. I’d like to know a method to prevent this, if possible

    This is my shortcode:

    [av_contact email='blabla' button='Submit' title='Send us mail' sent='Your message has been sent!' autorespond='' captcha='']

    [av_contact_field label='Name' type='text' options='' check='is_empty' width='']


    [av_contact_field label='E-Mail' type='text' options='' check='is_email' width='']

    [av_contact_field label='Subject' type='text' options='' check='is_empty' width='']


    [av_contact_field label='Message' type='textarea' options='' check='is_empty' width='']

    [av_contact_field label='check this' type='checkbox' options='' check='' width='']


    in reply to: contact form divider and checkbox issue #127758


    I’m using latest build, 1.7, working locally.

    Please try implementing a checkbox in the contact form and see what you get when receiving the email when the checkbox is checked.

    I always receive false, whether it’s checked or not

    Please also try to insert text in between the shortcode of a form, like I exampled above

    It’s fairly standard stuff, which I encounter also on a default install of 1.7


    in reply to: Site title instead of logo #127255

    Ok, It should have been this and now it works:

    <div class='wp_title'>
    <?php echo bloginfo('name');?>
    <div class='wp_description'>
    <?php echo bloginfo('description');?>

    in reply to: Site title instead of logo #127254

    Found it, but it doesn’t work properly

    I did (according to support before) this on 137 in header.php (i commented out the logo line)

    echo "<div class='wp_title'>". bloginfo('name') ."</div>";
    echo "<div class='wp_description'>". bloginfo('description') ."</div>";

    Strangely, this appears in my source (the title is placed outside the div tags, so my styling has no success!)

    <div class="container">The Title<div class="wp_title"></div>The description<div class="wp_description"></div></div>

    in reply to: reducing http requests #121896

    Francesco, you need to recompile your style preferences, so the style generator does it work.

    Hi Dude,

    I’m using page parent, because not all pages/posts have their own sub menu item. This way, when a user is in a deep nested sub page he still knows in which main menu item he is.

    It’s consistent everywhere except for the custom taxonomy portfolio.

    WP sees it as a blog post regarding page parent, instead of a portfolio post.

    I understand it’s hard to make the parent page correct for a portfolio post, but at least it shouldn’t make the blog page as parent, because now, when I click a portfolio item, my blog menu-item gets highlighted as active :)

    So if you could advice me where to comment out or edit where this happens?

    Basically all my portfolio items can have the same page parent, if this makes it easier.


    in reply to: reducing http requests #121893

    Thanks, Dude!

    Works like a charm now.

    in reply to: reducing http requests #121889

    I’m working locally.

    Have you tried eg setting droid serif en than activating the minify plugin?

    I see both the google font requests are in my source (droid serif and open sans), not sure where it goes wrong.

    In which file is the font type written, Kriesi? Since this happens dynamically.

    So I can check in the minified css if the font type is declared ok, or maybe is in wrong order and gets overwritten.

    When I set the body font type as eg droid serif in the base.css and make it important it does render.


    in reply to: reducing http requests #121887

    ok, looking forward to a solution ;)

    in reply to: reducing http requests #121885

    Thanks Peter, works well. One problem with it though. It seems to break the google font. When I activate it everything renders well, except the font chosen in the style editor. How does he handle this?

    in reply to: layerslider inner shadow #121923

    Ok, I did it the hardcore way then.

    if one needs to achieve this:

    line 235 of slider.php: add a div with unique id like this: $data .= '</div><div id="ls-mask"></div>';

    then add in your custom.css this:

    #ls-mask {

    position: absolute;

    top: 0px; left: 0px;

    width: 100%;

    height: 100%;

    pointer-events: none;

    box-shadow: 0 0 10px #000000 inset;

    z-index: 1000;


    Works always consistently on all sliders without doing tricky stuff within the slider itself.

    in reply to: layerslider inner shadow #121922

    It seems all images cover the inner inset shadow, no matter what I do, even if I apply it on the layer class itself. When I put in a blank it shows.

    Though should be somehow easily done with CSS, I don’t get it.

    in reply to: layerslider inner shadow #121919

    it works, but it becomes overridden by something, just like in the enfold homepage. You initially see there’s inner shadow applied, but it fades away after a sec or so.

    Believe me, I’ve applied this to all possible classes, like I wrote above. Try it yourself.

    I even put a z-index of 99 to the ls-inner (just to test) and still it fades away after 1 sec. This is in the original install, no tweaks yet.

    in reply to: avia heading tags not responsive #120869

    That’s what I tried, Devin, but then it breaks each word on a new line…

    in reply to: avia heading tags not responsive #120867

    Hi Devin,

    Well, using a br tag to force a new line and it still looks ok (but this is a bad method, it should be automated by css).

    When I set the white-space to normal it breaks on every word though. I can’t manage to make the special heading auto adjust and still leave the stripe on the right side.

    Basically it should break when it reached 90% width of the column.

    I tried setting max-width at 90% on body .av-special-heading > *, but then it immediately takes 90%, no matter the length of the text.

    When I set width to auto it takes all space and the line disappears. Darn :)


    in reply to: BUG: background images not showing on ipad #120824

    Nevermind problem 1. Migration problem which is solved (images still referred to localhost) Doh! :)

    Problem 2 is a hard one though. Can’t find the issue at all.

    in reply to: BUG: hover image from texteditor #120736

    Thanks, this did the trick.

    in reply to: BUG: hover image from texteditor #120734

    I checked all other solutions on the forum, the problem in firefox (mac) stays. Safari and Chrom are okay.

    in reply to: portfolio-entries slug #120657

    found it. No worries, all still works, just needed to edit the name in register-portfolio.php, I didn’t touch the taxonomies ;)

    in reply to: saving style settings ? #120314

    yes, the save button is obvious. But it’s a bit annoying to make for instance two versions. Would be nice if they were saved to the presets. eg if I edit boxed wood preset, hit save, and then load another preset, hit save again, I lost all my previous edits. Maybe an idea for an update. I believe I noticed it already in one of the first update requests ;)

    in reply to: menu border fx #120174

    nevermind, got it already. display none did the trick on all those classes ;)

    I’m using Firefox on macOS. But it also happens in Safari and Chrome. Seems to be a general issue. Make sure your browser is already at full width. Then load the page.


    I also noticed this issue. Look at his page :

    The same behaviour is found with the default installation of enfold. The portfolio images overlap the caption from the row above in 1200px layout. This doesn’t happen when shrinking the browser to 1000px and going back. So it’s the initial load of the page that sets the images wrongly.

    in reply to: blog main page header breadcrumb #116943

    I’ll install first the new update to see if it sheds any positive light on this matter. It’s hard to share a link because I develop locally ;)

    in reply to: export settings | moving website to new location #117018

    Thanks. This is exactly what I did, search and replace in the sql dump.

    I’m gonna try out the migrate plugin. Thanks for the tip.

    in reply to: Header Settings #116290

    It’s this what’s not working. It does work for the blog posts.

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114591

    A datepicker in the otherwise nice form is definitely missing. I’m forced to use an external form now.

    in reply to: Header Settings #116288

    I have this problem too. While the above solution works for single posts, it doesn’t work for the blog PAGE (all page templates, like grid, author etc)

    How to solve the header issue for the blog main page?

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