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    Awesome! Fixed everything!


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    in reply to: Bug in Enfold child theme breaks responsive features #339304

    No, one version back.

    But the issue is with the CHILD THEME constantly writing old (and broken) data to a CSS file buried in the upload section of WordPress.

    This is the child theme that was built by you, and it is broken. I am too invested in the child theme now to drop it for the main theme. I need to know where to find and remove the bad code from the child theme or how to create custom CSS so that it overrides the code the child theme keeps writing (over and over).

    Please review the code on my first posting to see if this problem can be fixed.



    in reply to: Responsive not working on phones #327697

    Didn’t need to. Found the problem in line 4 (ish) of the enfold_child.css file where it sets the page width to a set number of pixels.

    Commented it out and all works fine.

    Wierd place for the .css file.

    Maybe a fix in the next upgrade, include a new child theme css file.


    in reply to: edit text on password protected page #250380

    I spoke too soon. The ability to change the text is there, but when you put in the password and submit, you get a 404 page not found error. It’s not remembering the page it needs to go to.

    Help again.


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    First time I pasted the code from my e-mail notification. Big giant error. Tried again pasting directly from your post and it worked great.

    Having the right code and even better the perfect insertion spot made all the difference.


    in reply to: SleekTabs help (NextGen Plugin, Previous page feature) #65139

    installed sleektabs with wordpress 3.3.1. Manually installed the theme. To get back to the dashboard or any WP editing area (back end) the theme puts a leading hashtag (#) in the URL. How do I make it stop or is it just not compatible with 3.3.1?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)