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  • in reply to: Change dimensions of embedded video #249179

    Thanks Josue! That’s sorted it!
    I actually used a height of 372px to stop the black bands across the top of the video.

    in reply to: Change dimensions of embedded video #239990

    That’s just HTML to change that one video though isn’t it? And I’ve no idea where to enter it.
    I’d like to change the box size to allow any video I post on a blog page to appear at 720px wide.
    Is there some CSS I can add to the ‘Quick CSS’ box?

    in reply to: Change dimensions of embedded video #239281

    Sorry meant to do that originally!


    in reply to: Responsive Flashlight #194735

    Hi Ismael
    Why not make it responsive at an extra cost?
    I’m sure a lot of people would pay a one off cost extra to download that feature for the theme. That should cover the time of building it?

    in reply to: Blog with images #132402

    For anyone with the same problem, Peter sorted it.

    I had to update to the latest version of Flashlight. All sorted now.

    Thanks for everyone’s input.

    in reply to: Blog with images #132401

    Many thanks Peter.

    Email sent.

    in reply to: Blog with images #132399

    No still doesn’t work. I’m stuck as what to try next.

    Any chance if I make a new user you could login and see if there’s anything obvious stopping the images loading?

    I could email you the login details.


    in reply to: Blog with images #132397

    Hi Ismael.

    That’s already selected too. I’ve made sure of it.

    Not sure what else to try.


    in reply to: Blog with images #132395

    Hi Devin.

    Thanks for your reply.

    This is the problem. I’ve uploaded a photo into the post’s gallery like you said using the green button, but there’s still nothing showing on the preview on the main blog list or inside the post.

    I’ve tried using each of the 6 options under the ‘Gallery Layout’ tab but none of them do anything except WordPress Default Gallery which just adds a tiny thumbnail into the post, but nothing on the main blog list.

    The only way I can get an image full size inside the post is to add it under the text using the Add Media. There is no way I can get the image to show on the main blog list regardless of how I upload it.

    What else can I try?


    in reply to: Page/ blog image sizes #113181

    Thanks that’s sorted it. It was the regenerate thumbnails plugin that solved it.

    Thanks for your help.

    in reply to: Change "No more images available" message. #105324

    Great thanks.

    Changed it to “All images loaded!”. Seems to be a bit more final.

    in reply to: Contact Form not working – Flashlight #105358

    Just done another test and it seems to be working now.

    The original tests haven’t come through though. Not sure exactly what’s going on, whether it’s intermittent…

    in reply to: Contact Form not working – Flashlight #105357

    I’m having the same problem.

    Tried changing the email address to different ones and verified emails are coming through to all email addresses when sent direct.

    Also checked that they aren’t going to server junk mail.


    in reply to: Rearrange portfolios #104023

    I tried that plugin and it didn’t work.

    Installed ‘Post Types Order’ plugin instead and that worked first time.


    in reply to: Phone numbers on the theme #104406

    I’ve since found some HTML that activates this feature.

    This is the code I’ve used for anyone interested:

    <a href="tel:01234567890">01234 567 890</a>

    Although tapping the link brings the prompt up twice. Don’t know why.

    Not sure if there’s a better way of doing this?

    I’m still having trouble with the spacing of the Text widget though.

    The icon still sits above the number. I would like them on the same line.


    in reply to: Remove photo meta data hover #103412

    Thanks Ismael.

    That’s worked perfectly.



    in reply to: Problems with blog posts #102603

    I’ve tried adding paragraphs with a single Enter but it still doesn’t work.

    If you look on the blog you’ll see what I mean. There is no paragraph spacing at all.

    I noticed it’s the same on the demo. Is it something that’s not coded in the theme?

    For the other issue I have emailed you with a temp admin account.

    Hopefully you can see where I might have gone wrong with the blog page.


    in reply to: Problems with blog posts #102601

    Sorry I forgot to include the URL. It’s

    Basically if you go to the Blog page you’ll see that the text is all one paragraph. When I wrote it I used line breaks (shift + enter) and double spacing (enter) to break the text up to make it easier to read (like I’ve done in this reply).

    However, this hasn’t worked on the blog post. None of the breaks/paragraphs work, either HTML or shortcodes.

    If I add a long post in the future it will be difficult to read.

    Regarding the permalink question – on your demo page blog you see multiple posts. When you click the title of one of the posts it opens it in it’s own separate page with a comments section.

    On my page if you click the title it just links back to the home page. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to add comments etc.


    in reply to: Add padding below logo #102598

    Great! Thanks Devin.

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