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    Don’t know how I did it but it seems to be working now :-) So nevermind!

    in reply to: Removing footer box (Flashlight) #109241

    Thanks, that did the trick!

    Another small question as can’t find the answer for that anywhere – is it possible to just add a text into the menu and then some “sub links” under it?

    So basically what I mean is like following:

    MEDIA (no link to a page, just text) but when you move the mouse on top of it, the following appear:

    —> IMAGES (with a link to a page)

    —> VIDEOS (with a link to a page)

    in reply to: Background Image Change #108390

    In fact I another problem I’m having now with the background. I have one image set as the default background image gallery and I’m trying to set a different one for each of my pages. When I create a new page and add an image to its gallery, select “As background slider only”, it doesn’t show the image on the background, just the default one. I have some imported pages where I’ve added the image and it works on those, it shows the set image instead of the default one. But when I create a fully new page and select the exact same settings as the imported pages have but with a different image, I still see the default background. Any ideas what’s wrong or what I’m doing wrong?

    in reply to: Background Image Change #108389

    Ah okay, thanks for letting me know. Tried to find it like crazy :-) Would be a cool addition though!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)