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    I had both the font size issues, and the slider issues you had on a single site install. I had to set font sizes with CSS in several WooCommerce sections because the product title fonts were huge on my shop page and category pages, and tiny on pages that listed products.

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    I am just adding on to MichaelAlbany’s post, the masonry gallery is working fine on my site and a clients site running the theme. Both running current version of Enfold. In my case I am running PHP 7 on the sites. Just clarifying because “a lot of problems” is mentioned above, but only a single support thread link. Thanks.

    Other theme frameworks I use have had issues with this Woo update. The LayerSlider issue is a bit annoying though because I am guessing it being so out of date in this case might be contributing. I don’t recall a time since I have used the theme where it’s gotten this far behind on the LayerSlider version.

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    I am running the current versions of everything. I see these errors in Wordfence:

    Warning: fopen(/home2/mochaber/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/home2/mochaber/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-layerslider/LayerSlider/layerslider.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/mochaber/public_html/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4783

    Warning: fread() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home2/mochaber/public_html/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4786

    Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home2/mochaber/public_html/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4789


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    My site is running PHP 7 and I am seeing these same issues.

    Hi, I have filed another ticket RE Layer Slider,. It was a separate issue. I actually found a thread were people were having the same issue wth it in responsive mode after running the last theme update.

    The product slider (builder element) was definitely having issues with W3 though. I tried to enable it again, and had the same issue with it not showing up. So I am just going to switch to another cache plugin.

    Thanks, I am going to have to duplicate that page and send you a link to that because I can’t have it live on the home page, it looks really bad. I will update this thread as soon as I do that.

    Thanks, this was narrowed down to a conflict with W3 Total Cache. With it disabled, all problems were fixed but the font sizes in the store.

    There is currently another thread in the forums where there are other people having the same font size issues on their product pages that I was having.

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    I ran into the exact same issue and had fixed it with CSS already. The font size on archive pages was huge, and the font on pages displaying just a product grid was a complete different size, and too small. The issue is fixed, but I just thought I should add a report because clearly other people are seeing the issue as well.

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    Yes, that’s the plan. I just thought I’d maybe post this because I see multiple threads with people having issues after the updates, who also happen to list W3 Total Cache installed on their site. Could be worth trying to see if it has any effects. Thanks!

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    I was running into a lot of odd display errors that were resolved when I disabled W3 Total Cache. I see several posts in various places on the forums where people mention they are running it so I thought I’d contribute. I went through my site enabling and disabling plugins testing, and every time I’d activate W3 I’d have issues. I had no issues until I updated Enfold and Woo to current versions. I have been running PHP 7 on my hosting account for awhile now too. I don’t know if it’s W3, Enfold, Woo, or a combination of multiple issues in my case, but disabling W3 has solved all problems for me.

    I narrowed it down to what seems to be an issue with W3 Total Cache. As soon as I deactivate it, several issues I was seeing disaapear.

    After the update to current Enfold and Woo I was seeing:

    Layer slider not working correctly
    Issues with font sizes
    Product slider not working

    Clearning cached in W3 did not help, deactivating it did.

    I had to remove the widget because I couldn’t leave a broken shortcode sitting on the site.

    Here is a sample page setup with a test widget using the Enfold Newsletter widget though. You can see what happens there:

    Login info added:

    Update: I don’t know what happened, but things just randomly started working on the site.

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    Just an update. After logging out and back into my site today, new Portfolio posts will now work with Publicize. So if anyone is looking for the same solution, it was the last filter that Ismael suggested that worked. It was added to the function.php of my child theme.


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    Thanks. Jetpack is working fine with general posts. So it’s still specifically Portfolio posts that have the issue.

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    Hey, did you link the wrong post by any chance? Unless I am missing something on that page, I don’t see anything amongst all the snippets there related to what we are talking about. Maybe I am missing it. All those posts seems related to customizing the actual portfolio posts content, not enabling something like Publicize on them. Thanks!

    I was able to make the checkboxes for Publicize show up on a portfolio post using the first edit mentioned (not using a child), but they are greyed out and can’t be checked off.

    It would be awesome if in an update the Portfolio posts could get Publicize support. I am trying in my case to have any updates to my portfolio automatically post to social media (using Publicize), I think others would find that feature useful. To workaround right now, I have to make a Post with a link to the Portfolio post.


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    Hi, I am a bit late getting back to this.

    So working with a child theme, does that mean I need to make a folder in it /includes/admin , then have a file register-portfolio.php with the code change to line 38?


    Hi, an update. I found this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-logo-container/ which was a great starting point and had a link to some actual theme documentation for the issue. I managed to get things looking decent on desktop. But they don’t look very good on mobile. Is there anyway to make this appear on mobile like the social icons areas does? Everything is just kind of a jumble using the code in the documentation.

    Thank you.

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    I found the thread. It just seems crazy that this feature seems widely asked about on the forums. Why not just make “Right Sidebar” a right sidebar rather than all the additions to functions and css?

    in reply to: Sidebar on product page #542852

    I was searching to find information on the same issue, and this is the most current thread. Would you be able to expand on why this is the ‘desired result’? As with the other poster, I want to have an actual sidebar on my product pages, not have it show under the image. Just like the normal behaviour of most other themes. I have to revert to not using a sidebar because my client thinks it looks so bad (and I agree), which is a poor solution.

    in reply to: add titles to sidebar navigation #511597

    Thanks for this thread. It would be fantastic if this option was part of the theme admin somehow. Those sidebars look so much better with the title/parent page.

    in reply to: Order Received, My Account page display issues #480787

    Thanks this worked. I saw the CSS in another thread where someone had the same problem.

    One issue though. Everything is very ‘crunched together’ now though. EG there is not very much gap above “Customer Details”.

    in reply to: Responsive menu on tablets question #395866

    Fixed, thanks a ton!

    in reply to: Responsive menu on tablets question #395857

    Hi thanks for the reply. I added that code, but things look the same as in the screenshot I sent last post of the ipad in portrait view. The logo and the menu still butt right up like that.

    EDIT hold on that code copied kind of funny let me retry.

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    in reply to: Logo Menu overlapping Firefox #395391

    SOrry if I should create another issue, but is there a way to not have the regular menu show on tablets, but not have the menu and logo overlap?

    I guess the issue is with a tablet in landscape mode, I don’t think the mobile menu looks very good. I would rather just have it show the normal menu.

    In fact, even in portrait mode I would like that. Only have the mobile menu show on phones.

    The logo and menu don’t seem to resize at all though, just butt together and overlap on the tablet if I don’t turn on the setting you mentioned, and activate the mobile menu,


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    in reply to: Logo Menu overlapping Firefox #395382

    Has anyone reported this issue in mobile Chrome? I am having issues with my logo overlapping the menu as well.

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    I select another page for the home page, and now it seems to work. It just wouldn’t work on that specific page for some reason. I don’t know why.

    in reply to: Layer slider images not showing up only on home page #394592

    Spoke too soon, I was looking at the wrong page. The test page is still working, the home page is not though. I tried it with all plugins disabled, and had the same issue.

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