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    My problem/solution was to replace old avia.js file in child theme with the latest avia.js file and apply my custom code to avia.js again.
    Regards, Ivan

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    Same here

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    I used code above to get full screen slider in mobile view.
    Only one problem, when I click arrow at the bottom of slide show images in mobile view it doesn’t scroll to next section correctly, it should scroll more ‘plus header height’
    Any function I could add to child theme to correct this?


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    1th vote for additional blog views, like list view (example: )

    Nice addition to list view, but not necessary, option for grid vew to choose number of columns (2,3 or 4), and perhaps grid/list view switcher at frontend at the top of content area.

    2nd vote for Ajax search in sidebar, content, …

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    Thanks, I was asking about layout, but it’s the same code. That’s it :)

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    definitely something wrong with the version…

    there is no any changes regarding added function for dynamic.css generation,update to the latest version of the framework that allows to generate css files on the fly, etc.

    Below all the 1.3 changes in version txt is the line >>>>>>> Abundance 1.8 Woocomemrce 2.0 update ???

    In header we have ‘deactivate_seo’ function, lines 18-38, there is no any mentions in change log except for woocommerce – file: config-woocommerce/config.php – improved seo for title, updated all classnames to the new .woocommerce- prefix

    We definitely need to know exact files that are changed, not to look at file compare tool for every update.


    in reply to: How to disable Dynamic CSS Style on front/back-end #61510

    Ok, I implemented solution from @nuforms and it works well.

    My concerns: Is dstyles.css from solution above generated on every page/post request or only when I add some CSS code to ‘Quick CSS’ and click ‘Save all changes’

    If css style is generated on every page/post request, how to generate it only if changes are made at Quick CSS, or simply disable generating CSS file once you are satisfied with customization?

    Thanks in advance!

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    so … is Propulsion updated to 1.4 or not? according to FB and Twitter it is.

    Why is still version 1.3.2 in style.css in ThemeForest download and 1.4 in version.rtf, did you miss to update some more files maybe, not just style.css?

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    Interesting, according to Kriesi’s Facebook page and Twitter, Propulsion is updated 1 day ago to ver. 1.4, so I downloaded it from ThemeForest.

    In version.rtf I see 1.4 but when you open style.css there are still 1.3.2



    in reply to: Display Posts in Grid View with Thumbnails #72499

    yep, I’m also missing that option at all kriesi’s themes

    in reply to: Recent posts slideshow #72578


    in reply to: Support for Mega-Menu or Uber-Menu #59494

    Anyone tried?

    in reply to: Blog Title Width #69810

    For 2. in comments.php, somewhere at the line 109 change:



    comment_form(array('comment_notes_after' => ''));

    hope this will help

    ‘notify me of replies’ checkbox is probably some plugin


    Any progress … at least encrypted with ‘antispambot’ ?


    in reply to: Update of pretty photo #56990

    I think Corona uses premium photo skin (line 712 in avia.js where you can change default theme), so maybe you should open the old prettyPhoto.css and copy the code from /*pemium_photo skin starts here*/ to the new css file. Regarding social tools, you should add css styles by yourself.

    in reply to: Corona Tooltips #56436


    you are using tooltips when hovering social icons at the top right.

    I also see there is a tooltip plugin in avia.js. How to utilize it? by adding class tooltip to a href or ?

    in reply to: Image tags missing #55301

    just a note …

    I’ve just tested ‘Add featured media’ with WP 3.3 Beta 3 on a local Xampp install and I get all the image Titles and Alt tags as I should, without any problems, even when hovering a small image box after adding featured media I see Title I typed.

    I hope Corona will work on official WP 3.3 release without any issues.

    Kriesi – Chris – Dude : any testing in progress ? or you’re waiting for official release?


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    Yes, when creating a post, I use ‘Add featured media’ and no Title or Alt that I typed is saved (the image is there in small box after I click ‘Use Image as featured image’ and when I hover the image in that small box it also show me just image filename without extension).

    After saving post as a Draft or Publishing it, I need to go to Media/Library, edit particular image, add Title and Alt again and ‘Update Media’. After that, image Tile and Alt that I typed are there.

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    regarding 2.) Image Title and Alt tags are not saved in database when adding featured media. I need to manually add them from media library

    I tried with latest Opera 11.52, latest Firefox 8.0 and Safari 5.0.5 at Windows XP SP3 with all XP updates, latest Flash … I tried both Flash uplodaer and browser uploader, on local Xampp install and at the live server … all the same, Title and Alt aren’t there when using ‘add featured image’, even with the fix at class-htmlhelper. at line 418

    global $post_ID;

    $postId = $post_ID;

    I don’t know what to try else, it looks like I’m the only one with this problem :(

    Confirmed, works for me too, thanks again :)

    Great! Thanks Kriesi, 2 of my issues solved with 2 lines of code :) I’ll test code and let you know …

    in reply to: Page with slideshow kills breadcrumbs #56405

    perhaps ths will help, in header.php you have:


    //if we dont are located on teh frontpge and if there is no big slideshow availabel display breadcrumb

    if(!is_front_page() && empty($avia_config))


    echo “<div id=’breadcrumb_wrapper’ class=’container’>”;

    new avia_breadcrumb(array(‘delimiter’ => ‘/’));

    echo “</div>”;



    try with deleting this the part below, so you won’t get breadcrumb only at front page

    ´ && empty($avia_config) ´

    and see what you’ll get

    in reply to: Image tags missing #55297


    I’ve just tested above code for 4.) regarding inserting image width and height in image src

    Everything works great except for aviacordion on front page, for some reason it pulls ‘related’ image size for img src … ImageName-610×270.jpg

    By inserting $image_src = wp_get_attachment_image_src($thumbnail_id, $size); just after

    $size[0] = $size['width'];
    $size[1] = $size['height'];

    and coping below this, code from above post

    $size[0] = $size['width'];
    $size[1] = $size['height'];
    global $avia_config;
    $temp = $avia_config['imgSize'][$size];
    $size = array();
    $size[0] = $temp['width'];
    $size[1] = $temp['height'];

    and comment out

    //$image_src = wp_get_attachment_image_src($thumbnail_id, $size);

    at default location, everything works fine, it look like not a best ‘code’ solution but it works

    in reply to: Image in Widget Corona Latest News #56335

    as a note … 80x80px images are already generated by Corona, ~ line 90 at functions.php. I think all you need is to call ‘thumbnail’ size at framework/php/class-framework-widgets.php around line 893 for Avia combo widget

    $image = avia_image_by_id($slides[0]['slideshow_image'], 'thumbnail', 'image');

    and around line 364 for avia latest news

    in reply to: Image tags missing #55295

    I’ll try 4. for image height and width. It’s about Page Speed: Specifying a width and height for all images allows for faster rendering by eliminating the need for unnecessary reflows and repaints. :) I can’t help myself :)

    2. I’m using Win XP and latest Opera 11.52, I also edited previous post with question regarding 2. … any chance that has something with PHP version or something similar? Current server : Apache 2.2.21, PHP 5.3.8, MySQL 5.1.56

    I’ll also try with Firefox


    in reply to: Image tags missing #55293

    Hi Kriesi and thanks for the answers,

    1. What are the benefits of images attached to hidden post, will I lose some functionality that I have at the moment if I change those lines in class-htmlhelper and switch to normal WP behavior?

    2. strange … any chance that has something with PHP version or something similar? Current server : Apache 2.2.21, PHP 5.3.8, MySQL 5.1.56

    3. for me, image upload works with the default wordpress uploader over https only when using browser uploader (somehow in a strange way as I don’t see any progress – 0%, and after the image is uploaded I’m redirected to Media library). Flash uploader gives me I/O error over https.

    Is there a simple way to add image height and width to img code at function-set-avia-frontend.php around line 380 ?

    Thanks again!


    … featured image uploads are in the month of installing date, in your fresh install it’s November … wait for December :)

    I’ve install Corona in October, and I’ll post about 1-2 posts per day, so after half a year my 2011 > 10 folder should have about 2000 images :) not to mention that I plan to have my website for years

    Another featured media problem … :(

    It’s not multisite problem, I use WP 3.2.1 single wp, no multi site, and it is the same, images goes to 2011 -> 10, without titles or alt tag, upload-date is OK.

    The theme is completely unusable for me, at the moment?

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