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    Hi Rikard,
    That message was displayed for more than 30 minutes, and the site was unavailable for that time. Does the update from 3.6.1 to 3.7.1 really take that long? I have been using Kriesi’s templates (Avisio and Enfold) for 6 years and never had an update take that long. That length of time is puzzling.

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    Hi Rikard,
    To try to duplicate the problem, I again attempted to update the Enfold theme from 3.6.1 to 3.7.1 from inside the Enfold Child theme. It crashed the site again with the same message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” Not getting the warning or fatal error messages. See info in Private Content.
    Thanks for checking into this for me!

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    Hi cpalichleb52,
    No this isn’t resolved yet. I am going to get some work done on the site tonight and then create a backup to restore, if necessary. Then I will attempt the update from the WP dashboard again to see if I can replicate the error for analysis of a fix.

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    I had to restore the site to a backup as I had a deadline to meet for some work on it. Instead of uploading the Enfold zip file through the WP dashboard, I have not tried to update from 3.6.1 to 3.7.1 again and am hoping for a fix to the issue before I attempt it again.

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    I also updated WP version to latest (4.6) just before attempting the Enfold update.

    in reply to: LayerSlider Transitions Gone #667816

    Hi Ismael, thanks for your post. I have routinely updated my version of Enfold as each update has become available, so that is not the issue with my site. Any ideas how I can retrieve the layerslider settings?


    in reply to: LayerSlider Transitions Gone #665547

    Hi All,

    The other issue with my layersliders is that for all but the home page I had used a slider template with demo images (the green leaves) that were in an earlier version of Enfold. In addition to the transitions, the links to the images are all erased in the updated version of Enfold. Can anyone there take a look at my site pages to see which demo template I used and either fix the issue or send me all of the settings and links? I have provided my site info again for your convenience in the private content.

    I would appreciate any help you can give to fix this issue. Otherwise is will take me a very long time to fix it, as well as any issues with my client’s website.

    in reply to: LayerSlider Transitions Gone #665543

    Thanks, Basilis. I love this theme, have it for my own website and have customized it for a client. I want to buy another license for another client, but if I constantly have to reset the transitions, that will be a deal breaker. It would help to know whether the fix will ensure the the transition settings are not erased with each new update before I purchase another license.

    Also, which file contains the transition settings? I don’t want to do a total db restore. If I can fix one (or just a few) files, that would be great.

    in reply to: LayerSlider Transitions Gone #664738

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the quick response. Do you know when a new Enfold update will be available? Will the layerslider settings be erased with every update? Is there a way to get the original settings without restoring a backup?


    in reply to: Footer No Longer 100% #521304

    Thanks for the quick fix, Elliott! Worked great.

    in reply to: Responsive Issues on Phone #520723

    Hi there!

    Re the last issue on the team page (see private content of previous post on this topic), no need to look into that. I resolved it by having each cell display on its own.



    in reply to: Responsive Issues on Phone #520721

    Hi Elliott,

    How do I take a screenshot of my phone screen?

    Examples of the issues I see on my android phone (also happening on client’s iPhone) and links to the pages re in private content:

    Thanks for checking this out!



    in reply to: Footer No Longer 100% #520717

    Hi Elliott,
    Thanks for the quick response! The intent of this code was to pull the slider up to just under the border of the header, which it did. The other issue is that without this code, there is a horizontal area of white space with a border under it that I don’t want. I have links for a couple of screen shots in the private content.

    I need to have the home-age slider at the bottom border of the header and no empty white space and border on the other pages. How would I do that while keeping the footer extent across the entire screen?



    in reply to: Space Between Header and Layer Slider #506160

    Thanks for the help, Basilis! Worked great.

    in reply to: Content Slider #504232

    Thanks, Elliott! Of course, it was perfect! :-)

    Thank you! Of course…works great!

    It looks like that while line on the after the last masonry gallery image is from the white background of the gallery that can be seen as it loads. How would I make the gallery’s background transparent?

    Thanks, Josue! Worked great. This is what looks like a thin white line after the last column. Do you know what that is and how to fix it?

    Hi Josue,

    See my reply #487510…I did set it up in the masonry gallery and posted a link to the page in the private content. As you can see, it is aligned at the right. Adjusting the ratio of main content/sidebar only makes the gallery larger; it doesn’t move it more to the left. Is it possible to center the entire widget with gallery and title in the sidebar?


    I tried the masonry gallery and it looks/functions great. It is in the sidebar, aligned all the way to the right. Link to the page in the private content. I would like to center it and the widget title in the sidebar area (I have a background color in it.) How could I do that?

    Or should I just do this with the perfect grid option in masonry gallery?

    Now that I like the format…of course, I have another couple of questions….

    Is it possible to (a) link to the person’s bio page instead of the lightbox and (b) to have a fade effect on the image when selected?

    Thanks for being so patient with these questions!

    Perfect! Thank you, Josue!

    It’s posted.

    Hi Josue,

    I have re-thought the portfolio in the sidebar to a less complex solution. I can put a gallery shortcode (copied from the default editor) in the sidebar widget and get the layout I prefer. I do have two questions, though, about the formatting. The default is a white border around the gallery image. I was able to remove it for the main content area in the CSS with

    .avia-gallery img {
    border-width: 0 !important;

    I was not able to remove the white border from the thumbnail in the sidebar widget. I tried this, but it did not work
    .avia-gallery-thumb {
    border-width: 0 !important;

    The link to the test page showing the issue is in the private content area..

    How would I remove the border in the thumbnail? I also would like to reduce the space between images. Is that coded in the padding?

    Thanks so much for your help!


    Hi Josue,

    Thank you for these fixes. I am using a child theme; is there a way to do this in custom css?


    Of the above issues, I found the answer to the widget/sidebar width issue; I changed the ration between sidebar and main content.

    in reply to: Sidebar Position Issues #485640

    Thanks, Rickard, for the info re the color section. Now I know how to format the page.

    in reply to: Sidebar Positioned Below Main Page Content #484936

    I am having this problem as well. When I create columns with the layout elements, the sidebar is positioned below the main content. Resetting the content to sidebar ratio does not fix this issue. When I create columns using the grid row tool in the layout elements, the sidebar does not appear at all. I am sure that the Enfold support folks will have a fix for this!

    in reply to: Mystery Border #472774

    Thank you, Rikard!

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