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    worked perfectly… thanks!

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    Hey Devin– Thanks a ton.

    Issues 1 & 3 are definitely sorted out and think I can figure out number 4

    As for the second one thought… I am adding the video through the add video from external URL option. Am I doing something wrong as that it is not working? I will continue to mess around more tonight, but if you (or anyone else) has thoughts, please let me know.

    On a related but side note, there are two more slideshow issues:

    1: How do I remove the pop-up into a new window option for the slideshow? Right now what happens is that the navigation is working fine but when you mouse over, the opacity decreases and the magnifying glass shows up… followed by a pop up if you click. I would love for all of that to dissappear….

    2: What about adding video (vimeo to slide show) my thoughts are to create an embedded version that is the height and width of my banner, but not so sure about that. Again… ideally I would like no pop-ups or functioning in the slideshow other than to possibly click the left and right arrows and maybe a video link (but that may be too much to ask)

    Thanks again Devin.

    in reply to: Horizontal Default Ruler – Angular theme #64103

    What about creating a custom color for this divider? and also the lines/dividers in the portfolio section with the +/-/x in the upper right corner when you click on a portfolio section

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)