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    I read through all the threads extensively hoping to find an answer, but unfortunately was unable to find. Thanks for the help in advance. :)

    I changed the 3 boxes on the home page and added my own images. The problem however is that for some reason the boxes are not in alignment. If you look here: you will see that the box on the right seems to have a slightly wider text area, and it is not aligned perfectly with the slider above. It sits just to the left of the slider.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!



    which browser are you using? I tested FireFox, Internet Explorer and Chrome and your 3 boxes seem to be on spot. Could you also provide a screenshot? Excuse me for the delayed response.


    Also, having this issue… Used my own images and setup as widgets but the boxes are becoming misaligned. You can view a screenshot here.

    You can view my website here

    It only seems to be happening in IE 8 and 9 which ive been testing using Adobe Browserlab

    Any ideas? Thank you!


    Hi tjackson410,

    The link to your website doesn’t appear to work. We’ll need to inspect the code to see what might be happening to cause the issue. Could you check to make sure that is the correct link?




    Yes, sorry I just switched the domains. It’s now live at Still having the IE issue though.


    I think your HTML has some minor fixes that are needed. It looks like your closing tags for the links on some of them are <a/> instead of which chrome and others are fixing for you but IE is having issues with rendering.


    Great! That was it… thanks for catching that tiny error. Very wierd that only IE 8 & 9 did that cause an issue for… not even IE 6 lol.



    Glad that Devin could help you :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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