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    Hello! I have several posts with the smaller 3D feature. When the image is displayed and then clicked on, the image appears in a new page, not lightboxed or otherwise.

    Can you please assist?




    Can you post the site URL? 3rd party plugins / modifictions can adjust the theme significantly from the demo so I don’t want to provide incorrect information.




    I think the flash slider doesn’t support the lightbox feature. I’ll ask Kriesi if it’s possible to use lightbox links though.


    I’d at least want the ability to eliminate any link on the pic. Please advise.


    Any word on this?? Thanks.



    I didn’t found an option to turn links of in the documentation:

    I can find following options only:

    target: _self, “_blank”, “_self”, “_parent”, “_top”

    However you can try to delete the link code from includes/helper-slideshow.php:

    <link target="_self">'.avia_get_link($element, 'slideshow_', false, $this->post_id).'</link>

    Hopefully this will remove it.


    That worked, thanks!

    What would be the code to get a lightbox feature with this link instead?


    It’s currently not possible to apply a lightbox link to it because Cu3er offers 5 linking options only (see above). I.e. if you investigate the xml file here: you’ll see that you can’t insert a link but just an url – so you can’t add a lightbox link/rel attribute.


    Thanks Dude. Also tried applying Lightbox as the link for a home page slideshow (full 3D) pic and it doesn’t work…


    Yes – without some changes by the Cu3er developers it’s imho not possible to link a lightbox.


    According to CU3ER:

    “you can insert in link node anything you want that will open up your image in light box

    we did not create the theme but we can help with how CU3ER works

    as I said before, you can put in the XML javascript code like this

    for example in link node in slide node





    where openImage is a function that will open image in a lightbox over website

    please contact Kriesi at

    and find out how you can open image in lightbox and how he can help you inserting it into the XML generator script

    we did not create the theme so we cannot help with PHP code that you recieved from theme creator

    send Kriesi our response about including Javascript code in link nodes, so he can help you easier”

    Can you assist?








    Is image.jpg generic or the actual code?

    If I replace

    <link target=”_self”>’.avia_get_link($element, ‘slideshow_’, false, $this->post_id).'</link>



    in helper-slideshow.php, it doesn’t work, 3D viewer doesn’t even show.


    Sorry – posted the wrong code – please try it again now.


    Used <link><[CDATA[javascript:prettyPhoto();]]></link> instead but same problem, no slideshow appears.


    Then it’s not possible without adjusting the framework files – I’m not even sure how to call the image with prettyphoto and cu3er. I’m sorry.

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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